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The Best Chalk for Creating Sidewalk Wonders

girl drawing a rainbow with colored chalk on the asphalt on a sunny day
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When you see a single stick of chalk, what comes to mind? Perfectly-angled hopscotch sets? A game of tic-tac-toe? Hot pink sunflowers next to a dolphin? An abstract mural? Lining your driveway from top to bottom with chalk is almost everyone’s favorite outdoor activity when the sun dies down on a warm day, so if you’re in the market to bring home a bit of classic entertainment, then here are a few chalk sets we think you should check out.

Buying Sidewalk Chalk

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Color: Chalk is defined by the streaky hues it leaves as you drag it across the rough cement. You want chalk that’s more than visible but bold, bright, and packing the type of color variety that makes a kid want to use every stick in the box.
  • Count: And speaking of the box, it’s important that you buy with bulk in mind. Not everyone has the space for a jumbo-sized chalk box, and that’s perfectly fine. However, what you do want to make sure of is providing your kiddo with more than chalk to enjoy, taking into account quick artists and the occasional break.
  • Accessories: Finally, think about how much more entertaining chalking could be with a few additional perks. Decorating the sidewalk by freehand is a tall task even for the most imaginative kid, and that’s where bundles that feature fun design stencils come in handy. And if you or your child loves drawing but would like to avoid the chalky feel, then consider options that toss in a few nifty chalk holders, too.

Best Overall: Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk

An orange bucket with 20 pieces of chalk that come from one of seven colors in the bundle.
Chalk City

Packed away in a convenient and fun carrying bucket, this Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk includes 20 pieces of scribble sticks in seven different shades. Each piece is easy to grasp for a young kiddo’s hand, measuring 4 inches each and tapered around the sides to prevent rolling. This chalk is also fully capable of being used on a variety of flat surfaces, like concrete, cement, asphalt, brick, and wood.

Best Overall

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk, Jumbo Chalk, Non-Toxic, Washable, Art Set (20-Count)

A uniquely versatile 20-pack of sidewalk chalk that comes in seven classic colors and is designed for less mess.

Largest Bundle: JOYIN Jumbo Chalk for Outdoor Art Play

A large carton holding 160 pieces of chalk sits at centerframe, while a rainbow-line up of its included 16 colors are laid out underneath it.

An immense value pack that offers far and away the biggest bang for your buck on the market, this JOYIN Jumbo Chalk set features a staggering 160 pieces, 10 beloved colors, and hours of endless fun. While certain shades bear a close resemblance to each other throughout the bundle, children will always have the luxury of losing a handful of their favorite colors due to having nine other backups waiting.

Largest Bundle

160 PCS Washable Sidewalk Chalks Set Non-Toxic Jumbo Chalk for Outdoor Art Play, Painting on Chalkboard, Blackboard and Playground

With over 100 pieces of chalk to its name, this sidewalk bundle offers kids plenty of ways to imagine, and safely at that.

Best Chalk Accessories: Creative Kids Premium Sidewalk Chalk Art Play Set

Variously sized, shaped, and colored pieces of chalk are lined up next to chalk holders and bright yellow stencil designs.
Creative Kids

While others pack bulk in the chalk department, this Creative Kids Premium Sidewalk Chalk Set features playful accessories that take outdoor time to the next level. Featuring 30 pieces of nontoxic chalk alongside five varying stencil designs and three chalk holders, this bundle really understands how to bring out the imagination during your child’s drawing time. This all comes to you in a reusable container that can be repurposed long after the last mural has been drawn.

Most Innovative Chalking: Walkie Chalk Stand-Up Sidewalk Chalk Holder

Walkie Chalk sticks that hold chalk on the bottom to draw without bending over
Walkie Chalk

The type of chalk drawing accessory that kids will love and parents’ backs will be clapping over, this Walkie Chalk Stand-Up Sidewalk Chalk Holder allows any user to easily draw on the ground while standing or crouching from a moderate distance away. This holder is extendable between 24 and 36 inches, allowing children not only a chance to keep their knees clean but the opportunity to cover the sidewalk in more color than ever before.

Most Innovative Chalking

Walkie Chalk Stand-up Sidewalk Chalk Holder, (Teal), Creative Outdoor Toys for Kids and Adults Including 2x Chalks, Street Art & Playground Supplies, Accessible Fun for Everyone

An extendable chalk holder that's available in four different colors for kids and features two extension settings for the tired parent's back.

Most Vibrant Colors: Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

A red, orange, yellow, green, and blue piece of chalk infused with glitter lined up in front of their carton.

Looking for a new way to bring excitement to the tried and true presentation of sidewalk art? Throw some real color in there with this Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, a five-count that comes alive while traditional options just lie flat. Each classic color gets a welcome update in its glitter-infused body, layering specks of shimmering beauty in each line a kid draws.

Most Vibrant Colors

Crayola Glitter Chalk 5ct

This five-count of glitter-infused chalk sticks really knows how to liven up your child's drawings.

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