The Best Coaxial Cables for Your Home Network

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Coaxial cables are used by cable operators and internet providers to transmit data. They’re most often used in homes to access TV and the internet. They’re resilient and durable, so you won’t have to replace them often. If you’re in need of a new coaxial cable, here are some great ones we recommend.

What to Consider in a Coaxial Cable

Here’s what you’ll want to look into when buying a coaxial cable:

  • Radio Gauge: Coaxial cables have different frequencies/gauges which serve different purposes. Most commonly used is the RG6 cable, which best suits most of your home network needs.
  • Length: Consider the distance between your coaxial cable outlet and your device. Most coaxial cable providers give you the option to select sizes.
  • Durability: Coaxial cables are inherently durable externally, but layered cables from the inside will prevent interference from EMI. Cables that are rated for fire safety are resistant to heat and safe to install behind walls.

Best Overall: Cable Matters Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable

three ends of coax cables
Cable Matters

This is a three-pack set of coaxial cables that are sure to transmit a strong signal. These are 75-ohm RG6 cables, which come in 1.5-, 3-, 6-, and 10-foot options. These cables are versatile, providing a connection to cable TV, routers, and satellite dishes, to name a few.

Internally, it’s quad-shielded with four layers of aluminum foil for EMI and RFI prevention. Externally, it’s designed with a durable yet flexible PVC jacket that resists outer damage while also adhering to CM and CL2 fire safety requirements for installation behind walls. The incredible durability of this cable allows for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Best Overall

Best Extra Long: CIMPLE CO 150-Foot Black Coaxial Cable

a coaxial cable wound up in a circle

If your device and your outlet are rooms apart from each other, or if you need to have your cable extend a long distance outside to reach your satellite dish, opt for this long cable from CIMPLE CO. It has an impressive length of 150 feet. You won’t have to sacrifice picture or signal quality for this extended length, either. This coax cable is compatible with TVs, cable modems, satellite receivers, and more, with most major provider companies. And thanks to the PVC outer jacket, you can use it safely either inside or outside.

Best for Cable Management: Monoprice 104057 Coaxial Cable

thick, coiled white coaxial cable with brass colored ends

If your device and outlet are close together, the usual long length that a coaxial cable is designed with may cause a tangled mess. With this cable from Monoprice, you’ll get a 3-foot RG6 cable that’s quad-shielded and adheres to CL2 safety requirements. In addition, the 2,200 MHz cable produces 75 ohms.

Best for Cable Management

Monoprice 104057 RG6 Quad Shield CL2 Coaxial Cable with F Type Connector,White,3ft

This cable offers smaller length options for better cord management.

Best Weatherproof: CIMPLE CO 50-Foot Weatherproof Coax Cable

a 50-foot black coaxial cable coiled up and secured with twist-ties

This coaxial cable works for TV and satellite use alike and is compatible with most major cable providers. If your satellite is mounted out on your balcony or roof, worry not; this cable is certified for both indoor and outdoor applications, as it’s weatherproof and waterproof alike. Its durable UV-resistant PVC exterior sleeve, redundant double seal at both connector ends, and rubber weather boot prevents interference from environmental factors. You won’t have to worry about the connectors coming loose or losing the signal or moisture ruining the cable. It produces 75 ohms throughout the whole cable, has an 18 AWG center, and is CL2 compliant. If you need a model that’s longer or shorter than the provided 50 feet, this cable is available in 14 other sizes.

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