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The Best Cordless Pressure Washers for Your Cleaning Needs

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Simpson Cleaning

Cordless pressure washers are great tools that can restore dirty, grime-covered surfaces to their former glory, even if there isn’t an electrical outlet nearby. There is a cordless pressure washer for just about any job, from light cleaning to heavy-duty grime removal. We compiled this guide of some of the best cordless pressure washers on Amazon to help you find the perfect option for you.

What to Look for in a Cordless Pressure Washer

There are plenty of things to consider when you are shopping for a great cordless pressure washer. If you plan to use it in a wide variety of locations, a smaller, portable model is likely right for you. If you need a pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, a gas-powered pressure washer is likely your best option, as they are much more powerful than battery-operated alternatives. Finally, you should pay close attention to the amount of water pressure (measured in pounds per square inch or psi) specific models can apply to ensure that model will be suitable for your needs.

Top Choice: mrliance Pressure Washer

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The mrliance Cordless Pressure Washer is mighty for a battery-operated device, sporting an impressive motor and a maximum water pressure of 960 PSI. It comes with four quick-connect spray tips and a soap spray attachment ideal for tackling light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. This cordless pressure washer also features a system that shuts the pump off when the safety lock is pressed to help protect you and your investment.

Best for Heavy-Duty Jobs: Simpson Cleaning Gas Pressure Washer

black cordless pressure washer with wheels and a pulling handle
Simpson Cleaning

The Simpson Cleaning Gas Pressure Washer features durable steel construction and water pressure levels of up to 3,100 psi, making it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It comes with a 25-foot pressure hose that is both flexible and durable, as well as five quick-connect nozzles, including a soap attachment. For cleaning years-old grime off fences, decking, and other surfaces, the Simpson Cleaning Gas Pressure Washer is an amazing choice.

Best for Heavy-Duty Jobs

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 2.4 GPM, Kohler RH265 Engine, Includes Spray Gun and Extension Wand, 5 QC Nozzle Tips, 1/4-in. x 25-ft. MorFlex Hose

This pressure washer sports a durable steel construction and an impressive max water pressure of 3,100 psi, making it ideal for heavy-duty pressure cleaning jobs.

Best for Light Jobs: VARSK Cordless Pressure Washer

dark gray and black cordless pressure washer surrounded by spalshes of water

The VARSK Cordless Pressure Washer is perfect for light pressure washing jobs and those who like to pressure wash regularly to avoid grime buildup. Its max 380-psi working pressure is ideal for washing vehicles, patio furniture, and various other items. It is also very light, making the process of pressure washing less strenuous than with similar, heavier models. For a highly portable cordless pressure washer that works with any water source, look no further than the VARSK Cordless Pressure Washer.

Best for Light Jobs

Also Consider: WORX Hydroshot Cordless Portable Power Cleaner

dark gray and orange pressure washer next to multiple accessories

The WORX Hydroshot sports 320 psi of pressure washing power and a lightweight, portable design perfect for taking on the road. It can be used with any freshwater source, such as lakes, pools, or buckets of water. Featuring up to five times more water pressure than a garden hose with a nozzle, the WORX Hydroshot is a great option for completing light cleaning tasks on a budget.

Also Consider

WORX WG625 20V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

This pressure washer can draw clean water from any source and sports a lightweight design that reduces user fatigue.

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