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The Best Coffee Pod Holders

🕚 Updated December 2022

Brewing coffee using single-serving coffee pods is incredibly easy, but finding a place to store and organize your coffee pods can be a real hassle. These next-level coffee pod holders are perfect for eliminating clutter in your kitchen.

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  Top Choice Best Rotating Holder Best Multi-Level Best Bowl Best Display Rack Also Great
K-cup Storage Drawer
Nifty Solutions
Coffee Pod Carousel
Nifty Solutions
3-Tier Coffee Pod Drawer
Boston Warehouse
Coffee Mug Kup Keeper
Mind Reader
Wall-Mount Holder
Mind Reader
Coffee Pod Holder
Our SummaryFeaturing a durable, low-profile design, this coffee pod holder is great for placing under your coffee maker.This sleek coffee pod holder makes it easy to find your favorite coffee pods thanks to its rotating design.This coffee pod holder offers simple and effective organization and storage.This stylish coffee pod holder stands out due to its durable steel construction and fun design.This mountable coffee pod holder saves you valuable space on your kitchen countertop or breakroom table.Organize your coffee pods according to your taste, brand, or mood in these drawers.
Pros✓ Discreet design
✓ Can sit under coffee maker
✓ Drawers slide smoothly
✓ Stackable
✓ Sleek design
✓ Color and size options
✓ Easy to turn
✓ Saves counter space
✓ Easy to organize and stock
✓ Good storage capacity
✓ Sturdy build quality
✓ Takes up minimal counter space
✓ Unique design
✓ Nice color options
✓ Durable build quality
✓ Ideal for storing K-cups
✓ Easy to restock
✓ Affordable price
✓ Space-saving design
✓ Fits most brands
✓ Three drawers
✓ Neat organization
✓ Easy to clean
Cons✗ No side barriers✗ Pods may fall out when stocking✗ Not ideal for taller coffee pods✗ Not ideal for smaller coffee pods✗ Magnets don't stick to every fridge✗ Not enough space to open for Keurig
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The Best Coffee Pod Holders

Large black steel coffee pod holder in the shape of a coffee mug filled with coffee pods

If you have a single-serve coffee maker, you probably know how convenient (and delicious) coffee pods can be. However, coffee pod systems present a real challenge in terms of organization and storage when compared to traditional coffee brewing methods. Thankfully, plenty of affordable coffee pod holders on the market can add a touch of organization and class to kitchens that run on single-serving coffee.

Buying Guide for Coffee Pod Holders

A freestanding coffee pod holder on a kitchen counter.
Nifty Solutions

Why buy a coffee pod holder?

Just like your kitchen’s spice collection, coffee pods, aka K-cups, can create a ton of clutter if you have nowhere to store them. A coffee pod holder stores coffee pods for you so that you can quickly locate your favorite brew whenever the mood strikes you. This is especially important if you like drinking different types of coffee and have a variety of coffee pods available. Coffee pod holders can also add a unique touch to your kitchen through their exciting designs.

What should you look for in a coffee pod holder?

  • Capacity: For busy kitchens or offices where someone is always brewing a cup of coffee, finding a high-capacity coffee pod holder is probably a wise choice. However, some may prefer a compact model that doesn’t take up too much counter space.
  • Organization: Some coffee pod holders allow you to easily organize your coffee pods so that you can quickly find your favorite flavor or brew. This can be done in several ways. For instance, a coffee pod rack can display coffee pods with their brand and flavor facing you, or a multi-tiered drawer can allow you to store different coffee pod varieties separately.
  • Style: It’s worth considering your kitchen’s decor so that you can find a coffee pod holder that matches or enhances the unique look of your kitchen. While there are plenty of no-frills coffee pod holders that will look nice in a variety of kitchens, there are also some unique options out there for those seeking something a bit more eye-catching.

Are coffee pod holders universally compatible with different coffee pods?

Coffee pods often differ in size, so not every coffee pod holder will be an ideal match for the coffee pods you use every day. While some products list coffee pod brands that they are compatible with, it’s still a good idea to search reviews for your coffee pod brand. This will allow you a simple way to quickly make sure that others who use your coffee pod brand love their coffee pod holder.

Our Picks for the Best Coffee Pod Holders

Top Choice

DecoBros K-Cup Storage Drawer

Featuring a durable, low profile design, this coffee pod holder is great for placing under your coffee maker.

Pros: Featuring a discreet, space-saving design, this coffee pod drawer from DecoBros is durable enough to sit under most coffee makers if your counter space is limited. It also scores points for its smooth-sliding drawer, which is easy to open and close and offers a nice amount of space for your coffee pods. This coffee pod holder is also stackable, so those seeking a higher storage capacity can purchase two or three to meet their storage needs.

Cons: This coffee pod holder doesn’t have barriers on its sides, so those who store sugar packets or creamer near the side of the drawer may notice these objects sliding out from time to time. That being said, you won’t have this issue if you are using the drawer for coffee pods.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for something simple and low-profile, this sturdy little storage drawer will likely make an excellent addition to your kitchen. However, those seeking something unique to display their coffee pods will have to look elsewhere.


Best Rotating Holder

Nifty Solutions Coffee Pod Carousel

This sleek coffee pod holder makes it easy to find your favorite coffee pods thanks to its rotating design.

Pros: Those seeking something sleek and functional should check out the Nifty Solutions Coffee Pod Carousel. This easy-to-turn coffee pod holder makes it simple to find your favorite coffee pod and saves a lot of counter space when compared to similar products. It also comes in numerous size and color options so that you can choose the capacity and style that is perfect for your kitchen.

Cons: While this coffee pod holder is easy to load, some reviewers have noticed that if you aren’t careful, you may push out coffee pods while loading new ones into their spaces. Thankfully, this is quite a simple problem to fix, but it can be a little aggravating before you’ve had your morning coffee.

Bottom Line: This is a great coffee pod holder for those who are short on counter space or want an elegant touch for their kitchen. It’s also very easy to organize so that different products can have their own row and be restocked when needed. However, if you have more horizontal than vertical space on your kitchen counter, this might not be the best product for you.


Multi-Level Organizer

Nifty Solutions 3-Tier Coffee Pod Drawer

This coffee pod holder offers simple and effective organization and storage.

Pros: Featuring an impressive storage capacity, the Nifty Solutions 3-Tier Coffee Pod Drawer is a great option for households with multiple coffee lovers. This coffee pod holder is easy to stock and organize so that you can find the product you’re looking for. It’s also surprisingly sturdy given its budget price point, making it a great option for those who don’t care to display their coffee pods for the world to see.

Cons: Some reviewers have noted that this product’s drawers have the tendency to get stuck on coffee pods located on the lower level, so it probably isn’t the most convenient option to store taller coffee pods. That being said, it seems to work wonderfully with K-Cups and similarly-sized coffee pods.

Bottom Line: This multi-tier storage drawer can be incredibly convenient in the right hands. For instance, those who love variety can store light, medium, and dark roasts in different drawers or have a drawer for hot cocoa or apple cider pods for the kids. However, be sure to read some reviews to ensure that it’s a great fit with the coffee pods that you use every morning.


Best Bowl

Boston Warehouse Coffee Mug Kup Keeper

This stylish coffee pod holder stands out due to its durable steel construction and fun design.

Pros: While the Boston Warehouse Coffee Pod Holder doesn’t offer much in terms of organizing your coffee pods, its unique design and durable steel construction make it an excellent fit for those seeking something stylish and fun. It also makes grabbing a coffee pod easy and takes much less time to stock than other models.

Cons: While K-Cups and larger coffee pods will have no trouble staying within the confines of this coffee pod holder, smaller coffee pods can fall through the steel barrier in several spots. Also, those who use a variety of coffee pods will find this product more complicated to organize than other coffee pod holders.

Bottom Line: While this large coffee pod holder may not be the most efficient way to store coffee pods, it’s a lot more elegant and fun than your average coffee pod holder. It offers multiple sizes and color options so that you can find the perfect style to complement your existing kitchen decor.


Best Wall-Mounted

Mind Reader Wall-Mount Holder

This mountable coffee pod holder saves you valuable space on your kitchen countertop or breakroom table.

Pros: If you’re looking to save valuable counter space, this affordable, mountable wall coffee pod dispenser is an excellent option. Adhere it to the wall or on the side of your refrigerator with its self-adhesive stickers or magnets for easy installation.

Cons: The included magnets and adhesive strips aren’t the strongest. You might want to purchase your own separately.

Bottom Line: This Mind Reader coffee pod holder is great for removing the clutter from your kitchen counter. It also features a fun corkboard top to tack small notes and pieces of paper onto!


Also Great

Mind Reader Coffee Pod Holder

Organize your coffee pods according to flavor, brand, or mood in these drawers.

Pros: This solidly constructed coffee pod holder allows you to place your machine on top and store 36 coffee pods in each of the three drawers. Coffee stations can be messy, but this organizer is easily cleaned with just a few wipes. The organizer is sleek and modern and will blend seamlessly into office settings and kitchens. It’s a great choice to save counter space and neatly organize your coffee pods.

Cons: This stand is lightweight, which means you may have to be gentle when opening the drawers to insert your coffee pods. For Keurig users, placing your Keurig on top of this storage drawer may limit your ability to raise the handle on your Keurig, where the K-cup is inserted.

Bottom Line: This coffee pod holder has rubber grips underneath, so it always stays in place on the counter, and there’s no risk of it falling while in use. It holds a lot and looks nice.

Final Thoughts

If you love your single-serve coffee maker, investing in a high-quality coffee pod holder just makes sense. However, finding a model that is perfect for your kitchen does take a little consideration. Luckily, with so many great options currently on the market, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a great product to provide a home for your beloved coffee pods.

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