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The Best Concrete Molds for Your Next Project

Man putting cement in to a mold to make concrete pavers

Decorating your outdoor space can be a daunting task as you juggle your personal style with the weather, durability, and availability of items. However, you can save some money and add a touch of personalization with your own concrete molds. These reusable pieces allow you to make pathways through gardens and yards while not distracting from the environment’s natural beauty. These molds also allow decorators to use their preferred colors of concrete and design additions to make each piece unique. Here are some fantastic concrete molds that we recommend.

Purchasing a Concrete Mold

Keep these things in mind when searching for a concrete mold:

  • Flexibility: Beginners should ensure that the concrete mold they are selecting is designed for easy removal after setting. Rounded edges or flexible material allow users to peel away the concrete from the mold without any breaking.
  • Time: If you are looking to make a long pathway or cover a large area, consider concrete molds with designs that cover more area than a stepping stone. As stepping stones are usually around 12-inch wide, a pathway concrete mold will reduce the amount of time it takes to cover the entire area. Also, look into quick-drying concrete if the mold doesn’t come with a bag.
  • Customization: Even outdoor decor should reflect your personal style. Consider concrete molds with wide spaces that allow you to add gems or mosaic glass during the drying process. Once dry, the wide canvas could also be painted on to show off your creativity. These reusable molds also allow you to use various concrete colors to mix and match in your outdoor space.

Best for Walkways: VanSmaGo Walk Maker

Construct a beautiful walkway to your door, or create a romantic pathway through your garden with this patterned concrete mold design. Even amateur DIY lovers can utilize this plastic board with their preferred color of concrete to showcase their unique style. The design of the mold is specially crafted to allow users to create straight, curved, and circular shapes, as well as an option to make a rounded corner. Once you’ve completed your pathway, simply wash away the concrete material and store it until you are ready to add another beautiful walkway.

Best for Walkways

Walk Maker, Pathmate Stone Moldings Paving Pavement Concrete Molds Stepping Stone Paver Walk Way Mold for Patio, Lawn & Garden(Big Size:16.9 x 16.9 x 1.6 inch)

Add a touch of whimsy to your yard with this stony patterned concrete mold that is specially shaped to create straight or curved designs.

Best for Plant Pots: Silicone Molds for Concrete Flower Pots

Display the beauty of your plants with these customizable concrete pot molds. The flexible silicone material allows you to easily remove your concrete pot to reveal your perfect square or round design. The mold’s outer wall is supported by plastic frames to help retain the shape and reduce bulging when setting the concrete. These molds allow you to decorate your home or garden with a plethora of concrete colors that fit your style while also giving you the freedom to make as many plant pots as you need.

Best for Plant Pots

Silicone Planter Molds for Concrete Succulent Pots Plaster Candle Vessels DIY, Square and Round Shape, 2 Pack Gray

Create the perfect set of plant pot holders with these reusable molds that come in round, square, oval, or hexagon shapes.

Best for Kids Crafts: Midwest Products Stepping Stone

Create a commemorative piece with your child that will last a lifetime through the art of mosaic glass and concrete. With the letter and number stamps, you can mark a special time in your child’s life to display in your yard. The 7-pound bag of concrete mix helps users avoid the hassle of handling and measuring standard mix. Whether you are looking to capture a special memory or add a beautiful accent to your garden, this set can allow you to create a custom design that highlights your creativity.

Best for Kids Crafts

Midwest Products Co. Milestones Decorative Mosaic Leaf Stepping Stone Kit for Flower Beds, Gardens, and Walkways - 901-11455

Join your child in their creative adventures with this customizable stepping stone that you can decorate with mosaic glass, glass gems, and letter and number stamps.

Best for Stepping Stones: Jennifer’s Mosaics Hexagon Mold

If you are looking to design a custom garden path, look no further than Jennifer’s Mosaics’ mold. The 16-inch size will fit even the largest foot to ensure that you have steady footing wherever you place a stepping stone. Make as many steps as you desire with the help of the 7-degree relief and rounded corners of the mold that allow users to easily release the concrete from the mold to reveal a perfect hexagon. The simple mold also gives you room to explore designs and decorations that can fit your exact aesthetic.

Best for Stepping Stones

Jennifer's Mosaics Hexagon Outdoor Stepping Stone Mold, 16-Inch

Never run out of stepping stones with this reusable hexagon mold that features rounded corners for easy release.

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