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The Best Coffee Signs for Your Kitchen

Few things bring a group of people together like a good cup of coffee. If you are passionate about the art of coffee brewing, you should consider investing in a unique coffee sign for your kitchen. Coffee signs come in a variety of sizes, prints, and colors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that matches your personal style. Whether you are a java novice or a coffee connoisseur, here are some fantastic coffee signs that we think you’ll love.

Buying a Coffee Sign

The main consideration you’ll want to make is what you’re coffee sign is made from:

  • Materials: To ensure that your coffee sign is as long-lasting as your love for coffee, you need to invest in a sign that is crafted with high-quality materials. If you are looking for a metal sign, make sure that you find one made of iron or tin that has been painted in order to avoid rust and oxidization. Light-up signs should be battery-powered so that you can hang them on the wall without any cords or wires getting in the way. If wooden signs are more your style, consider looking for one made from durable yet lightweight wood such as fir, pine, or plywood.

Retro Design: ACECAR Vintage Industrial Cafe-Style Coffee Sign

Is your kitchen in need of some vintage vibes? This coffee sign will make your kitchen feel like an old-school diner that’s always offering up the perfect cup of joe. The sign is crafted with high-quality iron that has been backed by dense particleboard so that it stays stable and secure. It has been hand-painted to give it an authentic, worn-in look. The sign features soft LED lighting that gives it a warm, inviting glow. The lights are battery-powered to avoid any unnecessary cords or wiring that could distract from the sign. If you are passionate about coffee and vintage design, this is the sign for you.

Light-Up Design: Creation Core LED Light-Up Coffee Letters

Looking to make your coffee bar just a little bit more theatrical? This sign features Hollywood-inspired letters that spell out the word “coffee.” The letters are crafted from a blend of ABS plastic and polypropylene that is durable yet lightweight. They are coated in a soft, white matte finish that gives the letters an elegant, upscale look. Each letter comes with a built-in wall hook that makes for easy installation, or you can simply rest the letters on top of your desired surface. The letters are battery-powered; each letter requires two AA batteries. These letters are a great choice for those who have a flair for the dramatic.

Light-Up Design

Funny Design: MAINEVENT Modern Coffee Bar Decor

Make your kitchen feel extra cozy with this farmhouse-style coffee sign. It features an eclectic, family-friendly design that will make a hilarious addition to your coffee bar. The sign is crafted with high-quality, sturdy fir wood designed to resist cracking or splintering; the text design is printed directly onto the wood to prevent it from peeling. The back of the sign features a keyhole wall mount that makes it easy to hang and install. This coffee sign would make a great gift for your favorite coffee-loving, self-proclaimed comedian.

Funny Design

12x12 Inch - Funny Pot Head Sign Coffee, Coffee Wall Decor, Pot Head Kitchen Sign, Coffee Station Decor

This coffee sign is crafted with high-quality fir wood that is sturdy enough to resist cracking and splintering.

Also Great: MyGift 4-Hook Coffee Sign and Mug Holder

This coffee sign does the work of two products all in one: it acts as both a decorative piece and as storage for your coffee cups. The sign is made of high-quality wood with a unique burnt finish that gives it a nice, rustic look. It features four dual-prong bronze hooks designed to store coffee cups, dish towels, and much more; the hooks are spaced widely to allow you to hang cups of various sizes. This sign will make a conveniently cozy addition to your kitchen.

Also Great

MyGift Wall Mounted Solid Burnt Wood Coffee Mug Holder Rack, Decorative Coffee Bar Sign with 'But First Coffee' and 8 Dual Hooks

This sign features four dual-prong hooks that are designed to store coffee cups of various sizes.

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