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The Best Cordless Mouse For Your Laptop

hand moving a wireless ergonomically designed laptop mouse

Even though laptops nowadays come with touchpads, plenty of people prefer using a computer mouse. Touchpads can have a bit of a learning curve for those not used to them. Some prefer the range offered by a cordless laptop mouse, the ability to rest their laptop on one surface, and their mouse on another.

What Should You Consider in a Cordless Laptop Mouse?

Different computer mouse brands have different distances at which the mouse is effective and different battery life spans. Some are more efficient in either or both categories than others. Ergonomic computer mice are designed to require less grip strength and can alleviate wrist, arm, or hand pain, which make them ideal for people with certain disabilities or who are prone to injuries like carpal tunnel. And, of course, computer laptop mice can come in a range of colors and designs if you’re looking for something fun or that expresses your personality.

Most Ergonomic Design: Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse

black wireless laptop mouse with an ergonomic design and a large blue scrolling ball

This laptop mouse’s sculpted shape was designed with your hand and wrist comfort in mind. The trackball is located under your thumb to avoid straining your hand or fingers. The wireless receiver plugs directly into the laptop and stays put, thanks to the Logitech Unifying receiver in the trackball. Control is equally precise on a soft couch cushion as a hard desk surface, and the batteries can last up to 18 months.

Best Color Options: Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

sleek black wireless laptop mouse with gold accents
Jelly Comb

This laptop mouse is every bit as sleek and smooth as it appears. Available in twenty-one different colors, some solid and some multi-colored, there’s a Jelly Comb wireless mouse that will suit everyone’s style. In addition to its smooth, frosted surface, this mouse is so quiet you’ll almost forget it’s there. The connection is reliable for up to 49 feet away, and the mouse will automatically go to sleep after eight minutes to save battery life.

Best For Young Kids: elec Space Mini Small Wireless Mouse

hand holding up a pink-purple wireless laptop mouse with black and white accents
elec Space

This laptop mouse is near pocket-sized, under two ounces heavy and less than four inches long and not quite two inches wide, ideal for child-sized hands. The quick 2.4G wireless transmission offers enough speed to keep up with your child’s needs, whether they’re working on homework, playing a game, or browsing the web. The mouse’s top cover opens from the back to make changing the battery a simple and fast task.

Most Unique Design: Usbkingdom 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

pink car-shaped wireless laptop mouse

If you want a mouse that is fun and unique but still efficient, you’re in the right place. Available in six different colors and a seven-color breathing LED headlight, this sports car shaped laptop mouse is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just over two ounces. A quick tap on the top cover opens for easy access to the USB receiver and battery slot. The 2.4GHz wireless transmission and automatic power-saving sleep function mean that this mouse is as energy efficient as it is eye-catching.

Most Unique Design

Also Consider: Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

black wireless laptop mouse with an ergonomic design and a gray scrolling ball

Comfort and multi-purpose effortlessly blend together in this ergonomically designed laptop mouse. You can connect this mouse to up to three Windows or Mac computers at once, and the Logitech flow gives you the ability to effortlessly copy-past text and other similar functions between two different screens. The precision scroll-wheel and adjustable hinge make scrolling even easier, and the rechargeable battery can last up to 70 days on a single charge.

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