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The Best Cell Phone Boosters

🕚 Updated February 2023

When messages fail, and phone calls don't come through, turn to an option that doesn't falter like the phone lines outside: a cell phone booster. Here are some we recommend if you're trying to find the fastest connection.

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  Best Overall Best Premium Best for Budget Best Reception Range Best for Cars
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Go-X Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Home MultiRoom Cell Phone Booster Kit
Drive Reach Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster
Our SummaryThis device offers users one of the strongest signals across some of the largest areas for a booster.The Cel-Fi signal booster offers easy installation, significant improvements in signal strength, and fast data rates.An ideal option for those new to cell phone boosters, this one offers quick speeds and installation.This booster offers a wider coverage range and is compatible with all U.S. carriers.This uniquely designed red booster secures inside your vehicle and keeps all of your cellular devices connected with powerful 50 dBm gain.
Pros✓ Nearly double the coverage compared to most boosters
✓ Compatible with all U.S. and Canadian carriers and 2G to 4G LTE standards
✓ Real-time data available on display screen
✓ Fast data rates
✓ Partnered with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T
✓ 100dB cellular signal booster
✓ Great for beginners with easy installation
✓ Signal carries around 2,500 square feet from booster
✓ Compatible with all U.S. carriers
✓ Modern design
✓ Wider reception range than most
✓ Impressive range of 5,000 square feet
✓ 50 dBm gain, max allowed by the FCC
✓ Compatible with any cellular navigation device
✓ Cool look
✓ Easy and secure installation
Cons✗ Installation can be tricky and time-consuming✗ Pricey option✗ May not provide a strong signal depending on your location✗ Pricey option✗ Can’t use it when your car is off
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The Best Cell Phone Boosters

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Buying Guide for Cell Phone Boosters

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Why buy a cell phone booster?

It’s annoying to have spotty service when talking with friends. If you witness a car accident and need to connect to emergency services, poor service can limit your ability to help. And if you’re in trouble, even your latest iOS smartphone may let you down if cell phone service is bad. When you buy a cell phone booster, you gain more control of your situation, whether on a tropical island vacation or live just outside the nearest cell phone tower coverage.

What should you consider when buying a cell phone booster?

  • Setup: It’s important to remember that while finding a good signal booster is easy, installation processes can vary between brands. Some are as simple as plugging into wall outlets, but others are upfront about the difficulties you may encounter during the setup. Remember that you could be dealing with a very intricate piece of technology, and the installation is half the battle.
  • Coverage: Your perfect signal booster should provide you and your surrounding area with ample connection coverage. Typically, the wider the coverage, the more expensive the boost. You may consider starting small before immediately buying into a large coverage area.
  • Adjustments: For the most part, there’s never been an easy way to tell how well your signal booster is working other than by observing a dip in connection quality. Consider a booster with an easily readable LCD and other features that allow you to tinker with the device if something isn’t to your liking.

If you prioritize style, do you sacrifice quality?

Maybe, but it’s unlikely. There is a correlation between size, aesthetics, and advanced technology, including cell phone boosters. Take smartphones as an example. The most recent generations work faster, weigh less, and look sleek, shiny, and new. Yet, installed cell phone boosters are not overtly visible, so the pressure to have an elegantly designed one shouldn’t be a concern. Instead, you may be better off looking for high performance, practicality, and a suitable price.

Our Picks for the Best Cell Phone Boosters

Best Overall

HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

This device offers users one of the strongest signals across some of the largest areas for a booster.

Pros: This booster offers better cell signal quality, especially in areas where service was previously non-existent, and better data signal quality. The device comes with an app and mobile support to guide the installation process and to help users get the best signal possible. The HiBoost has also received praise for its customer support, which provides assistance to customers through emails and phone calls.

Cons: Difficulties with installation and unclear instructions are noted issues, along with the need for additional equipment or expertise.

Bottom Line: The HiBoost makes a sound purchase regarding speed and quality. With its impressive customer service and ease of installation, even those in rural areas can benefit from this booster.


Best Premium

Cel-Fi GO X Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Cel-Fi signal booster offers easy installation, significant improvements in signal strength, and fast data rates.

Pros: The Cel-Fi GO X cell signal booster kit includes a single dome and a panel antenna. It boosts the signal by 100dB for a single carrier at a time and provides faster data rates, and eliminates dropped calls. Customers also rave about its compatibility with different carriers, helpful customer service, and the ability to boost signal in rural or metal buildings.

Cons: This product may perform well, but it comes at a hefty price that some may not be willing to pay.

Bottom Line:  If you live in a rural or hard-to-cover area, the Cel-Fi GO X cell signal booster kit improves signal strength, although results can vary depending on location and service provider.


Best for Beginners

Amazboost Cell Phone Booster

An ideal option for those new to cell phone booster, this one offers quick speeds and quick installation.

Pros: The Amazboost Cell Phone Booster may be ideal for those new to this technology arena. It’s as strong as any cell phone booster, carrying a signal as far as 2,500 square feet with enhancements as much as 100 times stronger than households without it. Yet, what truly makes this signal booster great for beginners isn’t only its improved data speeds and quick installation process. It requires no more than 30 minutes to set up the outdoor antenna at a high peak, preferably a pole or along the trimming of your house, then complete the wiring inside. Additionally, this booster is compatible with all U.S. carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, so you’ll have a great signal no matter your provider.

Cons: While installation is pretty straightforward, it can be tricky to get a strong signal depending on the location where you set it up.

Bottom Line: If you want to ramp up quickly and get your basement or cabin ready for the best cell phone service possible, even setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Amazboost is a decent option.


Pros: A modern update to a classic cell phone booster set, the weBoost Multiroom Signal Booster Kit is a sleek option with a broader reception range than many comparable models. Its modern design will effortlessly blend into any home or office area and provide extracellular coverage for an impressive range of 5,000 square feet. This gives you faster data speed within the covered area, reduces your risk of dropped calls, and improves sound quality. This booster kit is compatible with all U.S. carriers and enhances regular home and cell phones. No extra tools or equipment are required for installation; mount your inside antenna in the desired spot with the included 3M command strip.

Cons: The weBoost MultiRoom kit runs on the pricey side and may not be worth the investment if you’re not tech-savvy. Cables are too short for multiroom installation.

Bottom Line: If you want excellence, sometimes it pays to pay up. Add a decent-looking wall-mountable panel antenna to the weBoost’s large extracellular coverage and multiple carrier compatibility, and you have an impressive package.


Best for Cars

weBoost Drive Reach Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

This uniquely designed red booster secures inside your vehicle and keeps all of your cellular devices connected with powerful 50 dBm gain.

Pros: Have you ever lost a radio signal on the highway during a long-distance drive? Well, it isn’t very pleasant. Even worse is a drop in cellular signal when you’ve missed a turn and need your GPS navigation device. The weBoost Drive Reach booster has the technology to keep you connected with all U.S. carriers with 50 dBm gain, the maximum allowed by the FCC. It’s compatible with any navigation device that operates on any cellular network, 5G smartphone, and cellular hotspots, so you can text, chat, and stream like you would at home.

Cons: The Drive Reach does not have a battery, so you can’t use it when your car is off. The cable can be too short to use in some SUVs or vans.

Bottom Line: This compact cellphone booster adds color to your vehicle’s interior and securely adheres with Velcro backing. Even the streamlined inside and outside antennae are easy to install. No doubt about it, the weBoost Drive Reach will keep you up-to-date and on the road.

Final Thoughts

We drive, we rely on our smartphones, and the reality is that cellular connection can be spotty if not at home. Get a booster to maintain connectivity so you can get help quickly in the event of an accident, and so your kid can watch a movie on a long car drive without interruption.

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