The Best Chairs for Assisted Showers

a shower chair in a bathtub for accessibility
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To some, a shower or bath chair may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but to those who require physical assistance throughout their daily workload, a shower chair is another vital piece of the puzzle.

Shower or bath chairs grant users the utmost safety while bathing. They allow one to take the load off their sore back and weary knees, prompting them to sit back and focus on one water droplet after the other. If you’re in the market for a safer way to get clean, then here are a few shower chair options we think you should check out.

What to Look For in Your Next Shower Chair

When you’re seeking a bit more stability in the shower, let these factors guide your purchase:

  • Comfort: First and foremost, you want to seek a shower chair that’s actually worthwhile to sit in. Sure, the frame may be crafted entirely from aluminum, but there are plenty of options that incorporate protection for your rear through a means of soft padding, firm cushions, and textured surfaces.
  • Durability: It’s important to note that this chair is going to spend a good amount of time in a moist environment with a consistently slick surface, so find a shower chair that’s built to tackle these conditions. Chairs that emphasize anti-slip, anti-rust, and anti-bend properties are your key to a safe showering experience.
  • Setup: Finally, the difficulty of your setup with a chair should not be an afterthought. If you’re buying for a user of limited mobility or someone who cannot handle an overly strenuous amount of work, look to chairs that feature a minimal, tool-free setup or that are sold as one solid piece.

Best Overall: Medline Shower Chair

On the left, a white and gray 16.5-inch tall shower seat that features padded arms and a full back. On the right, a closeup view of the chair's underside reveals the legs' cross-cutting design.
Medline Store

Your typical shower chair, in the sense that it is solid and provides ample comfort, this Medline Shower Chair fits well within the margins of a tight shower or bathtub for either type of cleaning. Its aluminum frame is height adjustable in 1-inch increments, extending from a base height of 16 to 21 inches. It features nonslip feet at the base of each leg, in addition to padded arms and an upright back for full support of a user’s body.

Best Overall

Medline Shower Chair

An upright and sturdy option that balances its strength with plenty of comfort.

Best for Tubs: Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

On the left, a 34-by-20-inch bath chair that features an aluminum frame and blue padding on the back, arms, and rear of the seat. On the left, an offscreen model presses a thumb into the seat's cushion to demonstrate its softness.
Platinum Health Store

This Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench brings users professional-grade assistance that’s built to make shower time easier than ever before. It receives its namesake from its singular capability: an effortless sliding and pivoting mechanism that easily transfers users in and out of the bathtub. That’s just the start of where its convenience lies because, with its encompassing slip-resistant padding and high-contrast color that greatly reduces the likelihood of an accidental slip, you’re getting level after level of brilliant ease.

Best for Tubs

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Pairing cushiony support with uncommonly strong expansion abilities, this chair brings a new level of ease to a user's showers.

Most Portable: Fields Outdoor Supplies Deluxe Rolling Shower Chair

On the left, 20.5-inch tall shower chair that features PVC pipe construction with a blue mesh backing, a removable commode pail, and four-wheel movement. On the right, the chair sits just above a toilet, demonstrating its multifaceted structure and ability to fit into narrow restrooms.
Fields Outdoor Supplies

With its medical-grade PVC pipe construction and four-wheel movement, this Deluxe Rolling Shower Chair is incredibly easy to move around in. Defining qualities leading the way here include the chair’s arms and footrests, which slide in and out of place to allow fuss-free access to the seat. In regard to the actual sitting area, this option features a wide toilet seat design that’s attached to a removable commode pail.

Most Portable

Deluxe Rolling Shower Chair

This shower chair makes the most out of a simple design, bringing users efficient movement and desired safety measures.

Most Durable: Health Line Massage Heavy-Duty Shower stool

On the left, a white and blue shower stool constructed from plastic and aluminum sits at centerframe, while a white and blue grab bar is off to its left. On the right, a close up of the of the shower bar, which showcases the suction cup sticking-power of its design.
Health Line Massage Products

Though not the typical image of shower assistance, this Health Line Massage Heavy Duty Shower stool provides a new way to take a breather when you’re under the showerhead. It’s ideal for open showers and narrow enough for slim bathtubs, measuring just over 17 inches across its frame. The stool’s obtuse angle legs are reinforced by crossing braces that reduce shake by up to 90%. Moreover, this fortified design can support up to 550 pounds, while the included grab bar allows users to rise from the stool with no difficulty.

Most Durable

Health Line Massage Heavy-Duty Shower Stool

A reinforced stool that prevents shakes, bends, and difficult leaps back onto a user's feet.

Best Decorative: EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool

On the left, an 18-by-12-inch shower stool is constructed from light brown teak wood and features a small storage shelf in between the legs of the stool. On the right, a closeup view of the bottom of the shower stool's leg, which showcases its height adjustable rubber foot pads.
EcoDecors Store

A solid shower stool that supports your rear while doubling as a gorgeous piece of bathroom furniture, this EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool offers users a layered approach to taking a mid-shower seat. It’s designed from all-natural teak wood that showcases a multitude of color and grain variations that reside deep in its frame. In terms of seat conveniences, this stool features adjustable foot levelers to accommodate sloped shower floors, as well as a mini storage shelf for stashing your shower necessities.

Best Decorative

EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool

It not only provides appropriate seating but a gorgeous appearance.

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