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The Best Coasters for Your Car’s Cup Holders

yellow water bottle in a car cup holder with another holder that has a coaster in it

Most of us know what coasters are and the purpose they serve. They’re an item or mat, usually but not always round in shape, to set drinks on in order to protect tables and other surfaces from scratches, stains, and moisture damage. You probably have at least a few somewhere in your home. But what many people don’t realize is that you can buy coasters specifically for your car as well as your living space. These types of coasters are designed to slide into your car’s cup holders in order to keep them clean. They’re almost identical to regular coasters, except that car coasters are always circular and have a small finger slot cutout to make them easier to remove from cup holders. Car coasters are highly absorbent to soak up spills and condensation from your glasses, cups, and mugs, which keep your cup holders from getting wet, sticky, gooey, or scratched up. This can save a lot of trouble later, as spills inside car cup holders are notoriously tricky to clean. The coasters should fit entirely inside the car’s cup holders to offer the best possible protection, with no gaps along the edges. If you’re someone who brings a cup of joe to work every morning, takes lots of road trips, or makes regular tea or coffee runs, a good, sturdy set of car coasters are well worth investing in. Here are a few car coasters we recommend.

What to Consider in Car Coasters

Here are a few things to think about before buying car coasters:

  • Material: Most car coasters will be made from silicone or ceramic. Silicone is flexible, easy to clean, and inexpensive. However, silicone models are often plain and don’t offer much in the way of colors and patterns. Ceramic coasters are much more rigid and may chip if dropped. However, they’re also incredibly absorbent, also easy to clean, and offer much better variety in terms of aesthetics. Rubber or plastic car coasters can be useful as well since they’re more flexible and less breakable than ceramic and tend to be more decorative than silicone.
  • Size: Many cars’ cup holders come in the same standard size of 3.15 inches. As a result, most car coasters are made to fit that size and will be somewhere between 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. Larger coasters make for snugger fits. However, there are some cars that have larger-than-average cup holders. Standard-sized car coasters will still fit inside them, but you run a higher risk of liquid spilling over the edges and getting into your cup holders regardless. Consider measuring your car’s cup holders before you start shopping for car coasters, so you know you’re buying the right size. There are some larger models for bigger cup holders, though they may be harder to find.
  • Design: All car coasters will be circular in shape since they’re meant to fit as snugly as possible inside the car’s cup holders. But in terms of color and pattern, there is a multitude of different options of car coasters. There are plain black or gray ones or other solid but brighter or lighter colors. Some solid color models may be decorated with rhinestones or beads if you’re someone who likes some glitter or shine. In terms of patterns and prints, the sky is the limit. There are leopard-printed, marble-patterned, monogrammed letters or initials, flower-patterned, even LED light-up car coasters. No matter what your personal aesthetic or preferences, you’ll have little trouble finding a set of car coasters that match up perfectly.

Best Silicone: Seven Sparta Car Silicone Cup Holder Coasters

a set of four black silicone cup holder coasters for a car

Silicone coasters offer several worthwhile features. It’s a flexible material that won’t chip and is resistant to hot and cold temperatures alike. And, in the case of car coasters like these, they won’t rattle around or make noise when they bump against the sides of your car’s cup holders. Unlike most other car coasters, these have a unique pull-tab that makes them even easier to grab, place, and remove. If you ever need to take one out for cleaning or to rotate another coaster in, you won’t have to struggle or pull it out of the cup holder. The raised lidded sides (over half an inch tall) ensure that moisture or spills from your cups will stay inside the coaster instead of overflowing into the cup holder. And these coasters help protect your cup holders from dust as well as stains and goo from drinks. Their diameter is just over 3 inches, which will fit super snugly in the cup holders of most vehicles, Jeeps, and SUVs. You receive four car coasters with your purchase.

Best Silicone

Most Design Options: WOCOCN Car Coasters for Drinks

two cup holder coasters in a car

A pair of car coasters that prove “functional” doesn’t have to mean “plain.” Made from soft neoprene rubber, these coasters are every bit as absorbent as they are cute. The anti-slip bottoms also ensure they’ll stay firmly in place; you won’t have to worry about either the coasters or the drinks on top from sliding around and scratching up or spilling on your cup holders. And you have a choice between five different colorful, eye-catching designs. All but one pattern is available in two different colors for a total of nine different design options. The material that covers these coasters and gives them their cute, colorful designs is also designed to be absorbent to aid the rubber beneath in soaking up moisture. The small finger cutout makes them easier to remove if you ever need to clean them or want to use them as regular coasters outside the car. Both coasters are 0.2 inches thick and have a diameter of 2.75 inches.

Most Design Options

Cute Cup Holder Coasters for Your Car with Fingertip Grip, Auto Accessories for Women & Men,Pack of 2 (Snow Leopard)

A pair of cute, colorful car coasters that are as functional as they are decorative.

Best Ceramic: Pedo Absorbent Car Ceramic Coasters

a set of six car cup holder coasters with varying black and white patterns

If you prefer the strength and sturdiness of ceramic coasters over any other material, this pack of six is for you. The ceramic stone will quickly absorb any liquid or condensation droplets that run down the side of your cups or glasses, helping keep your car holder dry and clean. Thanks to the glazed finish, the ceramic won’t fade from constant exposure to water. You can wash each car coaster in water, brush it clean, and then leave it to air-dry in the sun without worrying about the design or colors fading over time. The designs are scratch-proof as well, so you’ll be able to enjoy all six artistic black and white patterns for years to come. Each coaster has a 2.56-inch diameter, perfect for the standard-sized cup holders in most cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. Since they do so well in the water, feel free to pop a coaster out with the small finger slot and bring it out on a boat or to the lake or beach for a day. This makes a great present for the coffee lover in your life.

Best Value: tifanso 4-Pack Car Coasters with Removable Finger Notch

a set of four multicolored car cup holder coasters with mandala designs

Though most car coasters will be reasonably priced, this set brings especially good value to the table. For one very low price, you receive four ceramic coasters that have been specially manufactured. This process makes them even more absorbent than regular ceramic, so they’ll soak up even the smallest drops of moisture or condensation from your cups, mugs, and glasses. You won’t have to worry about water or drink marks on either your cup holders or the coasters themselves. This also makes them easier to clean; just rinse in some water (with a little detergent for more stubborn stains), then allow them to air-dry overnight. The half-moon cutout along on the side of each coaster makes removing them for cleaning or rotating coasters a quick, efficient experience. Each of the four car coasters is 2.56 inches in diameter plus 0.27 inches thick to fit effortlessly into standard cup holders. And the bright, colorful mandala patterns on the surface bring a little decoration and color to your vehicle. Each of the four coasters comes with a different mandala and color scheme. If you want something more subtle, you can buy these car coasters in black and white marble-like patterns instead.

Best Value

tifanso 4 Pack Car Coasters Absorbent Ceramic Car Cup Holder Coasters with Removable Finger Notch, Mandala Car Cup Coasters for Car, Cute Car Coaster for Women Girls

A set of four colorfully patterned car coasters made of specially processed ceramic for better absorption and protection.

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