The Best Closet Organizers for Your Home

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If you find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of opening your closet door to reveal the clutter inside, a closet organizer will help manage the mess and allow you to enjoy your clothes again. With a little organization, you can reach your full style potential.

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  Best Overall Best Mounted Best for Large Closets Best for Small Spaces Best for Kids
Cube Storage
Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit
Simple Houseware
Portable Closet Organizer
Simple Houseware
3-Tier Closet Storage
Hanging Closet Storage Organizer
Our SummaryCreate the closet of your dreams with these detachable shelves that can be organized in a wide variety of shapes.Take advantage of your wall space with the various hanging rods and shelves.Avoid the hassle of tools with this simple wire organizer that gives you plenty of room for all your items.The open shelves and handy bins of this storage piece give you a simple way to stay organized.If your child's items are spending more time on the floor than anywhere else, this multi-level storage organizer will help with the mess.
ProsCustomizable shape, waterproof and dustproof, lightweight structure.Fits large spaces, adjustable shelves, wire design encourages ventilation.Lots of storage options, simple installation, sturdy metal construction.Moveable bins, metal base, compact but spacious.Inexpensive option, variety of compartment sizes, comes with bins.
ConsSlightly small compartments, lacks stability over time.Labor-intensive, installation requires a variety of tools.Design catches on longer clothing items.Unstable shelves, can't handle heavy items.Thin fabric, doesn't have internal supports.
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The Best Closet Organizers for Your Home

A woman puts clothing items away in organized bins inside a closet full of clothing.
Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock.com

Bulky coats and tall stacks of T-shirts can easily topple the delicate ecosystem that is your closet. While finding a solution might seem out of reach, we are here to tell you that there are almost too many options to aid you in your organizational endeavors. Closet organizers come in all shapes and sizes that can cater to your unique needs and space. This product allows you to see all of your most important outfit elements. It’s especially important to keep your items visible and accessible when you share a closet. Here are some fantastic closet organizers that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Closet Organizers

A closet filled with organized men's clothing on shelves and hangers.

Why buy a closet organizer?

While closets are a basic part of every home, they’re often built as blank canvases. It’s easy to fill the empty space with bulky drawers or difficult hanging rods. With the right closet organizer, you can perfect the area with the ideal amount of shelves, hanger space, and drawers in one simple product. Closet organizers also take the decision-making out of your hands, as the pre-made shape showcases where each item can be placed. And because these organizers are so versatile, they’re great for people of all lifestyles to use in whatever available space they have.

What should you consider in a closet organizer?

To take back control of your closet space, you’re going to need some serious design help. To find your ideal organizer, consider these key factors:

  • Features: Depending on the organizer’s design, you could find a product with shelves, hanging rods, shoe storage, bins, and overhead storage. If you prefer to hide away items such as underwear, socks, or pajamas, consider closet organizers with closed-off drawers or bins fitted to the shelves. Open designs allow you to see each of your items so that no item of clothing goes unnoticed. Features like open shelves and hanging rods will help you assess your closet more efficiently.
  • Customizability: Having a small closet doesn’t always mean that you have to go with a limited organizer. Consider a closet organizer with moveable pieces that let you place your items exactly where you need them to be. Customizability can look like moveable shelves, detachable cubes, and adjustable hanging rods.
  • Size Compatibility: Walk-in and reach-in closets are similar only in purpose. The former gives you more room to expand your organizer across walls, while the latter can only handle so many attachments before there’s no room left for the clothes! An organizer with deeper storage space would work best for reach-in closets that store more bulky items. However, an extra-deep organizer for a walk-in closet might be a hindrance, as it will reduce the amount of walking space available.

Should you get a freestanding unit or a mountable closet organizer?

Freestanding units are great for renters who don’t want to damage walls with holes. Many freestanding closet organizers come in many different colors as well, so you don’t have to feel like you’re losing out on customization. Mountable organizers will require more work to ensure that the pieces are placed in the perfect spot and stable. Since they demand more time and physical labor, we recommend mountable closet organizers for homeowners who will be using the products for a longer period of time.

Our Picks for the Best Closet Organizers

Best Overall

TomCare Cube Storage

Create the closet of your dreams with these detachable shelves that can be organized in a wide variety of shapes.

Pros: The customizable nature of this product makes it ideal for closets of all shapes and sizes. Each cube can be moved and reattached, allowing you to stack them into a square or a line, or even to create separated shelves! The polypropylene plastic is waterproof and dustproof, so messy kids or busy people won’t have to worry about the closet organizer breaking down over time. The cubes hold up to almost a foot of space each way, so you can freely stack clothes, books, shoes, or other items with plenty of space to spare. The cubes are easy to assemble with the provided hammer within a short amount of time.

Cons: The plastic cubes can’t hold too much weight without beginning to sag. Some reviewers found that the sturdiness of these products wasn’t up to par, as the panels and connectors loosened over time. Additionally, if you’re looking to put baskets or bins in the cubes, their non-standard size of 11.8 inches might not fit most storage containers on the market.

Bottom Line: These moveable cubes would work best for dorm rooms and small apartments, as they offer plenty of adaptability and space. These bins give you the creative room to house your clothes or display your items in a personalized fashion, and they come in various color options.


Best Mounted

ClosetMaid Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

Take advantage of your wall space with the various hanging rods and shelves.

Pros: This unit maximizes your space with hanging rods and shelf space that adjust to fit your design preference. The wire shelves keep the space ventilated while offering sturdy space for clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you’re worried about your closet dimensions being too large, don’t worry, because it can fit spaces of up to 8 feet wide.

Cons: This product has a lot of moving parts that require attention to detail. ClosetMaid recommends having a screwdriver, level, drill, step ladder, and more on hand to install the pieces correctly. It also might require some alteration if you want to fit the pieces within a space that’s under 5 feet wide. ClosetMaid suggests a hacksaw for trimming.

Bottom Line: If you need a lot of space and have spare time for the installation, this closet organizer will give you storage room for many years to come. This mountable organizer will work best in a large closet that has either a walk-in or reach-in design.


Best for Large Closets

Simple Houseware Portable Closet Organizer

Avoid the hassle of tools with this simple wire organizer that gives you plenty of room for all your items.

Pros: Hanging and folded items alike can be perfectly displayed in this freestanding closet organizer. The 68-inch-tall structure features two hanging rods, six shelves, a shoe rack, and overhead storage. The wire construction makes the organizer lightweight, so you can move it around your space to find the perfect spot. The 19 inches of depth allow you to store shoes, bags, and hats with ease. This size also allows you to maintain ample walking space.

Cons: The product’s assembly doesn’t require power tools, but you’ll be supplied with a mallet that needs the support of some serious strength to properly build this organizer. While the two rods are helpful for maximizing the storage capabilities, they might catch on longer clothes like dresses and pants. For those who enjoy seeing their longer clothes hanging, selecting an organizer with more open space beneath the rods is best.

Bottom Line: This closet organizer can give you the storage space of a mounted option without you having to handle tools. Its ample shelf space and two rods provide you with a lot of organization that’s easily visible so you won’t forget about that new shirt you bought a few weeks ago.


Best for Small Spaces

Simple Houseware 3-Tier Closet Storage

The open shelves and handy bins of this storage piece give you a simple way to stay organized.

Pros: This compact closet organizer is ideal for those with tiny (or non-existent) closet space. Whether you’re organizing your items for your first semester at college or attempting to create storage space in your small apartment, these shelves can support your clothing with their metal construction and sturdy fabric. The collapsable bins can fit on any of the three shelves, allowing you to hide away less-used items or create a shoe rack. This organizer also comes in five different colors, so you can either stick to neutral tones with the beige and brown options or be bold with the pink one.

Cons: While the two side arms are metal, the shelves are made of cloth. Although the fabric is sturdy, it won’t handle extreme weights without bending or ripping. The design also makes the surface unstable, so items that require balance (like high-heeled shoes or display items) might topple over.

Bottom Line: This three-tier closet storage is ideally sized for small spaces. While it doesn’t have the advantage of a hanging rod, the organizer still has plenty of room for storing folded clothes, shoes, and accessories, while the bins can easily hold underwear and socks in a compact space.


Best for Kids

mDesign Hanging Closet Storage Organizer

If your child's items are spending more time on the floor than anywhere else, this multi-level storage organizer will help with the mess.

Pros: This nifty closet organizer can be set up in seconds with the Velcro attachments that securely wrap around a hanging rod. It has seven open compartments that vary in size so that pajamas, underwear, socks, and day clothing all have a spot. As your child grows, they can organize their own items into the upper shelves. The three drawers at the bottom are great for encouraging your child to store toys when playtime is over.

Cons: The breathable fabric gives you plenty of color variety but can lack structural integrity. Due to this shortcoming, placing heavy items in the storage organizer’s compartments can cause sagging. This limits the product’s usefulness, as it is best to only store lightweight items and avoid bulky things such as shoes, jackets, or large toys.

Bottom Line: This product is ideal for the lightweight items of young kids. It provides you with compartments that your kids have access to while offering areas higher up that you can use for storing items like diapers, out-of-season clothing, or wipes.

Final Thoughts

Closet organizers can benefit anyone from people living in small apartments to homeowners with large walk-in closets. They provide you with dedicated space for shoes, folded items, and clothing to keep you organized. Having a neat closet allows you to get more use out of all your clothing while mitigating unwanted messes.

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