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The Best Cat Stuffed Toys for Kids

🕚 Updated December 2022

Your child loves cats, but perhaps it's not the best time to add a pet to your household. These cat stuffed animals can be a great solution that will put a smile on your little one's face!

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  Best Overall Best Pillow Most Unique Best Set Best Light-Up Toy
Stefan The Siamese Cat
Auspicious beginning
Cat Plush Toy
Shimmer Caticorn
Manhattan Toy
Nursing Nina Nurturing Cat Stuffed Animal with Plush Kittens
Colorful LED Musical Stuffed Plush Toy
Our SummaryThis stuffed Siamese cat includes a story filled with fun facts about this beautiful and chatty cat breed.This cat pillow is the perfect size for playing with, hugging, and sleeping with on the go.This mythical 9-inch caticorn provides a magical play experience.An adorable momma cat with baby kittens can help teach your kids about animal nurturing.These musical, light-up stuffed toys are fun companions for kiddos.
Pros✓ Realistic look
✓ Soft, high-quality polyester fabric
✓ Includes a story with facts about Siamese cats
✓ Safety compliance tested
✓ Safe for kids ages 3 and up
✓ Can be used as a supportive pillow
✓ Anime look
✓ Available in 15.7- or 19.6-inch sizes
✓ Combination of a cat and a unicorn
✓ Suitable for children 1 year and up
✓ Pastel rainbow-colored plush
✓ Soft and huggable
✓ Surface-washable
✓ Adorable stuffed cat and three nursing kittens
✓ Educational toy
✓ Kittens magnetically attach and detach
✓ Magnets sewn in securely for child safety
✓ Colorful lights glow in the dark
✓ Plays 10 lullaby songs
✓ Available in 33 animals
✓ Adjustable volume
✓ Can be used as a nightlight
Cons✗ Head is filled with rigid foam and is not soft✗ May not be stuffed enough✗ Smaller than expected✗ Unruly whiskers may need to be removed✗ Can be draining on the batteries
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The Best Cat Stuffed Toys for Kids

Serene girl holds a cat stuffed animal toy as her mother holds her.

Buying Guide for Cat Stuffed Toys for Kids

A cat stuffed animal buckled into a seat in the car.

Why buy cat stuffed animals for kids?

Stuffed cats make excellent gifts for children. They can provide comfort, entertainment, and security to babies, toddlers, and even older children. Stuffed toy cats are a great way to introduce your youngster to the world of animals, and they can be a great tool to start teaching them about caring for pets.They can serve as something soft and snuggly to cuddle with or even be a playmate for a real-life feline!

What should you look for in cat stuffed toys for kids?

  • Style: Cat stuffed animals come in a variety of styles, such as realistic or anime. Cartoon-like stuffed animals are great for kids’ colorful imaginations, but realistic ones can help kids feel like they have a real pet.
  • Softness: Stuffed animals can have varying degrees of softness. Some materials are better suited for display or playing, while others are ideal for cuddling. Look for soft fabrics for furs and options filled with plush cotton stuffing.
  • Features: Cat stuffed animal toys can have unique features. Some double as pillows, and others can make realistic cat movements and sounds.

How much should you expect to spend on cat stuffed animals for kids?

It depends on what kind of toy you want to buy. If you want something simple and cute, like a small stuffed kitty that can fit into a child’s hands or backpack, then prices will likely be as low as the $10 to $20 range. If you want more detail or options, such as an interactive cat toy, expect to pay closer to $50.

Our Picks for the Best Cat Stuffed Toys for Kids

Best Overall

VIAHART Stefan The Siamese Cat

This stuffed Siamese cat includes a story filled with fun facts about this beautiful and chatty cat breed.

Pros: The cat stuffed animal varieties by VIAHART are made of soft plush fabric, each with its unique story. Stefan the Siamese is sewn securely from quality polyester fabric and filled with white polypropylene filling. His face is shaped with ultra-light rigid foam for a consistent and realistic appearance. The stuffed toy is free of phthalate, lead, BPA, and heavy metals, making it safe for kids ages 3 and up. In addition, it has been tested in accredited labs for compliance with CPSIA and ASTM F963-11 safety standards.

Cons: While Stefan the Siamese looks quite realistic, this is not the softest stuffed cat you’ll find. The description mentions that its head is made of rigid foam, so this cat may not be ideal if you’re looking for something more cuddly.

Bottom Line: Consider this 14-inch stuffed cat if you want to thrill a feline lover with a lifelike present. In addition to this realistic-looking Siamese, VIAHART has six other breeds represented in this line of stuffed cats.


Best Pillow

Auspicious beginning Cat Plush Toy

This cat pillow is the perfect size for playing with, hugging, and sleeping with on the go.

Pros: Available in two sizes, Auspicious beginning’s premium plush cat toy features feather PP cotton filler. It is longer than typical cat toys, measuring 15.7 or 19.6 inches, which allows it to serve as a pillow that can provide lumbar or head support. 

Cons: Although this anime cat is cute and soft, it may not be filled enough for some users. You may want to purchase some extra filling separately, especially if this stuffed cat will be used as a pillow.

Bottom Line: This soft and cuddly kitty will be a favorite for kids and adults. It’s soft, ideal for anime lovers, and great for lounging or sleeping. In addition to the stuffed cat, these anime pillows are available in tiger, dog, pig, rabbit, and even duck themes. 


Most Unique

GUND Shimmer Caticorn

The mythical 9-inch caticorn provides a magical play experience.

Pros: Combining kittens and unicorns, GUND has created the unique Caticorn, suitable for children 1 year and up. This toy is the perfect combination of whimsy and comfort, featuring pastel rainbow-colored plush, a sparkling iridescent rainbow horn, and a fluffy tail with strands of sparkle. It is soft, huggable, surface-washable, and great for those with vivid imaginations. 

Cons: This stuffed toy was smaller than some users expected based on the pictures. The caticorn’s dimensions are listed as 7 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches for a more accurate idea of its size.

Bottom Line: This magical stuffed caticorn makes a unique gift for any child (and adult) who loves unicorns, cats, rainbows, or all of the above! Along with this cat/unicorn hybrid, GUND also offers a llama, panda, and corgi all with a unicorn horn.


Best Set

Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Nurturing Cat Stuffed Animal with Plush Kittens

An adorable momma cat with baby kittens can help teach your kids about animal nurturing.

Pros: The Nursing Nina stuffed animal set is a unique gift that illustrates the beauty of mommy animals caring for their young. This adorable stuffed cat comes with three precious kittens that cuddle up to their mother to nurse. They attach and detach using magnets, so kittens can be removed to play elsewhere and give mom a break! The magnets are securely sewn inside an inner pouch, so you can be sure the toys are safe for your little ones.

Cons: Interestingly, some orders of this set include whiskers on the cats, while others do not. Users who received whiskers had problems with them being coarse, wild, and excessive. If you receive a set with whiskers, you may want to cut them off or sew them down. 

Bottom Line: This set of stuffed cats is educational, sweet, and fun. It’s a great option for kids who love cats and want to learn more about how they grow up.


Best Light-Up Toy

Hopearl Colorful LED Musical Stuffed Plush Toy

These musical, light-up stuffed toys include animal themes such as cat, unicorn, teddy bear, and many more.

Pros: These colorful light-up stuffed toys offer kids an exciting, interactive adventure. Available in an extensive 31 animal themes, these colorful darlings glow in the dark, play 10 soothing lullaby sounds, and have color-changing LED glowing effects that can be used as a night light for children afraid of the dark. The lights are the same color for the first few seconds, then change to vibrant multi-colors. Three levels let you adjust the volume to the most appropriate setting. This plush toy requires three AAA batteries that are not included. 

Cons: With all the interactive features, this stuffed toy can be draining on the batteries. Also, some users experienced the toy not restarting once they replaced the batteries.

Bottom Line: What’s better than a lovable plush toy? One that glows in the dark and plays music! Choose a favorite animal, whether a fluffy cat, a cuddly cow, the magical unicorn, or one of the many other stuffed cuties, and watch your child’s eyes light up when their new favorite toy does.

Final Thoughts

There are all kinds of stuffed cats for kids to choose from. Some have a very realistic appearance, while others more closely resemble fun cartoon-like creatures. Some are extremely soft and cuddly; others are made with firmer materials that allow them to stand up on their own. Whether you’re looking for a cuddly squishy toy or something more durable, there’s sure to be the perfect stuffed toy cat that will make the perfect gift for your child.

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