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The Best Toys for Indoor Cats

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🕚 Updated April 2022

Cats are naturally curious and active creatures, and keeping them entertained can sometimes be a challenge. Try these interactive toys to bust your cat's boredom, keep them active, and stimulate their instincts.

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  Top Choice A Flopping Catnip Fish Best Feather Toys Best Laser Fun Best for Exercise
Cat Scratcher Toy
Flopping Fish
Interactive Cat Feather Toys
Cat Laser Toy
Automatic Cat Toys
Our SummaryA two-in-one cat toy that also doubles as a scratching pad.This automatic cat toy has a built-in motion center that creates realistic flopping fish movements.A two-pack of feather toys with different teaser refills.An automatic laser perfect to occupy your cat on its own.An automatic robot toy with feather teasers, great for cats' exercise.
ProsDual toy, moving balls, attracts cats' attention, doubles as a scratching pad.Interactive fun, automatic motion sensor, moves in realistic fish motions, rechargeable.Feather teaser set, great for exercise, interactive fun, pole extends, lightweight, durable.Automatic laser, two speed options, moves randomly, automatic shutoff, rechargeable battery.360-degree rotating robot, automatic sensor, teaser attachments, automatic shutoff, rechargeable.
ConsBalls can pop out, may need to be replaced.Has to be recharged via USB.Store when not in use.Battery takes a long time to charge.Requires charging, may be noisy.
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The Best Toys for Indoor Cats

A small British Shorthair kitten of a peach beige cream color plays with a red toy mouse on a blue wooden floor.
Garmasheva Natalia/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Toys for Indoor Cats

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Why buy toys for your indoor cat?

Cat toys are a great way to bond with your cat and help them burn off extra energy. Indoor cats might need more toys to help them stay active than outdoor cats. It’s important for cats to indulge in their instincts to move, chase, claw, and pounce. Cats love to play with toys you can toss to them or have them chase.

What should you consider with indoor cat toys?

  • Instinct: Look for toys to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instinct. These will be items that mimic prey in shape or characteristics. There are many classic toys shaped like mice or fish, and cats love them. Some are battery-powered to move and be chased for more realistic play.
  • Catnip: Catnip is a great add-in to cat toys and will drive your cat crazy in the best way.
  • Self-Entertainment: For those cats who can and may prefer to entertain themselves, consider toys that don’t require human intervention to be played with. These will often be battery-powered options.
  • Safety: Consider if the toy has small pieces that could accidentally be ingested. You’ll want to make sure the toys are safe to leave out for your cats. If not, you’ll want to supervise them while they play.

What’s the advantage of buying durable indoor cat toys?

Cats can play hard with their toys, so you’ll want to pick well-constructed ones to get your money’s worth. Look for solid stitching and durable materials that are good for daily play. Many toys are constructed to stand up to even the most ferocious felines.

Our Picks for the Best Toys for Indoor Cats

Top Choice

AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy

A two-in-one cat toy that also doubles as a scratching pad.

Pros: This cat tracks toy is not only a ball track but also a mouse swatter to keep your cat entertained for longer with different types of toys. Roll the ball to get it moving and grab your cat’s attention, or get the mouse swinging on its flexible spring, and your cat will do the rest. It also doubles as a scratching pad to give your cat something to whet their claws on besides your furniture and belongings.

Cons: The balls can pop out of this track depending on how aggressively your cat plays and may get lost or need to be replaced.

Bottom Line: This dual-toy cat track is designed to keep your kitty active and engaged while playing indoors. The ball track, mouse swatter, and scratching pad will keep your cat busy and entertained for that much longer, especially when you’re out of the house.


A Flopping Catnip Fish

Pros: If you’re looking for interactive fun for your cats, look no further than this flopping fish toy. It moves every time your cat touches it with the automatic built-in motion sensor. The fish wiggles in a realistic way to intrigue your cat and make it more fun for them. The toy contains a battery that is USB rechargeable for endless fun.

Cons: If your cat plays with this toy a lot, it may need to be charged frequently. The USB cable is included with your purchase.

Bottom Line: This realistic fish toy is an interactive option for your cat that doesn’t require much work from you.


Best Feather Toys

MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

A two-pack of feather toys with different teaser refills.

Pros: This set of feather teasers is a great way to allow your cat to use its instincts to flip, jump, pounce, and chase. The feathers will catch your cat’s attention with their vibrant colors, and you get a nice variety. The telescopic fishing pole design extends from 15 inches to almost 39 inches and is flexible, light, durable, and easy to store.

Cons: It’s recommended to store this toy away when not in use. Cats shouldn’t be left alone with this toy because some cats may like to chew the string and feathers and might ingest them.

Bottom Line: This interactive cat toy allows you to bond with your cat and enjoy quality time together. The feather wand is a classic indoor cat toy that helps get your cats moving and exercising.


Pros: Your cat will love this new take on a classic laser toy, which creates a safe play experience. The bolt laser moves randomly across the floors and walls, which appeals to cats’ natural hunting instinct. It’s also motion-activated, so it’ll activate when your cat is near and automatically turns off after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from being overstimulated, keep the game exciting, and prevent the battery from draining when it’s not being used. And there are two speed options to choose from. As a bonus, a rechargeable battery comes with your purchase, so you don’t have to buy and constantly replace batteries for this toy.

Cons: As nice as the rechargeable battery is, it does take quite a while to recharge; it’ll take three hours for a full charge, and a USB charger is not included with your purchase.

Bottom Line: This toy is a safe, fun, and hands-free toy that will keep your cats busy, even when you’re not at home, to activate it for them.


Best for Exercise

BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys

An automatic robot toy with feather teasers that will get your cat moving.

Pros: This feather on wheels cat toy is automatic and robotic, so it can play with your indoor cat when you’re out. The toy automatically shuts off every 10 minutes so that your cat can rest. This exercise toy has various accessories that can be added on, including feathers, plush chicks, and other charmer toys. The built-in sensors can sense obstacles and turn directions automatically.

Cons: This toy does require charging between uses. It makes a noise, which may scare some cats.

Bottom Line: This 360-degree rotating robot cat toy runs for eight hours on battery mode and works great on tile floors, wood floors, and even carpet.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a toy to occupy your cat while you’re at work or one to bond with your cat, there are various options available. We’ve highlighted some solid options for most cats and cat owners, so take your pick.

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