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The Best Coffee Mug Holders

🕚 Updated October 2022

Many people own a collection of coffee mugs or teacups, but it's no secret that they can be a pain to store. Try one of these coffee mug holders to keep your drinkware organized.

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  Best Stand Best Wall-Mounted Most Compact Highest Capacity Best Under-Cabinet
  Spectrum Diversified
Euro Large Countertop Mug Tree
Floating Wall Shelves with Adjustable Hooks for Mugs
Nifty Solutions
Coffee Cup Carousel
Metal Wire Tree Stand for Coffee Cups
Under Cabinet Coffee Cups Holder
Our SummaryA sturdy steel, tree-style coffee mug holder with a design that is equal parts modern and functional.A pair of pinewood shelves with removable, adjustable industrial metal hooks to hold your coffee mugs.A small, compact coffee holder carousel that rotates a full 360 degrees and has a small storage basket base.A farmhouse chic coffee mug holder that can hold up to 15 mugs as well as small plates.A pair of incredibly space-efficient coffee cup hook holders that are designed to let you take advantage of the unused space underneath your kitchen cabinets.
ProsVery sturdy, sleek design, curved branches, easy to clean.Utilizes otherwise empty space, extra shelf space, adjustable hooks, real pinewood shelves.Takes up minimal space, rotating base, storage basket for creamers and pods.High capacity, unique arms, multifunctional, three rustic color choices.Doubles as a drying rack, two quantity options, good value, very space-efficient, multiple color options.
ConsDoesn't rotate, may rust over time, can't hold mugs over 20 ounces.Installation required, 40-pound weight limit.Limited capacity, potential wobbles, too small for bigger mugs.Won't suit all kitchens, not particularly sturdy.No extra shelf space, mugs may bump each other, screwdriver not included, not as decorative.
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The Best Coffee Mug Holders

A wall-mounted shelf unit with mugs hanging from it and coffee and decor on the shelf

If you own coffee mugs in a range of different sizes and shapes, it makes it hard to stack them safely on top of each other. And even if you can stack them, they tend to take up a lot of space in cupboards, and you often can’t fit other dishware or glassware next to them. A coffee mug holder can be a nice alternative solution to these problems. Here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for Coffee Mug Holders

a mug holder stand with pink mugs in it next to jars of sugar cubes and coffee beans

Why buy a coffee mug holder?

Coffee mug holders serve both practical and aesthetic functions. They allow you to keep your mugs more conveniently accessible, either on the counter or hanging on the wall, allowing you to reserve your cupboard or cabinet space for other items. They’re also a more compact way to store and organize your coffee mugs, especially ideal for smaller kitchens. Wall-mounted and under-cabinet versions are especially space-efficient. Wall-mounted models often come with built-in shelves as well as hanging hooks for your mugs, adding even more storage and display space to your home.

Depending on the type of coffee mug holder you buy, the holder itself can serve a decorative as well as functional purpose. People who collect specialty or unique mugs will find this especially appealing. Countertop models in particular are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing and some even come in different colors.

What should you look for in a coffee mug holder?

  • Type: There are four main types of coffee mug holders: trees, carousels, wall shelves with hooks, or wall-mounted racks. Trees or carousels are for those who want to keep their mugs on a kitchen counter or tabletop. Trees generally can hold more mugs than carousels, while carousels can be rotated for easier access and sometimes have trays for items like coffee creamers, pods, or sugar packets. Wall-mounted shelves will require more installation and assembly, but they offer extra shelf and storage space for other kitchen items. Wall racks will usually have a higher capacity than shelves, but they don’t offer extra shelf space for decorations or storage. However, they’re a great option for smaller kitchens since they allow you to utilize otherwise unused space for storage.
  • Mug Capacity: Most trees and carousels will be able to support at least four or five mugs at a time. Countertop ones usually hold about six to ten, but some can hold twelve or more. Wall-mounted shelves usually have four to six hooks per shelf. Wall racks will usually have ten to sixteen pegs or hooks, though you may not be able to hang a mug from every peg depending on how far apart they’re spaced and the size of your mugs.
  • Material: Regardless of the type, most coffee mug holders are made of metal or wood. Metal is generally the best choice for trees and carousels since it’s durable and sturdy and will make for a stronger base. If you have an especially modern kitchen, its sleek appearance will likely suit your decor better, too. You may prefer a wooden model for wall-mounted coffee mug holders since wood is lighter than metal.

What other factors are worth considering in a coffee mug holder?

Some countertop models will have a little storage basket at the base and/or on the top tier. Smaller storage baskets provide a handy place to stash small coffee-related items like creamers, sugar packets, and the like. This not only allows you to keep these products right on hand when you need them but adds to the organizational aspect of coffee mug holders; instead of loose creamers or sugar packets or K-cups rolling around in your drawers, they’ll be stored together in one compact spot. A basket or storage slot on top of the countertop coffee mug holder can also be useful for tea drinkers, as these make for convenient spots to place your teapot.

In terms of wall-mounted coffee mug holders, it’s also worth considering how long and difficult the installation process will be. Will you have to put the rack or shelves together or do they come pre-assembled? Are all the hardware and tools you need included with your purchase or will you have to provide them yourself? Is the installation process as simple as inserting a few screws into your wall, or is it a more involved process? All of these questions are worth asking.

Our Picks for the Best Coffee Mug Holders

Best Stand

Spectrum Diversified Euro Large Countertop Mug Tree

A sturdy steel, tree-style coffee mug holder with a design that is equal parts modern and functional.

Pros: There’s a lot to love about this sleek, tree-like, stand-style mug holder. The entire holder is made of alloy steel, so it’s incredibly strong and sturdy. The tree’s branches curve upwards to keep the coffee mugs securely in place and are strategically placed so that you can hang a mug from every rung at the same time, unlike some other models. It’s easy to clean, requiring only a wipe down with a damp cloth and a pat dry with a towel.

Cons: It doesn’t have a rotating base like some other countertop models do. The steel alloy body isn’t rustproof the way stainless steel is. You may also want to look elsewhere if most of your coffee mugs and cups are larger than average. While this stand is great for standard and smaller-sized mugs, anything over 20 ounces or so will likely be too big to fit.

Bottom Line: This is a classic countertop coffee mug tree with a modern flair. It’s tall and narrow with sleek steel arms and smooth lines. The mugs are stored vertically to save counter space and keep them right on hand. It will look great next to your coffee maker for quick and easy access to your favorite mugs. As long as you don’t have extra-large mugs, you’ll get plenty of mileage out of this coffee mug holder.


Best Wall-Mounted

Olakee Floating Wall Shelves with Adjustable Hooks for Mugs

A pair of pinewood shelves with removable, adjustable industrial metal hooks to hold your coffee mugs.

Pros: If you’re in the market for a multipurpose coffee mug holder or have limited kitchen countertop space, this pair of floating shelf coffee holders are worth a good long look. The shelves themselves are made of sturdy, high-quality pinewood with industrial metal brackets for additional strength. Both shelves come equipped with five hooks each that can be adjusted or removed. If you want to display more than 10 mugs, there’s room on the shelves for extras. You can intersperse the mugs with towels, oven mitts, large utensils, or other kitchen items if wanted.

Cons: They’re not necessarily a great option for someone who doesn’t trust in their own DIY skills since you’ll have to put them up yourself. Each shelf has a weight limit of 40 pounds, so avoid stashing heavy items like rice cookers or large pots on the shelves.

Bottom Line: If you want a coffee mug holder that also creates extra shelf space in your kitchen, consider this pair of wall-mounted shelves with hanging adjustable hooks. The shelves themselves are 5.9 by 17 inches, providing plenty of space for your coffee maker and grounds if you want to create a pure coffee corner.


Most Compact

Nifty Solutions Coffee Cup Carousel

A small, compact coffee holder carousel that rotates a full 360 degrees and has a small storage basket base.

Pros: If your coffee maker is in a tight spot with limited available kitchen countertop space or you want to make a little home coffee station, this is a holder for you. Only about a foot tall and 10 inches wide, this carousel will fit in just about any nook or table, even if you have a smaller kitchen. Despite its smaller size, it comes with a small storage basket at the base to hold coffee-related items like creamers, sugar packets, and K-pods. And the base spins a full 360 degrees so that you can rotate the holder to grab your desired mug with ease and without tipping it over.

Cons: It only has four hooks total for a maximum capacity of four mugs. You’ll also want to be careful about the size of the mugs in question. Standard mugs should work fine, but you shouldn’t risk hanging anything larger than a 16-ounce mug on it. And you’ll want to try to balance it since it may be a bit wobbly.

Bottom Line: This is a great coffee mug holder for someone looking for a more compact model. The sleek black finish will suit a wide range of kitchen decors and styles, and the powder-coated steel body ensures it’s more durable than its diminutive size would suggest. It holds four coffee mugs at a time with accompanying items like coffee pods, creamer, or sugar packets.


Highest Capacity

DII Metal Wire Tree Stand for Coffee Cups

A farmhouse chic coffee mug holder that can hold up to 15 mugs as well as small plates.

Pros: Those who collect novelty mugs or teacups will likely need a larger coffee mug holder. This countertop metal tree model has the hooks and space to support up to 15 mugs at once. The wire arms on the top tier can also hold dessert plates and other small dishes or plates if desired. If your teapot is small enough, it may also be stashed in the top tier. The bottom tier has strategically been placed high enough to ensure that your mugs hanging from the bottom hooks won’t drag or bump against the countertop by mistake. The unique, upright-angled arms save space, hang your mugs or cups from the arms, or hold mugs upright on them. This also allows the holder to double as a drying rack. If your kitchen decor features a vintage, rustic, or classic style, this mug holder will fit in well.

Cons: If you have a very sleek and polished modern or minimalist kitchen, this mug holder won’t match your kitchen particularly well. You’ll likely want to opt for something that better blends in with your decor. You may find that it bends or rusts over time and the bottom doesn’t rest perfectly level on your countertop, especially if the mugs are unevenly dispersed.

Bottom Line: This metal tree model is for large mug collections, holding up to 15 mugs. It’s simple to clean, can double as a drying rack, and the rustic finish brings a touch of antique or country chic to your kitchen.


Best Under-Cabinet

Fvstar Under Cabinet Coffee Cups Holder

A pair of incredibly space-efficient coffee mug holders designed to let you take advantage of the unused space underneath your kitchen cabinets.

Pros: An under-cabinet coffee mug holder is arguably the most space-efficient type you can buy. The hooks attach right underneath your kitchen cabinets, allowing you to utilize that otherwise empty space for a practical function. It also serves as an excellent drying rack for your mugs or cups as well. You receive two rustproof racks, each equipped with two double hooks to hold a total of up to eight mugs at once. You also have five different colors to choose from. While some installation is required, it’s a simple task.

Cons: While the necessary screws for installation are complimentary with your coffee mug holder, the proper screwdriver is not. Each hook is meant to fit two mugs, which means your mugs or cups will be nestled very closely together. This risks your mugs bumping into each other if jostled, which may cause them to chip or even break. It also means that at times you may have to take an extra mug down to reach the one you want.

Bottom Line: If you have an especially small kitchen, own lots of big countertop appliances, or are truly pressed for countertop space, this under-cupboard mug holder is a fantastic option. Even if you have plenty of available kitchen countertop space, you may still find this model useful, as it will keep said countertop space free for appliances or devices and ensure that you have plenty of room for meal prepping and cooking. That said, if your mugs or teacups are particularly delicate and fragile, you may want to pass on this mug holder as it does come with the risk of your mugs bumping against one another.


A coffee mug hangs from a tree-shaped mug holder.
Chok Chokchai/Shutterstock.com

Which types of wood and metal make the best coffee mug holders?

In terms of wood, look for coffee mug holders made out of hardwoods like black walnut or cherry if you can. Hardwood is naturally more dense, sturdy, and durable, so it’ll be strong and stable enough to hold heavier ceramic mugs. Pinewood, though softer, is also a good choice, especially for models with shelves since it’s nice and stiff.

As far as metal is concerned, stainless steel is optimal. Stainless steel is known for its durability and toughness. It’ll last you a long time and provide great stability for your mugs. More importantly, it’s rustproof, so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet during cleaning or if you spill coffee or tea on it by mistake. Aluminum is a nice lightweight and rustproof choice, too, though it’ll be less stable than stainless steel.

Are there coffee mug holders for extra-large mugs?

There are some that are designed with extra-large (12+ ounces) coffee mugs in mind, yes. The only real difference between these coffee mug holders and regular ones is that the arms or hooks that support the mugs will be a little more spaced out so that your bigger mugs have more room to fit. Quite a few normal holders can support bigger mugs and will usually say as much in the listing. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably be able to fit fewer mugs overall since the extra-large mugs will take up more space and the mug holder wasn’t designed specifically with them in mind.

Final Thoughts

A coffee mug holder can make for an excellent addition to just about any kitchen, large or small. They’re functional and (usually) decorative items that allow you to organize, store, and display your coffee mug or teacup collection in an efficient manner. If you’re a coffee lover who wants to make the most of your kitchen space, one of these coffee mug holders is well worth the investment.

Other Coffee Mug Holders We Considered

If you don’t see the type or style of coffee mug holder you want in this article, here are a few other products we’d recommend:

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