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The Best Chargers for Your Hoverboard

Cruising down the hallway on a hoverboard is still one of the most enjoyable in-home activities for both kids and adults. After a long day of use, however, you’ll need to charge its battery for it to run again. Whether you lost the charger and are looking for a replacement, or you want a new one, here are four that we recommend when you’re out of juice.

What to Look for in a Hoverboard Charger

Here are some things to consider before buying a hoverboard charger:

  • Port: It’s important to recognize the type of port your hoverboard has before you purchase a charger, as you wouldn’t want to end up spending money on a charger that isn’t compatible in the first place. Most hoverboard models have a three-prong port. If this sounds like what you have, keep on reading.
  • Safety: Especially at the peak of the hoverboard’s craze, there has been concern about the safety of the lithium-ion battery in hoverboard models. Hoverboards have been made safer ever since, but to reduce any risk, it’s best to get a charger with safety precautions against hazards like over-circuitry.
  • Wattage: Make sure that the wattage of your hoverboard is compatible with the wattage of your charger.

Top Pick: Owrieo 42V 2A Power Charger 3-Prong

This three-prong charger from Owrieo is an all-around decent charger. It is a 42-volt charger that can produce a maximum of 84 watts. It measures 100 centimeters long and has safety protections against overload, short-circuiting, and over-voltage. The charger has an indicator light to display the status of your charge—red for charging and green for a full battery.

Safest Option: Mouow 42V 2A UL Power Adapter 3-Prong

Safety can be a big consideration when dealing with hoverboards. This charger from Mouow is UL certified, meaning it meets Underwriter Laboratory’s safety tests, standards, and regulations. That’s not all, however, as this charger is as functional as the rest. It has additional safety protections from overload, short-circuits, and over-voltage. It is a 42-volt charger with a maximum power of 84 watts. This three-prong charger also has an indicator light for the hoverboard’s charging status.

Most Reliable: Wyness 42V 2A Battery Charger 3-Prong

This charger from Wyness features protections against short-circuitry, battery-polarity error, over-current, and over-voltage. It goes through a detection and inspection process and product testing as well, so this charger is definitely one that you can rely on. This charger also has an LED light that shows the current charging status.

Most Reliable

Wyness 42V 2A Battery Charger 3-Prong Inline Connector Power Supply for Pocket Mod,Dirt Quad,and Sports Mod 0.31 inch Plug

This charger undergoes inspection processes and has multiple charging protections.

Also Consider: EWUNAX 42V 2A 3-Prong Battery Charger

This has all the standard features and functions you need in a hoverboard charger. It’s a three-prong, 42-volt charger that has the input and output compatible with hoverboards. It also has a light that’ll display the status of your charge.

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