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The Best Coil Spring Toys You Can Buy

six multicolored Slinkys in various positions.

The coil spring toy also known as the Slinky was invented decades ago and has become one of the most well-known toys today. Though at first glance it may seem as though it’s nothing more than just a coil of metal, it has sold over 300 million times and has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame—and for good reason. Not only can the toy “walk” on its own, create that distinct noise, or wiggle pleasantly, but it’s been used in a variety of other applications, such as physics classroom demonstrations, a method of squirrel-proofing your bird feeder, mobile radio antennas in the Vietnam War, and a way to replicate the iconic blaster sound effect from Star Wars. Whatever your purpose may be for buying a coil spring toy, we’ve rounded up some of the best we recommend for you.

Purchasing a Coil Spring Toy

Here are some things to consider:

  • Purpose: Determine what your intention is for buying a spring toy. Is it to entertain your children? Or is it a convenient, yet fun novelty toy that you offer as party favors or other gifts? From there, you can choose from a higher-quality, metal toy, or a lesser-quality, but still effective plastic set, the main two options out there.
  • Color: A plain, metal coil spring toy may not be as appealing as other colored spring toys. Multicolored ones, especially those in a gradient, are pleasing to watch when the toy stretches and contracts.

The Original: The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy

girl holding a metal Slinky in front of her.

Generally, not many coil spring toys top the original version. The original Slinky was constructed with metal, which has some benefits compared to its plastic counterparts. The additional weight from its denser material provides greater momentum for higher-quality play. Metal is also stronger than plastic, offering enhanced durability for long-term use as well. This Slinky set includes three metal Slinkys, each 2.75 inches in diameter.

Best Variety Pack: JOHOUSE Rainbow Magic Spring

a multicolored spring toy in an upright position and a stretched position.

This variety pack offers you excellent value for 12 coil spring toys. Each is around 2 inches tall and 1.9 inches wide in diameter. They’re also colored with a rainbow gradient, which is a pleasant color choice to observe when the toy stretches or contracts. If you’re in need of a fun birthday party favor, this is the most practical set you can get.

Best Jumbo Size: SRENTA Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring

a girl holding a large-size, multicolored spring toy to her shoulder height.

This is a jumbo-size spring toy that’s 6 inches in diameter and multicolored. The toy is made of high-quality, durable plastic and is able to “walk” down stairs. It can withstand rough play, even at its enormous size. There is no substantial difference in functionality between this coil spring toy and a typical, smaller one, but you’ll be able to enjoy a bigger iteration of the novelty with this option.

Also Great: JTTPJOO Magic Spring Rainbow Toy

one neon and one glitter coil spring toy side by side.

Here’s another set of lovable coil spring toys. This set comes with two: one neon and one glittery. Both are rainbow-colored and have a diameter and height of 8.5 centimeters, or around 3.35 inches. While these can be great for goodie bag fillers or for a classroom prize, they’re also great for everyday play.

Also Great

JTTPJOO Magic Spring Rainbow Toy - 8.5 cm,2 Pack (Neon & Glitter)

You'll get two bright, rainbow-colored spring toys in neon and glitter styles.

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