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The Best Charms for Jewelry Making

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🕚 Updated April 2022

If you're a charm collector or want to get started, you can find a plethora of beautiful jewelry charms at excellent prices. Turn any of these five, top-rated charm sets into fashion jewelry or any clever ideas you think up.

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  Best Silver Set Best Colorful Set Best Crystal Charms Best Stone Charms Best Gold Charms
Bulk Wholesale Mixed Charms
350-Piece Bulk Jewelry Charms
Crystal-Glass Butterfly Charm Set
50-Piece Mixed Stone Pendants
Tibetan Gold Charm Pendants
Our SummaryA 100-piece set with lots of diversity.Features every color of the rainbow.Jewels beautifully reflect light and color.Smooth, multicolored stones in 50 designs.Includes animals, nature, symbols, and more.
Pros100 pieces, silver charms, tons of designs, alloy metal, comes with microfiber cloth.350 pieces, variety of shapes and colors, zinc alloy, larger pendants make great keychains.28 pieces, acrylic crystal, sparkly, reflects light, mixed shapes.50 designs, natural-looking alloy glass stones, randomly picked, arrive in a velvet pouch.200 pieces, gold, silver, and color options, antique-inspired, zinc alloy, won't wear or fade.
ConsSome charms have a smaller chain hole.Contact seller if you receive more or less than expected.Handle gently to preserve coating.Stone designs may be duplicated.Quarter of charms are holiday-themed.
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The Best Charms for Jewelry Making

a charm bracelet with lots of different-shaped charms, such as a moon, star, palm tree, and clover
Tatevosian Yana/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Charms for Jewelry Making

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Why buy jewelry charms?

Creating jewelry with charms is a great way to make gorgeous and customized pieces of art. With a variety of charms available for purchase, there’s bound to be something to fit any design style and any piece of jewelry you’re creating, whether it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace.

What should you know before purchasing jewelry charms?

  • Durability: Consider choosing charms made with high-quality metals so they will not fade or easily break, especially if you’re gifting to others.
  • Size: Charms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so make sure the charms you pick are the right size for your project, whether you’re designing bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.
  • Color: Some bulk orders feature one color across all of their charms. Check out multicolor options to round out your collection and keep jewelry-making interesting.

What else can you do with jewelry charms?

Outside of jewelry, you can use them to adorn a bland belt or purse, turn them into Christmas ornaments, or glue magnets on the back and creatively cover your fridge. If you have kids, help them create beautiful, dangling-charm bookmarks or add a few to a keychain and attach it to their backpacks—they’ll love the extra shimmer and shine.

Our Picks for the Best Charms for Jewelry Making

Best Silver Set

JIALEEY Bulk Wholesale Mixed Charms

A 100-piece set with lots of diversity.

Pros: This 100-piece charm set from JIALEEY features tons of quality silver charm designs, including animals, popular symbols (keys, hearts, crosses), and fun finds, like skulls and mermaids. All of these charms are alloy metal and can be used for necklaces, bracelets, scrapbooking, and tons more. Your order will arrive in a small, sealed bag with a handy microfiber shining cloth to help charms shine as bright as possible.

Cons: Some charms feature a smaller chain hole than others.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent deal for jewelry-makers and crafty folks. They’re defect-free and ensure long-lasting quality.


Best Colorful Set

SANNIX 350-Piece Bulk Jewelry Charms

Features every color of the rainbow.

Pros: A colorful collection of unique charms, this SANNIX bulk bag offers something in every shape, size, and color. Each piece is made from zinc alloy and plated with gold or colorful enamel for the ultimate collection starter. The set includes small to large charms, featuring trees, animals, flowers, foods, and dozens of other designs, making it the perfect solution for all types of unique projects. The larger pendants, specifically, are great for making bright, colorful keychains for family and friends.

Cons: If your purchase is a few charms short, be sure to contact the seller.

Bottom Line: An adorable set of versatile pendants at a great price. Sort your new charms by theme, and pick and choose from tons of categories each time you start a new project.


Best Crystal Charms

Nibiru Acrylic Crystal Charm Set

Jewels beautifully reflect light and color.

Pros: This Nibiru set of 28 acrylic crystal pendants is a gorgeous investment if you love the sparkly reflection of quality crystal-inspired jewelry. Choose your quantity and shape, or mixed shapes, which are each cut to beautifully reflect light and color, making them great for ornaments (imagine an entire tree adorned in these butterflies) or elegant windchime accents. Or you can add a simple, delicate chain for a statement-piece necklace. Want matching earrings? Create your own dangly pair for a truly unique jewelry set.

Cons: Handle your new charms gently, as the delicate coat may wear if you’re not careful threading your chain or earring hook.

Bottom Line: Get up to 28 sparkly pendants for your next craft, whether it’s fashion jewelry or a decorative home piece. Step into the light for an extra-sparkly effect.


Best Stone Charms

Hicarer 50-Piece Mixed Stone Pendants

Smooth, multicolored stones in 50 designs.

Pros: Mix it up with these shiny, natural-looking Hicarer faux stone pendants for jewelry and crafting. Each artificial stone is made from alloy glass with a smooth surface, offered in 50 different textures and designs for tons of different projects. Your stones are randomly chosen and packaged (in a beautiful velvet pouch), which adds to the excitement of it arriving at your door. These are the best pendants to gift your nature-loving friends who will appreciate their earthy vibe.

Cons: Because these stones are randomly selected and shipped, it leaves more room for duplicates.

Bottom Line: Rock a fun, hippie-chic look with these down-to-earth, faux-stone pendants for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or earrings.


Best Gold Charms

SANNIX Tibetan Gold Charm Pendants

Includes animals, nature, symbols, and more.

Pros: Go completely gold, silver, or multicolored with 200 of these quality, antique-inspired Tibetan charms. The zinc alloy pendants from SANNIX offer tons of assortment, in size, shape, and color, for any occasion, whether you’re creating stylishly themed jewelry or fun, random pieces. Add an adorable pawprint to your pet’s name tag, make key-and-heart best-friend bracelets, or accent gold charms with gorgeous faux-pearls for an elegant gift. Your Tibetan charms won’t wear or fade over time, making them a promising purchase.

Cons: Many of these charms are holiday-themed, so you might have to save them for that time of the year.

Bottom Line: There are tons of options in colors and designs in these SANNIX charms for most creative projects or jewelry pieces you have up your sleeve.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found the exact charms you’re looking for in one of these selections. Their price tags are easy on your wallet, and with such a wide selection of themes and colors, you’ll have quite the fun, creative collection to make your original pieces of jewelry.

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