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The Best Coin Counters for Sorting Your Loose Change

Loose change rattling around in your purse, wallet, or drawer can be quite an annoyance and make it hard for you to find a specific type of coin when you need one. It’s also possible that you might have more money on hand in those coins that you realize; those nickels and dimes can add up. Buying your own personal coin counter can help on all these counts. While you have the option to take the coins for counting and sorting to a bank, Coinstar, or another counting kiosk, they will charge you a fee or take a percentage of the coins you brought. Banks and kiosks are also not open 24/7 and take time from your day to make the trip out to one. There’s also no guarantee that the bank or kiosk you need will be a reasonable or convenient distance from you to lug your coins to. With a personal coin counter at home, you can count and sort coins in the comfort of your own home, save yourself time, and keep the full value of the coins to yourself.

Picking a Coin Counter for You

Here are a few things to look into when buying a coin counter:

  • Counting Speed: Different coin counters will have different speeds in regards to how fast they can count your change. Most coin counters will measure their rates in coins per minute. The average counter will count roughly 150 to 300 coins per minute, but there are faster options out there if you have a high volume of coins or use your counter quite often.
  • Electronic vs. Manual: Most personal coin counters operate electronically, but there are some manual, handheld options, too. Both have benefits and detriments. Automated electronic coin counters are much faster, but some have a tendency to jam. Manual coin counters won’t jam, but they aren’t as fast and may not come with an automated counter or recorder.
  • Wrapping: If you want to wrap your coins by value after they’re sorted, you’ll want to invest in a coin counter that comes with the wrappers. Some will have slots that make sorting and wrapping easier, too. Not all come with these features, so consider how important wrapping your coins is to you before you buy.

Top Choice: Cassida C200 Coin Sorter

Here’s a personal coin counter that can do it all; count, sort, and roll all your spare change, all in one machine. It will dispense the coins directly into the coin bins or the paper coin wrappers if they’re switched out. It can count 300 coins per minute and is compatible with U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and one-dollar coins. The large upper hopper can hold up to 2,000 coins at once, while the coin bin can hold 900. The machine can be set in three modes: counting, adding, or batching. The batch controls allow you to set the coin batch amounts as needed while the present button means you can automatically set the correct amounts for coin tubes with one quick, easy touch. It comes included with five sets of coin wrappers, while an option with additional wrappers is available for purchase if desired.

Top Choice

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter and Roller & Preformed Coin Wrappers. 100 Assorted Pack (Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter)

A quick and efficient coin counter that can count, add, and batch and is compatible with all current U.S. coins.

Best for Budget: Budgetizer Coin Counters & Coin Sorters Tubes Bundle

If you prefer a manual, handheld coin counter, or are looking for an option that won’t break the bank, this set is an ideal choice. The kit comes with four tubes, color-coded to match the paper rolls for your convenience, and 100 assorted, flat coin wrappers: 25 for pennies, 25 for nickels, 25 for dimes, and 25 for quarters. It’s incredibly simple to use, as all you have to do is insert the appropriate tube in the corresponding wrapper, drop the coins through, invert them, and they are counted and ready for sealing. The coin tubes are compatible with flat and preformed wrappers as well if you prefer to use either of those types. Both the tubes and wrappers are made of top-tier materials, heavy-duty kraft paper for the rolls and sturdy, molded plastic for the tubes, so you’ll get plenty of long-term use from the entire set.

Best for Budget

Coin Storage & Sorter Tubes 4 Color – Coded Coin Counters Tubes and Assorted Coin Wrappers

A cost-efficient, manual coin-counting set that is color-coded for your convenience.

Best for Kids: Ibeliy Digital Coin Bank

It’s never really too early—or too late—to start teaching your children to be responsible with their money, and this digital coin counter is a great way to help them learn while doubling as a piggy bank. Made of solid ABS plastic, the jar is much less breakable than a glass or ceramic one, so you won’t need to worry about your child breaking it and cutting themselves by mistake. The jar has a capacity just shy of 2 liters and can store up to 1,000 coins at a time. It’s also nice and easy for even young children to operate; simply slide a coin at a time through the slot, and the digital counting lid will add the coin’s value to the total amount already inside. The total savings inside are displayed on the lid at all times. The plus and minus buttons on the cover can help you add value if your child ever wants to put paper money inside or take it away if they remove money. The lid will register any current U.S. coins, including half dollars and dollar coins.

Also Consider: Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter

If you’re in the market for an automated personal coin counter but are worried about the risk of one that gets jammed during use, this electric coin sorter has you covered. This device comes with patented anti-jam technology installed to ensure accurate internal counting without any coins becoming stuck or wedged inside. The coin counter has a holding capacity of 300 coins at once and can sort up to 240 coins per minute. There are four coin tubes equipped, one for each common U.S. value (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters), and one button to operate each row for simple, straightforward use. Coin wrappers can be inserted directly into the tubes for a quick transition, and the plastic coin tubes can be removed so you can remove the rolls without ripping or damaging them. Buy the coin sorter alone or with extra wrappers included.

Also Consider

Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter, Patented Technology, 1 Row of Coin Sorting (CO-1000) , Black

An electronic coin counter and sorter equipped with special technology to prevent jamming.

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