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The Best Cigar Ashtrays for Cigar Lovers

closeup of a cigar atop a yellow cigar ashtray on top of a wooden table

Every cigar smoker should have a high-quality ashtray. A great ashtray should not only be stylish and unique but well-made and durable as well. However, finding the perfect ashtray that is right for you can be harder than it sounds. For that reason, we’ve compiled this guide to the best ashtrays on Amazon to help you find the perfect one for you.

Shopping for a Cigar Ashtray

Style and design are important factors, as you will want to have an ashtray that illustrates your unique style. Durability is also important since a well-made ashtray will resist being chipped or scratched better than low-quality options. Finally, you will likely be cleaning your ashtray frequently, so finding a design that is easy to clean can be a real time saver.

Top Choice: Cohiba 8-Inch Round Cigar Ashtray

round black and white and yellow cigar ashtray with three cigars balanced on top

Thanks to its smooth porcelain design, the Cohiba 8-inch Round Cigar Ashtray is large and very easy to clean. The ashtray comes in two compelling styles that make wonderful use of color and will look great indoors or outdoors. It also sports impressive tray depth, and the fingers are large enough for large ring cigars. For those seeking a large, versatile cigar ashtray, this is an excellent choice.

Top Choice

GUEVARA Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtrays for 8" Round Cigarettes Large Rest Outdoor Cigars Ashtray for Patio/Outside/Indoor Ashtray

This cigar ashtray features a large ash collection surface, is easy to clean, and comes in two unique styles.

Best for Budget: Roygra Cigar Ashtray

teardrop shaped yellow cigar ashtray next to a black cigar box

The Roygra Cigar Ashtray is great for those seeking a compact ceramic cigar ashtray that will add a touch of style to indoor environments. This ashtray has an anti-scratch pad under it to protect table surfaces from unwanted damage and is also heat-resistant. Additionally, the Roygra Cigar Ashtray is quite durable and should easily resist small chips, making it a worthwhile choice for those on a budget.

Best for Budget

roygra Cigar Ashtray, Handmade Gilt Ceramic Cigar Ashtray, Outdoor Cigar Accessories (Orange)

This cigar ashtray features an anti-scratch pad to protect table surfaces and a durable ceramic construction.

Best for Travel: Mantello Cigar Ashtray Gift Set

fold up red-brown wooden cigar ashtray with a metal center, balancing a cigar on top

The Mantello Cigar Ashtray Gift Set has everything a cigar lover would need to enjoy a cigar or two on the go. This item comes equipped with a guillotine cigar cutter, jet torch cigar lighter, and stainless steel ashtray. The overall design is incredibly compact and attractive, making the Mantello Cigar Ashtray Gift Set a great gift idea for cigar lovers as well as a superb travel ashtray option.

Best for Travel

Best for Outdoor Use:  Ash-Stay Indoor/Outdoor Cigar Ashtray

round white cigar ashtray with three slots holding a single cigar

The Ash-Stay Indoor/Outdoor Cigar Ashtray is constructed of easy-to-clean, high-quality melamine and features a minimalistic design that looks great indoors or outdoors. Outdoor smokers will appreciate this ashtray’s wind resistance, as the unique design will keep your cigar lit even in windy conditions. This cigar ashtray is also adept at limiting odors and keeping your ashes in the ashtray, making it a great choice for various reasons.

Best for Outdoor Use

ASH STAY Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Cigar Ashtray

This ashtray features a wind-resistant and odor-limiting design. It is also easy to clean.

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