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The Best Charger Plates for Any Occassion

If you want to feel like every occasion is an upscale event, use charger plates to set your table. Charger plates are plates placed underneath the dinner and appetizer plates on your table. They’re a simple way to add flair to your table and tie in the theme of your event. Whether you want to use them for an intimate dinner at home or for a large wedding party at a fancy venue, they are the perfect detail to elevate your tablescape.

How to Choose the Best Charger Plate for Your Occasion

Different themes, venues, and budgets could call for different charger plate choices. Consider these factors when selecting your charger plates:

  • Size: Most often, charger plates will come in sizes between 11 and 13 inches. Keep in mind your table’s size and shape when buying the right charger plate for your event.
  • Material: Charger plates are made from many materials ranging from paper to metal. Don’t forget to think about whether your event would benefit from disposable charger plates or whether you’d like to invest in reusable charger plates that could be repurposed for other occasions.
  • Design: Ranging from simple to gold-leaf, charger plates come in a variety of styles. Look for the option that fits your tastes.
  • Amount: Most times, charger plates are used for every guest at the table. However, you may want to select just one or two to add as centerpieces instead. Choose whatever aesthetic works for you.

Best Metal: SARO Charger Plates

The SARO round charger plates are made of metal and are silver in color. The set comes with four plates that have been galvanized to protect them from rust. They are sturdy and have a polished finish that can match a variety of table settings. They can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth in case of spills and offer a unique look for your table that can be used over and over again.

Best Metal

Metal Charger Plates With Ruffled Galvanized Design (Set of 4)

This 13-inch round metal charger plate comes in a set of four.

Best Paper: Silver Spoons Charger Plates

These paper charger plates are disposable yet durable and offer an elegant option to decorate your table with ease. You can get them in round or square shapes and in champagne, gold, marble, red, and silver colors, as well as glitz, beaded, or classic wide-rim looks. The packs come in sets of 20, 40, or 120 pieces to accommodate any event.

Best Plastic: Welmatch Beaded Charger Plate

Welmatch’s set of 12 round plastic charger plates comes in four colors: black, champagne, red, and gold. Each plate is finished with a beaded rim for a classic look that adds elegance to any event. These plates can be hand washed in warm water and used again, so they offer an affordable reusable option for a larger number of guests.

Best Plastic

Gold Plastic Beaded Charger Plates - 12 pcs 13 Inch Round Wedding Party Decroation Charger Plates (Gold, 12)

These plastic charger plates are 13 inches, convenient, reusable, and classy.

Best Wicker: Artera Wicker Rattan Charger Plates

Wicker Rattan Charger Plates from Artera come in a set of four. These plates are made from material that makes them crack and fade resistant, so they are built to last, even if they are used for outdoor events. These plates can be wiped easily and offer the perfect rustic look to your event.

Best Wicker
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