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The Best Shower Chairs

🕚 Updated January 2022

Shower chairs grant those with strength, mobility, or balance issues safety and stability while bathing. They allow one to focus on washing their body without worrying about falling, slipping, or getting tired. If you're in the market for a safer way to get clean, then here are a few shower chair options we think you should check out.

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  Top Choice Best Bench Option Best Sliding Chair Best with Transfer Bench Best Design
Adjustable Shower Chair
Dr. Kay's
Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair
Platinum Health
Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench
Shower Chair with Height Adjustable Legs
Adjustable Height Non-Slip Shower and Bath Chair
Our SummaryA lightweight, height-adjustable, non-slip shower chair that's safe and comfortable.This lightweight shower chair allows freedom of movement as there are no armrests and no backrest.A bright blue chair that swivels 360 degrees, slides for easy transfer, and requires no tools to operate.An unconventionally designed shower chair that makes getting into the tub easy.A shower chair with a visually appealing design and a glacier white finish.
ProsNon-slip suction cups, legs are easily adjustable, extra-wide seat, contoured padding, micro-drainage holes, safe for individuals up to 280 pounds, weighs only 4.6 pounds.Good for those who are more independent, built-in side handles, easy to move, weighs 4 pounds, holds 300 pounds, easy to adjust leg height.Simple to operate, swivel seat, padding repels water, medical grade, adjustable legs, color is good for those with dementia or vision impairment.Makes getting in the tub safer and easier, supports up to 300 pounds, adjustable legs, lightweight and anti-corrosive aluminum, easy to move and store.Features attractive contours, glacier white shine, supports up to 400 pounds, adjustable, non-slip seat, lifted edge and knob to hold.
ConsWon't fit every bathroom.Not great for those with poor balance.Won't fit every bathroom.It won't fit all tubs, and it doesn't come with suction cups on the bottoms of the legs.It can feel bulky in smaller bathrooms or tubs.
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The Best Shower Chairs

A white plastic and metal shower chair with handles on the sides inside a tiled shower.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Chairs

a shower chair in a brick tile shower

Why buy a shower chair?

A quality shower chair provides safety for those who experience physical mobility issues due to age,  injuries, disabilities, or health. Shower chairs are especially useful for the elderly, those in wheelchairs, those recovering from surgery or injury, or those using crutches. A good shower chair can be the solution to keeping up hygiene in a comfortable and safe way.

What should you look for in a shower chair?

  • Comfort: Seek a shower chair that’s sufficiently comfortable to use. There are plenty of options that incorporate protection and comfort by utilizing soft seat and arm padding, firm cushions, drainage holes, and textured surfaces.
  • Durability: It’s important to note that a shower chair will spend a reasonable amount of time in a moist environment on a slick surface, so select one that’s built to withstand these conditions. Chairs that emphasize anti-slip, anti-rust, and anti-bend properties are your key to a safe showering experience.
  • Design: Finally, the design of the shower chair should not be an afterthought. If the user has limited mobility or physical strength, look to chairs that offer support in those areas. For example, some users may have dementia or vision impairment. There are shower chairs with high contrast colors for those individuals.

What should you expect to spend on a shower chair?

When it comes to shower chairs, it’s true that more features and higher-quality parts mean higher expenses. However, you don’t need to sacrifice safety to save money. We review several well-built shower chairs here, from as little as $45 to as expensive as $300. Prices rise with more specialized designs like wheelchair shower chairs.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Chairs

Top Choice

Medokare Adjustable Shower Chair

A lightweight, height-adjustable, non-slip shower chair that's safe and comfortable.

Pros: This shower chair has tons of safety features from bottom to top. The legs feature non-slip suction cups to stabilize the chair and an angled design for a sturdy foundation. They’re also easily adjustable for changing height. The extra-wide seat helps prevent falls. Also important is the contoured padding with micro-drainage holes so that water drains through, avoiding pooling. Amazingly, this chair is safe for individuals up to 280 pounds yet weighs only 4.6 pounds. It’s easy to move in and out of the shower.

Cons: While it fits most showers and bathtubs, it may not fit yours. We recommend you measure your shower before purchasing.

Bottom Line: This ultra-adjustable shower chair also has a removable back and requires no tools to assemble or adjust heights. It’s made to make showering much easier.


Best Bench Option

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair

This lightweight shower chair allows freedom of movement as there are no armrests and no backrest.

Pros: This bath and shower chair is designed with safety and comfort in mind, but it also offers some freedom for those who are more independent than others. The seat features built-in side handles that make it easy to move, and it weighs only 4 pounds. However, the design is so sturdy and the materials so strong that the chair can hold up to 300 pounds. It adjusts from 18.5 inches to 12.5 inches. Fortunately, it only takes a finger to push in the anchor pin of each leg, one at a time, to adjust the height. Slide the leg up or down, then let the anchor pin snap into place.

Cons: Since it doesn’t have a backrest or armrests, it’s not the best for those with poor balance.

Bottom Line: This is a smart buy for those who don’t need back support while showering. The streamlined design is nice, and the chair is at least as sturdy as its competitors.


Best Sliding Chair

Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

A bright blue chair that swivels 360 degrees, slides for easy transfer, and requires no tools to operate.

Pros: Don’t worry, this shower chair is simple to operate; it just looks complicated. The 360-degree swivel seat maximizes safety and flexibility. It’s also a sliding transfer bench for smooth movement in and out of the bathtub. Other desirable features include a padded seat, back, and armrests, medical-grade molded polyurethane padding that repels water, pivoting armrests, and adjustable legs for fitting most tubs. Finally, the designers incorporated the Hi-View Blue top cover color to make it easier for users with dementia or vision impairment to see the chair, thus avoiding slips and falls.

Cons: Please carefully review the dimensions shown in the line drawing before ordering to ensure this item will fit in your bathroom.

Bottom Line: Made of commercial-grade polyurethane foam and medical-grade aluminum, this multifunctional shower chair will withstand heavy use and offer reliable sturdiness for users with various physical conditions.


Best with Transfer Bench

Carex Shower Chair with Height Adjustable Legs

An unconventionally designed shower chair that makes getting into the tub easy.

Pros: This shower chair by Carex keeps its users safe and comfortable. One side of the shower bench sits outside the tub, the other inside. The user simply sits on the outside part, then shifts their legs around to the inside bath side. Of course, the chair is adjustable to accommodate different leg lengths and weights. It supports up to 300 pounds, features easy-to-use leg height adjusters, and has a reversible backrest to switch between left and right entry. Made of lightweight, anti-corrosive aluminum, this transfer shower chair is easy to lift, carry, and store for travel. 

Cons: Be sure to take careful measurements before selecting this product. It fits most tubs and is adjustable to fit, but it won’t fit all tubs. It also doesn’t come with suction cups on the bottoms of the legs like some other models, so beware of shifting.

Bottom Line: The seat and backrest surfaces are textured to prevent slips, and the drainage holes make the seat even more comfortable and safe. The details of this chair show that it’s thoughtfully designed to be a convenient addition to a tub.


Best Design

Moen Adjustable Height Non-Slip Shower and Bath Chair

A shower chair with a visually appealing design and glacier white finish.

Pros: Considering that shower chairs are far more functionally advanced than aesthetically designed, this model by Moen might surprise you. It features attractive contours and has a glacier white shine to it, too. The chair supports up to 400 pounds, is adjustable between 16.5 and 21 inches, and has a non-slip seat. Rather than two symmetrical armrests, there’s a lifted edge on one side of the bench to grasp and a single protruding knob to hold while maneuvering in and out of the tub or shower.

Cons: It could be a bit bulky for your bathroom or bathtub. Measure your space before buying.

Bottom Line: Give this shower chair some thought; it has a unique yet classy design and comes from a trusted brand. Additionally, the product complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.

Final Thoughts

Showering can be a challenge for those who struggle with balance or weakness due to athletic injuries, surgeries, dementia, pregnancy, and more. Purchasing a shower chair that meets their needs can make a huge difference, so we’ve gathered some reliable options to consider.

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