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The Best Coaxial Cables

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🕚 Updated December 2021

If you've ever set up your own internet and television connection or taken a peek behind the media console after your cable technician has done their job, odds are, you've seen a coaxial cable or two. If you happen to need a new one, we've gathered some reliable options.

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Coaxial Cable
Coaxial Cable
Cable Matters
Coaxial Cables
Coaxial Cable
Ultra Clarity Cables
Coaxial Cable
Our SummaryThis coaxial cable is available in nine accommodating sizes and is designed for indoor use only.This coaxial cable sports one of the longest designs on the market, so you can reach almost any outlet or device you set your mind to.This bundle purchase of coaxial cables includes three hard-wearing connectors between 1.5 and 10 feet.This coaxial cable features multiple hard-wearing perks for consistent connectivity.This coaxial cable features a 10-foot length and a corrosion-resistant design.
ProsAvailable in a variety of big and small sizes, thoroughly durable construction that's upheld by CL2 safety rating.Features an impressive length of 150 feet, compatible with most devices, designed with PVC outer jacket.Includes three cables to a pack, quad-shielded and adheres to CL2 standards, can be used in- and outdoors.Applicable for multiple devices across in- and outdoor conditions, 50-foot length, double-sealed connector ends.Blends the standard expectations with must-haves, corrosion-resistant design backed by CL3 rating.
ConsNot to be used outdoors, connector ends have varying success according to some users.Little room for versatile sizing as you are forced to buy something potentially messy or just too short.Not guaranteed much wiggle room in between limited sizes, longer options must be bundled down.Long length can lead to messes if underutilized, works in the outdoors but not when buried.Its 10-foot range can be limiting to some users, while anything within this range may create a messy appearance.
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The Best Coaxial Cables

A coax cable on a black background
Brian Goodman/Shutterstock.com

Coaxial cables are used by cable operators and internet providers to transmit data. They’re most often used in homes to access TV and the internet. Best of all, they’re resilient and often built to last you years. However, if you’re in need of a new coaxial cable, here are some great options that we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Coaxial Cables

Coax cables lined up next to each other.

Why should you buy a coaxial cable?

The coaxial cable is one of the most necessary components of a digital household. They’re responsible for delivering us varying video and audio signals, ensuring that our TVs and accompanying cable/internet boxes aren’t just for display. Moreover, their consistent results when transmitting data at high frequencies has made their use in homes and office building across the world all the more appreciated.

What should you look for in a coaxial cable?

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Radio Gauge: Coaxial cables have different frequencies/gauges, which serve different purposes. The most commonly used is the RG6 cable, which best suits most of your home network needs. Outside of this model are other cables that are used to accomplish varying tasks, such as RF coax, which is used to transmit standard radio frequency signals on TVs, and the RG11 coax, which is the thickest type of cable and is designed to carry distances further than any other model.
  • Length: Of course, a truly defining factor that can’t be ignored when making your selection is how accommodating your cable will be, and that begins and ends with length. It’s important that you consider the distance between your coaxial cable outlet and your device; otherwise, you’ll end up with a cable that’s either too long or short, amounting to an improper look either way.  Most coaxial cable providers give you the option to select sizes, though others are only available in a set length with the option to bundle.
  • Durability: Coaxial cables are inherently durable externally, but layered cables from the inside will prevent interference from EMI. Cables that are rated for fire safety are resistant to heat and safe to install behind walls.

Is installing coaxial cables a difficult process?

If you’re the handy type who just can’t foresee handing over the housework to someone else, then, by all means, install your coax cable yourself. Fair warning, though, this job can get a bit complicated. There are various methods and even tools to take into account when you’re installing coaxial cables, all of which, no matter how seemingly minute, are critical to your success. From stripping and crimping your cable to achieve the perfect cut of the center conductor to bonding the cable to an additional source of your home or office’s electrical means, there’s a lot to take into account. However, it’s certainly doable. It’s a process that can be time-tasking and demanding of fine detailing, but at the end of the day, you can give a professional technician a call for easier results if you aren’t confident in your abilities or don’t want to worry about figuring it out.

Our Picks for the Best Coaxial Cables

Best Overall

Monoprice Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable is available in nine accommodating sizes and is designed for indoor use only.

Pros: Available in various lengths and more than reasonable prices, here’s a coaxial cable that’s standard for the everyday user. This is a 75-ohm RG6 cable that comes in sizes between 1.5 and 100 feet. It features two layers of copper braiding and two layers of aluminum foil shielding for maximum durability and protection. Its CL2 rating indicates that this cable is up to normative fire safety codes and insurance requirements.

Cons: This is strictly an indoor-use-only coaxial cable, which means that any attempt to use it outside could spell disaster not only for the device but potentially for users as well. Some users have noted that it might not provide the most consistent connection.

Bottom Line: A prototypical option that’s ideal for people who are inexperienced in the coaxial game, this Monoprice Coaxial Cable features valued safety elements and a heck of a low price.


Best Extra-Long

THE CIMPLE CO. Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable sports one of the longest designs on the market, so you can reach almost any outlet or device you set your mind to.

Pros: Featuring a length that many options try but fail to replicate, here’s an extra-long coaxial cable that ensures size comes at no expense of picture or signal quality. This cable features an impressive length of 150 feet, allowing for its use across the largest rooms and offices. It’s compatible with TVs, cable modems, satellite receivers, and more, in addition to most major provider companies. And thanks to the PVC outer jacket, you can use it safely inside or outside.

Cons: Outside of its 150-foot length, it’s only available in sizes between 3-10 feet, so you’re either forced into buying something on the short end or an option that can, frankly, lead to a big mess if you aren’t well organized. And because of its superior length, this is also one of the pricier coaxial cables you could purchase.

Bottom Line: It’s all about extension power here, because if your device and outlet are rooms apart, or if you need to have your cable reach a long distance outside to your satellite dish, then opt for this long cable from THE CIMPLE CO


Best Bundle

Cable Matters Coaxial Cables

This bundle purchase of coaxial cables includes three hard-wearing connectors between 1.5 and 10 feet.

Pros: Looking for a purchase that will satisfy more than one room in the house? A purchase here gets you three coaxial cables, with each measuring 10 feet in length. Like similarly high-powered models, these are RG6 cables that are quad-shielded and adhere to CL2 safety requirements. A sturdy interior allows for shielding against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, while a protective outer shell also allows for usage in the outdoors.

Cons: Between 1.5 to 10 feet apiece, you’ll have much more wiggle room when it comes to any item that’s a good stretch away. Opting into longer lengths means nixing a coaxial cable from the bundle, as cables in 15, 25, and 50 feet are available only in a two-pack. Some users have also noted that the cable construction can feel rigid and difficult to move.

Bottom Line: For users who’d like to avoid the tangled mess often associated with this type of connector, then these Cable Matters Coaxial Cables provide the appropriate amount of length to keep your television sets running smoothly without a ghastly sight hanging out of the back.


Best Weatherproof

THE CIMPLE CO. Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable features multiple hard-wearing perks for consistent connectivity.

Pros: Certified for a range of electronic devices and both indoor and outdoor use,  this extra-long coaxial cable has durability to spare. Pairing its 50-foot length with its weatherproof and waterproof properties makes this a prime candidate for hooking up your satellite dish. Moreover, its UV-resistant PVC exterior sleeve, redundant double seal at both connector ends, and rubber weather boot prevent interference from environmental factors, so you won’t have to worry about the connectors coming loose or losing the signal or moisture ruining the cable.

Cons: As noted with connectors of identical length, this coaxial cable’s 50-foot range is great when you need to utilize all of it but is prone to creating a mess if you only need a few feet out of the package. While some users have noted success when burying it, the product’s company stresses that its outdoor durability doesn’t hold up underground, as it was not designed for this purpose.

Bottom Line: For the crowd seeking optimal length that won’t falter, this coaxial cable from THE CIMPLE CO. is built to deliver strong connectivity in harsh hot or cold conditions.


Also Great

Ultra Clarity Cables Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable features a 10-foot length and a thoroughly corrosion-resistant design.

Pros: For the expected fixings with a few must-have perks too, here’s a coaxial cable with more than enough power to warrant your investment. It’s a 10-foot cable that can be used for the likes of televisions, VCRs, computer network connections, and satellites, and that’s pretty standard. However, it does so with a corrosion-resistant interior and exterior and a triple-shielded CL3 design that prevents potential electric shocks from reaching your fingertips.

Cons: As is the case with shorter cables, this option’s length can be limiting if you need to reach something on the verge or outside of a 10-foot range. What’s worse is that, while you can bundle up to three cables per purchase, this cable is only available in one size.

Bottom Line: A solid choice for those looking for a fuss-free cable that delivers the goods with no interruptions, this Ultra Clarity Cables Coaxial Cable provides ample reach and a dependably reinforced design.

Final Thoughts

So many households are still reliant on cable transmission, and that reliance is made supremely easier when a dependable coaxial cable is brought into play. They’re largely inexpensive and typically built to withstand major damage while delivering steady results. If you need a new coax cable, check out our recommendations.

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