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The Best Clothes Hangers for an Organized Closet

A closet with suit jackets, pants, and a dress hanging from wooden hangers.

Are you tired of stuffing pants and shirts into your already full, chaotic dresser drawers? Well, of course, you are! All your clothes are probably wrinkled, and it’s annoying to scrounge around to find a sweater only to pull out a skirt. Hangers are the perfect solution to your clothing problems!

What were you doing with your closet, anyway? Maybe you are using it for storage. Well, pull out the boxes and make space for your clothes. Seriously, life will feel a bit easier once you can hang your clothes up properly. Here are some fantastic hangers we recommend.

Purchasing Hangers

When searching for the ideal hangers for your clothing, consider these key features:

  • Design: The basic hanger designs have a traditional triangular design, while some have variations on clamps and clips. The most common style is the basic design, which you will find everywhere, including the store where you bought your clothes! Clamps keep pants in place, and clips make hangers multi-purpose.
  • Material: You have choices. The materials usually include wood, plastic, and wire hangers. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. Wood can make your closet smell good, plastic is low-cost, and wire hangers are thin so you can take advantage of your closet space.
  • Style: The way a hanger looks may attract or disinterest you. The type of material plays a role. Other considerations are color and shape.

Best Plastic: Sharpty Notched Hangers

A set of white, plastic hangers.

Sharpty hangers have a smooth exterior to avoid snags, reinforced edges for strength, and notched shoulders to hang accessories. They are made of durable plastic, so they can hold the weight of winter jackets and coats. Perfect for organizing your closet, Sharpty hangers are slim, so you can maintain neatness. They come in white and black, and in 20 and 50 packs. You choose!

Best Plastic

Sharpty Notched Hangers

These hangers may be easy on the budget, but they are also well-made. These sturdy hangers will hang out as long as you want.

Best Wooden: Neaties American Red Cedar Hangers

A set of cedar wood hangers displayed on the product box.

Oh, the pleasant scent of cedar! It smells so good, it’s hard to believe cedar also has insect repellent and moisture and odor-absorbing properties. These hangers feature a strong, round bar that’s great for hanging pants. They also have notched edges to hang shirts and dresses in place and a 360-degree swivel for easy maneuvering.

Best Wooden

Neaties American Red Cedar Hangers

Gone are the days of moth dusty-smelling clothes. These cedar wood hangers ward off pesky insects and will add a pleasing scent to your closet.

Best for Pants: JS HANGER Wood Nonslip Hangers

A set of wood, non-slip, wide grip hangers.

If you like your pants, you probably want what’s best for them. That is where these wood hangers by JS HANGER arrive at the scene. Made of Chinese Guger Tree wood, they are strong but gentle on your clothes. To use, simply pull down the 360-degree chrome-plated swivel hook, lay your pants at the waist across the soft, lined bar, fold down the top bar, and pull the lock forward. Easy!

Best Pants Hangers

JS HANGER Wood Nonslip Hangers

Are you looking for an answer to the problem of slipping pants? These hangers have strong, even gripping power.

Best with Clips: ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Hangers

Set of wood hangers, each with bottom rod and two metal clips.

Behold the hanger that keeps all your clothes in order—from suits, jackets, skirts, leggings, to towels and more! Do you know what this means? You can transfer some clothes from your dresser to the closet, keeping both storage areas neat and organized. The hangers feature two notches, contoured shoulder, and chrome-plated clips with rubber grips. In other words, your clothes won’t fall off, become wrinkled, or be damaged by low-quality clips. These hangers are simply great!

Best with Clips

ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Hangers

What an invention! One hanger holds a jacket, skirt, and scarf!

Best Colorful Hangers: HANGERWORLD Color Coated Wire Hangers

Set of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and black-coated wire hangers.

Want a rainbow in your closet? Well, HANGERWORLD has prepared for customers like you with their multi-color coated metal 13-gauge, 16-inch wide wire hangers. They are made from galvanized steel, which is remarkably durable, and feature shoulder notches and a square neck shape. HANGERWORLD’s rainbow hangers are available in 20 and 50 packs, so you can fill your closet with color.

Best Colorful Hangers

HANGERWORLD Color Coated Wire Hangers

Add some cheer to your closet with these strong and colorful hangers.

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