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The Best Charging Station Organizers for Your Electronics

plugged in charging station with multiple electronics on a table next to a lamp

We all own more electronic devices than ever these days: smartphones, tablets and iPads, e-readers, iPods, Fitbits, smartwatches, AirPods—the list seems endless. All these electronics need to be charged, so more devices means more cords to keep track of and risk getting tangled together. It can be overwhelming and easy to forget where you left this tablet or that cord. You also might find yourself needing to charge three different electronics at once, but you only have two cords available. Or maybe the outlets in your home are hard to reach or inconveniently placed. In any or all of these scenarios, a charging station organizer can be a solution to your problems.

Charging station organizers are designed to hold and charge all of your handheld electronic devices at once, with a slot and a charging port for each. Keep all of your electronics in the same space so you won’t lose track of any of them. And some of the organizers even come with charging cords included, so you’re guaranteed to have enough to go around. They’re also small and easily portable, which makes them great for travel as well as home use.

What to Look for in a Charging Station Organizer

Here’s what to consider when buying a charging station organizer:

  • Compatibility: Not all charging station organizers are universally compatible across the board. While it’s possible to find a station that works with more than one brand of electronics, many will work only for Apple products, or only for Samsung products, etc. Be sure that an organizer is compatible with your devices before you buy it.
  • Ports: Most charging station organizers have five or six charging ports on average. There are options with more or fewer ports as well. You should be able to find a charging station organizer that suits your needs, whether you’re buying one for the whole family, office team, or just for yourself.
  • Organizational Space: Plan to keep your charging station organizer on your desk at work or home? Or maybe on your nightstand? There are plenty of varieties of organizers that offer extra alcoves or even drawers for storing your keys, eyeglasses, pens, scissors, and other similar items. A charging station organizer can help you keep more than just your electronics organized if you so choose.
  • Wireless: If you want to go cordless or prefer wireless charging for your devices, there are wireless station organizer options. These tend to have fewer charging slots overall, however, so they may not be as efficient as their more standard cousins, depending on the number of electronics you own. You’ll have to decide if wireless charging is worth being able to charge fewer devices at once.

Most Compatible: DF DARFOO Bamboo Charging Station for Multiple Devices

wooden changing station with various electronics plugged in

This is an elegant bamboo wood charging station that is compatible with Apple, Android, Samsung, and Nexus phones and products alike. Never will you have to worry about different charging options for different brands and products. The five charging ports and charging slots for AirPods and an Apple Watch allow you to charge seven devices at once (including more than one phone) in different directions. There’s also a slot to charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, and even a Fitbit with the accompanying Fitbit charging stand (sold separately). The anti-skid silicone gel at the corners holds the station firmly in place, while the pegs for your electronics can be adjusted to best fit each device. The built-in surge protection keeps the charging station from overheating, overcharging, or short-circuiting, so you can safely charge seven devices at once worry-free. Even if all the charging slots are full, you should still have room to store another small item or two, like your keys or loose change. Besides the bamboo charging station and Apple Watch and AirPod stand, you also get a five-foot power cord, two iPhone/iPad cables, 2 Android cables, and one type-C cable.

Most Ports: Unitek USB Charging Station

small black charging station with multiple smartphones and tablets plugged in

This compact charging station might be small, but it is vastly efficient. With ten USB charging ports and a 96-watt output that allows it to hold and charge eight iPads at once, there is plenty of room and power for all the electronic devices in your home. It’s great for families and large households. The certified protect safety system keeps your devices safe from overheating, over-voltage, surges, and short-circuiting. The 11 dividers come in two sizes, taller ones to hold tablets and smaller ones to hold phones and Kindles, and are removable and adjustable for your convenience. The LED display light lets you know when the station is turned on and at work. The power adapter and user manual come included as well.

Best Wireless: EasyAcc Fast Wireless Charger Desk Organizer

large black fabric charging station with several compartments, holding a smartphone and various desk accessories

This is a charging station ideal for those who don’t want to bother with the hassle of cords and prefer to charge their phones wirelessly. Never will you have to worry about your devices failing to charge because the cable came loose without you noticing, or any other cable disconnection error. The attractive black leather body is durable and high quality, as well as easy to clean. Perfect for anyone who needs the extra organization.

Best Wireless

OUTXE Wireless Charger Desk Stand Organizer Wireless Charging Station for iPhone 13/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/12 Series/11/XS Max/XR/X/8Plus/SE 2, Desk Storage Caddy Pen Pad Holder-Black

A wireless charging station with an attractive, durable black leather body, extra organizational slots, and a bonus USB port.

Best for Desks: Darfoo Bamboo Charging Station Organizer

wooden charging station with a drawer, with several electronics plugged in and holding assorted desk accessories

Organize your electronics and desk space in one compact, practical charging station. Besides the charging station and its five USB ports and slots for your electronics, the bamboo body has a drawer and three holding slots that can easily hold pens and pencils or be used to store sticky notes, business cards, keys, and other common desktop items. An AirPod and Apple Watch charging stand comes attached, with the capability to fit two more identical AirPod/Apple Watch stands and one for your Fitbit as well (all sold separately). The column slots can be adjusted to fit whichever devices are charging at any given moment. Two iPhone/iPad cables, two Android cables, and one type-C cable come included. Never again will you have to worry about cables, devices, and desk paraphernalia cluttering up your desk or becoming hopelessly tangled and damaged.

Best for Desks

Bamboo Charging Station for Multiple Devices - Darfoo Desktop Docking Station Organizer Compatible with Cell Phones, Tablet, Smart Watch & Earbuds (Included 6 Mixed Cables, No USB Charger)

A bamboo charging station organizer with space for five devices plus office supplies and that prevents cords from cluttering up your desk.

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