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The Best Cat Shelves for Your Home

two cats sitting on shelves mounted to a tan wall

Cat owners know that their pets love to climb and perch in high places. Cat shelves allow your cat to explore their environment without knocking over or breaking your things. They will give your cat extra exercise and mental stimulation. Plus, they’re just fun—for your cat and for you. Here are some cat shelves that we recommend.

Buying Cat Shelves

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Location: Cat shelves can either be mounted to a wall or a window. For a cat that loves to lie in the sun and birdwatch, a window-mounted shelf would be ideal. For a cat that loves to jump, climb, and explore its environment, wall-mounted shelves would be the way to go.
  • Type: There are several different kinds of cat shelves out there. Some are designed as beds for your cats to lounge and sleep on. Others can be sets of steps and platforms that your kitty can jump around on. Others are even covered in scratching post material to give your cats a better grip.
  • Number of Cats: The number of cats in your home should help determine how many and what type of shelves to get. If you have two cats that like to cuddle, search for shelves that can hold a heavy load. If you have several cats, then a set of three or more shelves would be able to keep them entertained.

Best Wall-Mounted: BAYKA Set of Three Weight-Bearing Wall-Mounted Shelves

set of three natural wood and black metal shelves

This set of three wall-mounted shelves features a chic floating design with wood and metal. Easily secured using only screws, these shelves can hold up to 40 pounds. With three different shelf sizes, these pieces can be mounted in any pattern, allowing you to customize your cat’s new space. They are also available in six other colors, so they can match any home’s décor.

Best Wall-Mounted

BAYKA Set of Three Weight-Bearing Shelves for Cats

This set of three chic wood and metal shelves can hold up to 40 pounds and comes in six different colors.

Best for a Window: K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill

cat laying on a two-tiered, window-mounted shelf

This cat window hammock features two levels, making it perfect for two cats or just one that likes options. The industrial strength suction cups can support up to 100 pounds, while the reinforced steel frame provides added sturdiness and durability. This hammock is foldable, allowing you to open and close window blinds as needed. It is also available in single-level, triple-level, or quadruple-level options.

Best for a Window

K&H PET PRODUCTS EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill

Available in one, two, three, or four levels, this window hammock is foldable, allowing easy opening and closing of window blinds.

Best Set: 7 Ruby Road Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock with Two Steps

black cat walking down two round shelf steps with hammock in the back

This set of cat shelves includes a hammock and two steps, giving your kitty a perfect spot to sleep and play. The steps are covered in rope to provide better grip. The hammock can hold either one large cat or two small cats.

Best Set

7 Ruby Road Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock with Two Steps

This set of cat shelves includes a sleeping hammock and two steps covered in rope for better traction.

Best Shelf Bed: FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Large Cats Shelf, Black Stripe

cat laying in a natural wood and striped fabric, wall mounted hammock

This wall-mounted cat hammock can easily hold up to 40 pounds, meaning it can accommodate the largest of house cats. The strong and durable canvas fabric can be removed for washing. Measuring 12 by 16 inches, this hammock can be installed in under 30 minutes.

Best Shelf Bed

FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf

Easily accommodating the largest of house cats, this wall-mounted hammock measures 12 by 16 inches and can hold up to 40 pounds.

Best for Large Cats: K&H PET PRODUCTS Kitty Sill Cat Window Bed

long-haired cat laying on a foam covered shelf
K&H Pet Products

This cat shelf easily secures to a window sill, allowing cats of all sizes room to sunbathe and birdwatch. It can hold up to 40 pounds, making it able to support large house cats. The bed is made from super-soft orthopedic foam with a removable faux-lambskin cover that is machine washable. This shelf requires no tools to install; it only needs a 2-inch window sill for hook and loop or permanent installation.

Best for Large Cats

K&H PET PRODUCTS Kitty Sill Cat Window Bed

Easily holding up to 40 pounds, this cat shelf allows cats of all sizes room to sunbathe and birdwatch.

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