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The Best Chicken Coops for Your Flock

A woman gathering fresh eggs into basket next to a chicken coop.
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All you chicken-raising enthusiasts and egg lovers out there want your chickens to have the best life possible. One important aspect of a good life for a chicken is a comfortable, safe, and hygienic coop.

Top-quality coops prioritize the flow of fresh air, safe nesting boxes, spacious chicken runs, in addition to a well-built structure. Ideally, chickens should be protected against the elements and predators, as well. A great coop will meet these needs and possibly offer aspects you didn’t know a chicken would need. Here are some fantastic chicken coops we recommend.

Purchasing the Right Chicken Coop

When shopping for the perfect home for your chickens, consider these factors:

  • Experience: If this is your first chicken coop, it might be a good idea to think small. Just at first, until you have grown used to keeping chickens. However, if you are experienced, you probably know what characteristics you want in a coop. It never hurts to learn more, of course, so conduct some research.
  • Numbers: Clearly, you need a coop built to properly house your flock. When you are shopping, pay attention to product details and the recommendation for the coup’s population size. Sometimes it’s unclear, so keep your eyes open.
  • More than Chickens: Are you hoping to find a chicken coop that will serve your rabbits, roosters, or other animals? Many coops do, but again, check product details to be certain.

Best Large: PawHut Galvanized Large Metal Chicken Coop

Large chicken playpen set up outside on green grass.

PawHut uses a galvanized metal frame to create a stable environment and plastic-coated hexagonal wire mesh walls, which are smooth and safe. No chicken wants to get its feathers caught on a sharp wire! The four rooms divide this nearly 10-foot-long, 26-foot-wide, 6-foot-tall coop, providing some order if some of your chickens don’t get along. The coop comes with a cover for use on rainy or especially sunny days. Importantly, the walk-in has a lockable door for safety against predators.

Best Large

PawHut Galvanized Large Metal Chicken Coop

This enormous play area will become a beloved space for your chickens.

Best with Run: Best Choice Products Wooden Chicken Coop

Wooden coop with a nesting box and housing two chickens and some young chicks.
Best Choice Products

Chickens need and enjoy moving around to stretch those chicken legs. This nearly 6.5-foot-long chicken coop features a spacious run with galvanized wire mesh. As this chicken coop is meant for the outdoors, the sturdy fence protects your chickens from intruders. The coop is made of durable, solid fir wood and features a metal locking system for added safety. While chickens like to wander, they also need to nest, which is why it’s nice that the coop features a large nesting box.

Best with Run

Best Choice Products Wooden Chicken Coop

This nearly 6.5-foot-long option features a spacious run and a large nesting box.

Best with Chick Cage: LAZY BUDDY Chicken Coop

Wooden chick coop set up outside in a sunny, green garden.

Like other well-made wooden chicken coops, the LAZY BUDDY is constructed of premium fir wood, features a spacious run, and three doors, all of which make the coop easier for you to access. What makes this coop special is its large egg box and intelligently chosen construction materials. LAZY BUDDY uses eco-friendly paint to waterproof the coop and make it anti-corrosive and UV-resistant. Rabbits, roosters, and ducks are also welcome!

Best with Chick Cage

LAZY BUDDY Chicken Coop

This option ranks high for its large egg box and eco-friendly paint.

Best Premium: OverEZ Chicken Coop Large Poultry House

Red painted wooden coop with white trim sitting in a grassy area.
OverEZ Chicken Coop

The price matches the quality of this 6-foot, hand-crafted wooden chicken coop. The coop features two screen windows and two vents to allow fresh air to flow throw the coop and keep your chickens healthy. Eco-friendly, non-toxic paint protects the coop from weather, and the slanted roof prevents water from pooling. This coop is made to accommodate 15 chickens. The kit comes unassembled with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Best Premium

OverEZ Chicken Coop Large Poultry House

It's hand-made by Amish craftsmen, so you can trust the durability of this wooden structure.

Best Mobile: Best Choice Products Mobile Chicken Coop

Wooden chicken coop with built-in wheels.
Best Choice Products

This coop has wheels! No need for concern, though, as your chickens won’t roll off on their own. To relocate the coop, just grab the wooden handle and roll. This weather-resistant, wooden coop with a UV-resistant roof includes two latch doors, durable steel wire, and a large nesting box. The spacious enclosure lodges up to five chickens, so they will feel safe laying eggs in the nesting box with a removable divider.

Best Mobile

Best Choice Products Mobile Coop

For chickens on the go! It has all the great qualities of its competitors, plus it has wheels!

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