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The Best Clothes Racks

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🕚 Updated November 2021

Is the monster in your closet begging you to make some space? Or are you a shop owner looking for a sleek way to showcase your threads? Adding a quality clothing rack will help keep both worlds clutter- and wrinkle-free.

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  Best Value Best Single Rod Best Double Rod Best Modern Design Best Oversized
  Simple Houseware
Standard Rod Garment Rack
Simple Houseware
Industrial-Grade Z-Base Garment Rack
Heavy-Duty Clothing Rack
Garment Rack Free-standing
V6 Wire Garment Rack
Our SummaryA heavy-duty, extendable rack that doesn't compromise quality over price.The extra-long, extra-strong bar holds up to 400 pounds of clothes and accessories.A sturdy rack with multiple clothing and accessory rods and a built-in shoe shelf.A two-tier shelf and side hooks lend this minimalist-style rack maximum storage.A heavy-duty, full-closet solution for your hanging, stacking, and storing needs.
ProsHigh-quality steel, slim body, extendable hanging rod, mobile with 3-inch casters.Industrial-grade metal, accessory hooks, holds up to 400 pounds, z-base for nesting, commercial-grade casters, includes waterproof cover.Two hanging rods, bottom shelf storage, holds up to 250 pounds, 360-degree casters, stationary option, metal hanger stoppers.Slim design, casters, accessory hooks, two bottom shelves, compact and lightweight, waterproof, gripping for hangers and rack feet.Five versatile tiers, holds up to 600 pounds, heavy-duty build, adjustable shelves, color options, two assembly options, protective powder coat.
ConsHang light clothing only, non-adjustable height, rack cover not included.No extendable parts included or available, no shelf storage.Not industrial piping, hard to maneuver when full, takes up more space when full.Hang light clothing only, no casters, non-matching silver hardware.No casters, bulky design, mallet for assembly not included.
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The Best Clothes Racks

A clothing rack on wheels in a room holding some shirts, shoes, purses, and a hat.
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If your dining-room chairs are currently serving as drying racks for your delicates, or you’ve just received the keys to a beautiful studio apartment the size of a walk-in closet (leaving you without one), a clothing rack can help. And with tons of designs and functions, you’re not limited to just clothing and accessories, as many racks can act as dependable storage for just about anything—from basic models with a single hanging rod to multi-tiered racks with rods, shelves, and hooks. Whatever your hanging, stacking, and storage needs, we’re here to help you find the ideal clothing rack for your space.

Buying Guide for Clothes Racks

A clothing rack in a bedroom holding various women's clothing items.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

What’s all the fuss over clothing racks?

Garment racks provide a quick, easy, and, if you choose, mobile way to store or showcase your clothes and accessories, including hats, tops, belts, bottoms, and shoes. Racks are especially ideal for small spaces that inherently lack storage, like a college dorm room. If your space is limited, you can probably understand how frustrating storage dilemmas are, especially for someone who loves to shop, change out wardrobes seasonally, or keep bulky articles out of a tiny closet. Clothing racks help expand your space without changing its dimensions, and many models allow you to smoothly slide your rack out of sight or break it down and bring it on the go; features like these make garment racks perfect for retail floors or backstage at a dance competition.

What should you look for in a clothes rack?

Consider the following when shopping for your ideal hanging and stacking solution:

  • Quality and Strength: Depending on how you want to use your clothing rack, it’s important to pay attention to frame material, sturdiness, and weight capacity, because these three factors dictate the overall quality of your future purchase. For storing clothes, specifically, avoid racks with plastic frames and invest in a metal frame supported by metal poles; it will help ensure the unit doesn’t sway, bend, or fall. Also pay attention to what holds your rack together, whether it’s threaded screws or wood/plastic dowels, as this plays an important role in how well your poles and shelves will stay in place. A safe rule of thumb is to avoid anything that’s not metal, and that includes parts as small as screws.
  • Mobility: If you’re working with less than 300 pounds of clothing, a wardrobe on wheels could be a great way to easily rearrange your space and roll your threads from Point A to B. Lots of designs build and break down within minutes, so you can do things like build your rack at your car, fill it with costumes, and roll it into the theater. When shopping mobile racks, stick to thicker, 360-degree casters (wheel assemblies) that lock for easy maneuvering and help support heavy loads. Plus, your lower back will thank you for the almost-effortless push and pull of your new mobile rack.
  • Modularity: In today’s world, it’s all about efficiency (even with something as basic as a clothing rack), so many buyers look for storage solutions that include or offer extendable parts, like rods, hooks, and shelves, to get the most out of their hanging and stacking. There’s a huge selection of expandable garment racks, and we recommend going with one that promises strength and sturdiness even when all of its extendable parts are in use. Shopping online, or at least researching before you hit up a retail store, is helpful since you can take time to sift through customer reviews on the overall quality of customizable/expandable products.

What else are buyers doing with these racks?

Just because a rack is advertised for clothing doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with its function. There are many versatile designs that can fulfill your hanging and shelving needs in various areas of the home and business. Find the perfect rack to help you do the following things beyond the basic closet-extending function:

  • Store toys, craft creations, or sports equipment.
  • Dry art creations or delicate laundry items.
  • Store unused purses and luggage.
  • Hang theater costumes or sports uniforms.
  • Display art, knick-knacks, or potted plants.

Our Picks for the Best Clothing Racks

Best Value

Simple Houseware Standard Garment Rack

A heavy-duty, extendable rack that doesn't compromise quality over price.

Pros: This standard, heavy-duty steel clothing rack from Simple Houseware is a budget-friendly, high-quality way to store your lighter, everyday wear, from t-shirts and hoodies to sweatpants and jeans. With an extendable horizontal rod and 3-inch casters, its durable but lightweight frame can serve as your extended closet, mobile display, or drying rack for delicate garments. Its slim body makes it easy to slide to the side and forget or break down and store when not in use. You can also remove the wheels and set the unit on the floor if you don’t plan to move it around much. This rack includes a single tool for quick, easy assembly, which should only take minutes.

Cons: Like other non-industrial racks, it doesn’t promise to hold the weight of the world—just your basic threads. And, though it features an adjustable hanging bar, users can’t adjust the height of the actual rack, which may not be ideal for especially lengthy dresses or skirts. It also doesn’t include a cover, so, if you want to protect your clothes from dust or give the rack a buffer during transport, you’ll need to purchase the cover separately.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sturdy, simple, budget-friendly solution, this rack from Simple Houseware is a safe and sensible bet—as long as you don’t plan on using it as a personal pull-up bar. The price is excellent, considering it’s a portable, steel structure, and flimsier plastic racks are sold for similar prices. Whether you need extra hanging space at home or want to display clothing at your pop-up boutique, this rack will get the job done and look sleek while you’re at it.


Best Single Rod

Simple Houseware Industrial-Grade Z-Base Garment Rack

The extra-long, extra-strong bar holds up to 400 pounds of clothes and accessories.

Pros: When they say sturdy, they mean it. This industrial-grade, metal clothing rack by Simple Houseware is a rock-solid way to transport and store up to 400 pounds of garments, hats, and bags, whether you’re hanging heavy cold-weather wears at home or displaying an entire line in your shop. Featuring a convenient, z-shaped base (choose from three different colors) for easy nesting when not in use, this rack rolls smoothly on commercial-grade braking wheels for an extra sturdy display that includes side brackets for hanging. You can also remove the wheels if you want a more permanent setup. Assemble it quickly with included hardware and tools, hang your clothes to dry or display, and leave it or collapse it when you’re done. This rack also comes with a waterproof cover to protect your outfits from water and dust.

Cons: Its structure doesn’t extend in height or length, so there’s no room for growth with this clothing rack. What you see is what you get. It also doesn’t offer a bottom shelf or hanging options for accessories, so it’s a good example of a basic, single-faceted solution for hanging heavy garments.

Bottom Line: It’s worth the investment. This industrial-grade rack is a solid structure at a comparatively low price that offers durability. When it comes to hanging up to 400 pounds of clothing (imagine 20 large garbage bags full), you’re going to want to purchase a quality product the first time, and this rack could be it. And it comes with a waterproof cover, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll keep your clothes dust- and moisture-free.


Best Double Rod

SONGMICS Heavy-Duty Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack with Double Rod

A sturdy rack with multiple clothing and accessory rods and a built-in shoe shelf.

Pros: You’ll get double the hanging space, extra support with a functional bottom shelf, and added mobility with this SONGMICS multi-tier clothing rack. Its commercial-grade metal frame boasts a slide-away solution on 360-degree wheels that break for more controlled maneuverability of up to 250 pounds—so feel free to hang your heavy coats. The double rods vary in height to help showrooms and boutiques display outfits, top to bottom, including smaller rods for scarves and ties. This rack is smartly designed with metal “elbows” at each end of the rod that work as stoppers to keep your hangers from sliding off. Once your rack is in place, you can leave it on wheels or remove them for a sturdy stationary display. Setup and breakdown are also convenient with numbered parts and steps.

Cons: Though the frame material is advertised as “industrial piping,” it’s not quite that heavy-duty; the rack is painted to give off an industrial vibe but is likely constructed from standard steel. With that, if you need to roll away your full rack (250 pounds), grab someone to assist you; we all know how heavy clothing can get, and this will help maintain the quality of the rack over time. Its dimensions will also change once you add clothes, so what was initially a compact rack will take up more room than you anticipated. Just be sure to account for those extra inches beforehand.

Bottom Line: This is a safe, practical purchase and a great example of simplicity, strength, and modernity. You can feel confident hanging your everyday outfits or more bulky seasonal items, and it comes complete with an extendable hanging rod and a bottom shelf for shoes and accessories—useful features not often included with similar compact garment racks. Just remember to ask for help maneuvering the rack when it’s heavy with all of your favorite outfits.


Best Modern Design

UDEAR Free-standing Garment Rack with Top Rod, Lower Storage, and 6 Hooks

A two-tier shelf and side hooks lend this minimalist-style rack maximum storage.

Pros: Confidently place this stationary, modern, and multifaceted UDEAR clothing rack in your home or business with no worries about bulky, unsightly design. Its thick, steel-pipe frame and base boast multiple hanging options (great for hats and bags) and a double bottom shelf for stacking and storing. This is a smart buy for a boutique sales floor, as it allows you to display complete outfits, including hats, jewelry, purses, and shoes, at one time. It could also be ideal for a kid’s room, since it’s compact, lightweight (about 7 pounds empty), and offers low, easily reached shelves for extra storage. It’s also waterproof, easy to clean, and features anti-slip beads and pads to keep hangers hanging and its feet flat on the floor.

Cons: This modern UDEAR rack might be more of a fashion statement rather than a full-on closet solution, as it doesn’t promise to store the larger, heavier items you’re hoping to transfer out of your regular closet. And, for such a stylish rack, it, oddly, comes with silver hardware, which hardly matches the black paint, and its accessory hooks are plastic, not steel. This isn’t a mobile storage solution, so just make sure you really like the way it looks, since you can’t roll it away.

Bottom Line: A simple, stylish, everyday solution—as long you don’t underestimate its potential fragility. This garment rack’s strength and sturdiness are sufficient for smaller sales floors, laundry rooms, dorm rooms, or other spaces demanding extra, lightweight storage. Its versatility, alone, makes it a cool buy; how many other compact racks include hooks and two bottom shelves? If you’re looking for a static hanging and stacking solution that adds flair to your space, it’s a steal for the price.


Best Oversized

VIPEK 5-Tier, Heavy-Duty Wire Garment Rack with Adjustable Shelves for Large Storage

A heavy-duty, full-closet solution for your hanging, stacking, and storing needs.

Pros: This multifaceted, five-tier clothing rack (more like a full-on, freestanding closet) from VIPEK offers a sturdy combination space for up to 600 pounds of folded/hanging clothing, shoes, and accessories (like ties, belts, scarves). Its heavy-duty top shelves are even ideal for storing suitcases, bags, or purses you don’t normally use—and it’s tall enough to discreetly hide birthday gifts. Two large bottom shelves serve as a catch-all for boots, tennis shoes, slippers, or whatever else we might toss on the floor, and the shelves are adjustable in height. Its flexible design offers two assembly options: straight-lined and L-shaped, meaning you can tuck this guy into a corner and save some horizontal wall space if you please. Plus, the metal is protected by a powder coat, so you could, in theory, safely use it outdoors without fear of water and rust.

Cons: This more complex rack doesn’t boast the convenience of wheels, so prepare for a more permanent setup. It’s bulkier and more industrial in appearance than other slim, easier-to-hide racks, so it’s a good thing the merchant offers multiple finishes to help your rack blend with the rest of your space. Because it’s a combination rack, the installation will be a bit trickier than a simple rolling rack—expect more pieces, more tools (VIPEK recommends a rubber mallet, but you’ll have to use your own or purchase one), and more time.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for something more spacious, versatile, and permanent than a slim, metal rack on wheels, this five-tier clothing and accessory rack will take you from mess to Marie Kondo in no time (well, in some time). This is one of the best deals for someone living or working in a place with little-to-no closet space or storage, as it holds up to 600 pounds and tons more than just hangers and clothes. Don’t forget to grab a rubber mallet and ask a friend to help put it together.

Final Thoughts

Though it’s easy to toss an intrusive pile of freshly dried clothes onto the back of a trusty chair when closet space is maxed, creating extra room for your favorite threads (and accessories) can leave you feeling more tidy and organized, at home and at the shop. Before seeking out the ideal clothing rack, jot down your needs to help weed out options that won’t work for you: Do you need it stationary or mobile? With one rod or two? With shelves or hooks? Whatever your needs, there’s a rack solution out there for you.

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