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The Best Concrete Saw Blades You Can Buy

two concrete saw blades side by side

For working with concrete material, a concrete saw is one of the most important tools to have in hand. They are an essential tool to have for any of your masonry and home D.I.Y needs. A good saw blade in tandem with your concrete saw will maximize the effectiveness your cutter can provide. Having a good saw blade will ultimately make your cuts more efficient and appear sharper.

What You Should Look For in a Concrete Saw Blade

A good saw blade should be built to last. That’s why its durability is an important consideration to make when choosing a concrete saw blade. A sturdy saw blade is not just an added benefit, but a safety precaution. Broken saw blades rotating at high speeds can cause injury. Saw blades should also be able to perform well under wet and dry conditions. A constant flow of water can help minimize concrete dust, which is hazardous to breathe.

Best Overall: DEWALT Diamond Blade DW4712

metallic silver DeWALT concrete blade

DEWALT is known for its high-quality and longevity in its products. The DEWALT Diamond Blade DW4712 is a 7-inch blade with a continuous rim and will last 200x longer than other abrasives. Its thinner kerf will bring you faster speed, while also keeping dust at a minimum. It can be used with both wet and dry cutting.

Best Overall

DEWALT Diamond Blade for Block and Brick, Dry/Wet Cutting, Continuous Rim, 7-Inch (DW4712) , Black

This diamond blade will cut concrete like a stick of butter. Its a 7-inch blade with a continuous rim for clean cuts.

Best For Extensive Use: DEWALT Diamond Blade DW4725

metallic silver-gold concrete saw blade

You won’t need to buy a replacement blade for a good while if you’re using the DEWALT Diamond Blade DW4725. It’s a 4.5-inch blade with continuous rim, and it will last you 200x longer than typical abrasives. Along with its thinner kerf, you will get a high-speed blade that’s as hard as nails.

Best For Extensive Use

DEWALT Diamond Blade for Masonry, Dry Cutting, Continuous Rim, 7/8-Inch Arbor, 4-1/2-Inch (DW4725)

This is a robust concrete saw blade that'll get the job done. It's a 4.5-inch continuous rim blade, with a 7/8-inch arbor.

Best Value Set: ROK Diamond Saw Blade Set

three blue, silver-edged concrete saw blades in a vertical line
ROK Tools

The ROK Diamond Saw Blade Set comes with three different 4.5-inch blades, which will work with all types of masonry material, wet and dry. It comes with a continuous rim blade, a turbo rim blade, and a segmented rim blade to best suit your needs. Whether you need a sleek, clean finish or an aggressive, rugged finish, this set of three will give you all that you need at an affordable price.

Best Value

ROK 4-1/2 inch Diamond Saw Blade Set, Pack of 3

This concrete saw blade trio is a must-have that will fulfill any of your masonry needs. All three are 4.5-inch with different rims. It has a 7/8-inch arbor with an adapter for 5/8-inch.

Also Consider: GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

deep blue concrete saw blade with a textured gray edge

The GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade is a solid blade for ceramic tile, granite, and other masonry material. It works with both dry and wet cutting, and it has “X” shaped teeth to provide you with a faster cut. You can attach it to a hand-held appliance for more freedom of movement and portability.

Also Consider

GoYonder 4 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles,Granite Marble Ceramics (4"-Blue)

The GoYonder Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade is a reliable blade that you'll want to have. It's 4-inches, and can suit machines with a 7/8-inch or 5/8-inch arbor.


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