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The Best Clipboards for Different Professional Uses

A blue storage clipboard that is open to show a notepad, calculator, and highlighters.

Whatever kind of work you do for a living, it’s likely that a clipboard can come in handy. They are great for writing down information on invoices, work orders, charts, and worksheets. Here are some great clipboards for teachers, students, medical professionals, construction workers, and more!

Purchasing Clipboards

When shopping for your ideal clipboards, consider these important factors:

  • Storage Capabilities: More modern clipboards often include separate compartments for you to store and organize small accessories, including pencils, pens, writing paper, calculators, and more.
  • Durability: Many clipboards are now incredibly sturdy to ensure that they can withstand daily use. Some even consist of almost-indestructible plastic material that is perfect for heavy-duty work environments.
  • Color Options: Multicolored clipboards are nice choices for color-coding things or adding color to a workplace. Many doctors make use of clipboards that feature assorted colors to help lighten the mood and put their patients at ease.

Best Overall: Officemate Recycled Wood Clipboard

Three cardboard clipboard with metal clips.

Made of 100% recycled wooden fibers, these clipboards are a reliable and economical choice. They feature a simple yet practical design that includes a 6-inch metal clamp with anti-corrosive properties. The clipboard itself is incredibly smooth, making it much easier to jot down information quickly and accurately.

Best Overall

Best Assortment: Trade Quest Global Corp Plastic Clipboard

Six colored and transparent clipboards.
Trade Quest Global Corp

The entire set comes with seven different colors, offering you a lot more variety. With smooth surfaces and round edges, these clipboards have a simple design for better efficiency and ease of use. The spring in the upper clamp is also incredibly long-lasting. Pick the color that appeals to you the most!

Best Assortment

Most Durable: Flambeau Hardware Clipboard

On the left, a silver clipboard with black protection bumpers holding a piece of paper. On the right, an opened clipboard that displays a notepad and a storage pouch.
Flambeau Hardware

This clipboard has an incredibly durable design and features an internal storage compartment for your work accessories. This includes pens, pencils, business cards, and blank invoices. The clipboard itself is also incredibly lightweight, making it much more convenient to carry around all day.

Most Durable

Flambeau Hardware Contractor Clipboard - 6535TH

One of the most durable and worker-friendly clipboards available.

Most Color Options: Dexas Slimcase 2 Storage Clipboard

An opened blue storage clipboard that is holding a piece of paper, notepad, pens, and a calculator.

These clipboards come in numerous colors, allowing you to choose the one that you think will make your job more lively and fun. Clipboards have common use in offices for medical practitioners and classrooms, and choosing the right color can make a big difference when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for patients and students. It also comes with an interior compartment to better secure your work accessories.

Most Color Options

Dexas 3517-J2728 Slimcase 2 Storage Clipboard with Side Opening, Royal Blue

A clipboard with an interior compartment for extra security.

Best Value Set: Trade Quest Letter Size Clipboard

30 cardboard clipboards with low profile metal clips.
Trade Quest

The entire value pack comes with 30 total clipboards that can hold up to 100 sheets of paper at a time. Each one features a retractable hanging loop and a durable metal clamp that contains a sturdy, long-lasting spring. These clipboards are ideal for office settings, businesses, and classrooms.

Best Value Set

Trade Quest Letter Size Clipboard Low Profile Clip Hardboard (Pack of 30)

A set of 30 clipboards that are great for large groups of students or workers.

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