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The Best Cookbook Stands

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Musicians and painters know the value of a music stand and easel to securely hold what they're working on. Well, that's what a good cookbook stand does for culinary artists. If you want to keep your cookbooks close and clean while you're cooking, try these stands.

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  Top Choice Best Wire Stand Most Color Options Rustic Look Traditional Design
Bamboo Cookbook Stand
Metal Mahogany Square Wire Cookbook Stand
Metal Adjustable Cookbook Stand
Cutting Board Style Rustic Wood Cookbook Stand
Cast Iron Cookbook Stand
Our SummaryAn elegant, eco-friendly, and adjustable bamboo cookbook stand.This striking handcrafted wire cookbook stand has a modern look and impressive durability.A lightweight, adjustable, and transportable cookbook stand that comes in tons of colors.Add some country to your kitchen with this wooden cutting board-shaped cookbook stand.A cast iron cookbook stand that is as decorative as it is sturdy.
ProsElegant look, lightweight and strong, offers multiple angles, stable construction, deep holder tray, strong page holders.Modern look, single welded spot provides lip depth and height variation, has a handsome mahogany finish.Iron and steel blend for strength and longevity, six positions, rounded corners, collapses for transport.Rustic look, hang for storage or decoration, kickstand, sturdy, supports tablets, makes a great gift.Cast iron, heavyweight powder-coated finish, nonslip mat, cleans up easily, lattice design.
ConsSmaller than some expected.Not the most stable.Won't fit super thick books.Not as stable as others.Heavy.
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The Best Cookbook Stands

A woman opens a cookbook and places it on a cookbook stand.
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Buying Guide for the Best Cookbook Stands

A cookbook open to a recipe on a wooden cookbook stand in a kitchen.

Why buy a cookbook stand?

Whether you’re a novice, expert, or a rare dabbler in the kitchen, you may find a cookbook stand a valuable addition to your cooking process. As you know, some recipes require multitasking. You may need to bend down to reach the oven and stretch to push buttons on the stove or microwave, all while keeping watch on a heating pan so that you don’t burn something. How in the world do you follow a recipe from a book, screen, or printout as you juggle so many tasks at once? Depending on your recipe, you may be exposed to hot pans or boiling liquids. You definitely don’t want to have to bend down to read a cookbook you spread out on the counter and burn yourself. A cookbook stand can help reduce stress and accidents and reduce spills and splatters on your book.

What should you look for in a cookbook stand?

  • Materials: You’ll find cookbook stands made of wood, bamboo, metal, or acrylic. Each has its qualities both in terms of performance and looks. If you made a row of cookbook stands, each representing one of those materials, you’d probably struggle to find a difference in terms of sturdiness or durability. However, there are differences stylistically. Would a bamboo or metal cookbook stand look best in your kitchen?
  • Design: You want to look for cookbook stands that have a strong, secure base, like a kickstand that can withstand the weight of a heavy cookbook or electronic device and not fall over. Another design feature to look for is angle adjustability. These stands have several varied-height back notches. Simply move and fasten the back stand to your liking. Some cookbook stands are very lightweight, compact, and foldable for easy transport.
  • Size: Size is one of the most important elements to consider when you’re looking for your ideal cookbook stand. Check the cookbooks you use most and measure them before you select a stand. Consider whether you’ll be using a laptop or tablet, and consult the dimensions in the product description for each of the cookbook stands you’re considering.

How should you clean your cookbook stand?

Cleaning your cookbook stand is a must. The approach differs depending on its material. The easiest ones to clean are metal and acrylic cookbook stands. Wood can be tricky if you neglect it by leaving it to dry instead of using a clean towel. Wiping your cookbook stand down is just a good thing to add to your kitchen clean-up routine.

Our Picks for the Best Cookbook Stands

Top Choice

wishacc Bamboo Cookbook Stand

An elegant, eco-friendly adjustable bamboo cookbook stand.

Pros: This handsome, high-quality bamboo cookbook stand was thoughtfully designed to simplify the cooking and baking process. It’s multi-angled to accommodate the tricky positions you find yourself in as you multitask. As you reach across a hot stove for a measuring spoon and herbs, you can follow your recipe without worrying you’ll knock it over. The spring-hinged holder tray offers plenty of space to hold large cookbooks, and the strong page holders ensure the pages won’t flip on you.

Cons: You may discover that the cookbook stand is smaller than you’d expect.

Bottom Line: This bamboo cookbook stand can help keep you on track as you follow a recipe. It looks nice, stays stable, and can be used as an easel, reading stand, and a laptop or tablet stand, too.


Best Wire Stand

TRIPAR Metal Mahogany Square Wire Cookbook Stand

This striking handcrafted wire cookbook stand has a modern look and impressive durability.

Pros: Handcrafted for true strength and beauty, this metal cookbook stand with a mahogany finish could add a modern touch to your kitchen. It’s a single metal wire bent to make a sturdy, square-shaped stand that’s an ideal size for cookbooks between 7 to 14 inches. It’s welded together in one spot to create variation between lip depth and height.

Cons: It can tip over, and it leans back rather far.

Bottom Line: You might say that this heavy-duty metal cookbook stand is the platform that could take your cooking experience to a new, more successful level. Not into cooking? Use this handcrafted metal stand to display artwork or framed photos instead.


Most Color Options

MSDADA Metal Adjustable Cookbook Stand

A lightweight, adjustable, and transportable cookbook stand that comes in tons of colors.

Pros: This intriguing cookbook stand features six adjustable reading positions. There are six horizontal slats cut straight through the stand that look like air vents and a metal, wire-hinged latch at the back to move to the angle as you wish. This design makes the cookbook stand quite an eye-catching piece and an ergonomic choice. It’s made of a high-grade iron and steel blend that’s polished and painted. The corners are rounded to prevent scratches or scrapes.

Cons: It’s not quite sturdy or big enough for large and heavy books.

Bottom Line: This cookbook stand is a unique option with so many different color choices and six adjustable positions.


Rustic Look

MyGift Cookbook Stand

Add some country to your kitchen with this wooden cutting board-shaped cookbook stand.

Pros: This simple and lovely wooden cookbook holder is shaped just like a cutting board. It features a kickstand at the back that folds out to support itself and a deep lip for thick cookbooks. It’s durable and will stand steady in place, holding your cookbook for as long as you need it to. There’s also a twine rope looped through the top of the handle for hanging it for easy storage and decoration. Of course, it supports other implements like iPads and other reading materials that interest you. It makes a great housewarming gift!

Cons: Several customers found the wooden structure unstable.
Bottom Line: This rustic-style wooden cookbook stand belongs to the kitchen atmosphere so perfectly that it’s surprising it isn’t a functional cutting board. Use it while you cook and hang it up when you’re done.

Traditional Design

JOGREFUL Cast Iron Cookbook Stand

A cast-iron cookbook stand that is as decorative as it is sturdy.

Pros: This bright-colored metal cookbook holder is designed with a pretty lattice pattern. Made of cast iron and covered with a heavy-weight powder-coated steel finish, this cookbook holder is smooth to the touch. The nonslip mat makes it gentle on surfaces as well. It’s easy to clean with water and a dishcloth. Use it in the kitchen as you follow a recipe from a magazine, cookbook, or electronic tablet. In between cooking sessions, you can use the vintage stand to display a picture book or artwork.

Cons: This cast iron cookbook stand weighs 4.5 pounds. If you’re looking for a lightweight stand,  you may want to consider a different product.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an ornate and useful kitchen fixture to simplify the often-hectic cooking experience, this could be the product for you. Your family members may even be encouraged to help you out or learn to make their favorite recipes.

Final Thoughts

These cookbook stands can offer you convenience and decorative appeal in your kitchen. If you’re tired of bending over your cookbook or spilling on the pages, these stands will make your cooking routine much neater and easier.

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