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The Best Core Exercise Equipment

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🕚 Updated December 2022

The full-body stability that comes from a strong core is crucial for those who are serious about fitness. While your abs can be trained using simple bodyweight exercises, these great home workout equipment options can get you results more efficiently.

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  Top Pick Best Ab Roller Most Fun Workout Best For Beginners Most Intense Best Sliders
Fitness Ab Machine
Ab Rollers Wheel Kit
Abs + Plank Core Trainer
Core Max
Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym
Hanging Ab Straps for Pull Up Bar
Elite Sportz
Core Sliders
Our SummaryTarget more of your abdominal muscles with this machine that’s easy to use.This sturdy ab roller can take the pressure of a tough core workout.Have fun with your fitness with this platform that adds variety and games to your workout.Work your core with this equipment that features dual-action resistance and progressive levels.Raise the bar on your core workouts with these ab straps.Easy to use on any floor and easy to take with you for travel, these sliders let you get a core workout just about anywhere.
Pros✓ Quick to fold for easy storage
✓ Curved track and separate knee pads add intensity
✓ High-quality steel and durable knee pads
✓ Supports 400 pounds
✓ 3.2-inch width with non-slip grip for a stable roll
✓ Non-slip foam on handles
✓ Includes knee pads, resistance bands, and push-up bars
✓ Stainless steel wheel supports 600 pounds
✓ Platform sits on 360-degree swivel ball
✓ Arm and elbow pads add comfort
✓ Phone holder
✓ Stealth app features games to add fun element to core and plank workouts
✓ Supports 300 pounds
✓ No assembly required
✓ Easily folds away
✓ Dual-action assistance or resistance
✓ Three levels of resistance
✓ Workout guide and program downloads
✓ Heavy-duty nylon and steel
✓ Wide, padded slings for arm comfort during active hang
✓ Adds intense variety to core workouts and recruits other muscles
✓ Easy to take with you while traveling
✓ Use on nearly any floor surface
✓ Low-impact way to intensify workouts
✓ Supports 330 pounds
Cons✗ Those who have knee pain may need to purchase extra knee pads to use comfortably✗ Push-up bars don't feel as high-quality as other pieces in kit✗ App only includes four free videos; others cost money
✗ Can cause harm for those with shoulder injuries
✗ Only supports 220 pounds✗ Requires a pull-up bar for a home gym setup✗ 7-inch diameter may feel small for some people's hands and feet
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The Best Core Exercise Equipment

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We made this guide to showcase the best home workout equipment for your core to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Buying Guide for Core Exercise Equipment

Two men and one woman using different core exercise equipment.
DMoose/Core Max/EnterSports

Why should you buy core workout equipment?

Even though there are plenty of exercises to work your core muscles without equipment, adding a few pieces can increase your workout variety, keeping boredom at bay. Some core equipment can help target muscles that may be harder to engage as well. And the benefits of a strong core, including less back pain, better balance, improved athletic performance, and the desirable six-pack abs, are made more attainable with the help of core workout equipment.

What should you consider when purchasing core exercise equipment?

  • Fitness Level: Before selecting a product, take an honest assessment of where you currently are in your fitness journey. Beginners can greatly benefit from workout equipment that offers a stable, safe way to train muscles that are not used to being activated. On the other hand, more experienced fitness enthusiasts may want to provide their own stability as this will allow them to more fully activate their core muscles for an intense, effective workout.
  • Durability: When you invest in fitness equipment, you expect it to last a long time. Finding a durably constructed product that can handle your body weight is a great way to ensure you can get many years of use out of your investment. Spending more doesn’t always guarantee durability, so be sure to check out reviews and consider the materials a product is made from before you buy.
  • Fitness Goals: Your overall fitness goals will also be a key factor. If you are trying to get shredded abs, seek out a product that can isolate the upper, middle, and bottom abdominal muscles, such as an ab roller or straps. If you are in search of a way to improve your core strength, finding a product that allows you to activate the most core muscles will pay dividends for your lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen.

Can you do core exercises every day?

While there is plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to core exercises, you should still give your core muscles a rest at least a couple of days a week. Your core is actually engaged and therefore getting stronger just by having good posture, so while it’s a good idea to lay off targeted ab exercises a couple of days a week, you can contribute to overall core strength seven days a week with proper posture.

Our Picks for the Best Core Exercise Equipment

Top Pick

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine

Target more of your abdominal muscles with this machine that's easy to use.

Pros: With this easy-to-fold core machine, you might find yourself doing a morning workout and one in the evening as well. The machine is easy to set up and easy to fold away, no matter how often you use it. The curved track adds an element of difficulty that focuses on abdominal muscles while still recruiting other stabilizer muscles in your arms, back, and legs. Using both legs together or one at a time also allows for better workout variety. This machine is made of high-quality steel, making it sturdy during use, even when using it frequently. The knee pads are made of durable padding in addition to the handles featuring durable foam padding for comfort. The high-quality materials allow the weight limit on this equipment to be over 400 pounds.

Cons: Those with sensitive knees or knee problems may have to purchase knee pads to be able to use this machine painlessly and effectively.

Bottom Line: This foldable ab machine is an effective way to target core muscles in a different way than what you can do lying on your back. Without having to install anything on a door frame or ceiling, you can recruit several layers of abdominal muscles in addition to working other muscles for stabilization. While this design is an effective way to add variety to your workouts, those with knee problems or pain may have a hard time using the machine comfortably and may have to purchase additional knee pads for protection.


Best Ab Roller

EnterSports Ab Rollers Wheel Kit

This sturdy ab roller can take the pressure of a tough core workout.

Pros: Made of high-quality stainless steel, this ab roller is made to hold up to the pressure of your intense workout. The roller is 3.2 inches with a non-slip design which helps it stay steady, allowing you to get the core workout you want without excessive wobbling. The handles are covered with foam padding for extra comfort. This kit also comes with two resistance bands, two knee pads, two push-up bar handles, and one exercise guide. This strong ab roller can support up to 600 pounds.

Cons: The push-up bars don’t feel as high-quality as the ab wheel.

Bottom Line: This ab roller kit comes with essentials that make core workouts easy to do at home. As a beginner, a lower range of motion works with this ab wheel, and as you become stronger, you can even use the resistance bands to make it harder. This kit is made with durable materials so you can feel confident while using it to get stronger.


Most Fun Workout

Stealth Abs + Plank Core Trainer

Have fun with your fitness with this core workout that adds variety and games to your workout.

Pros: Planks are a hard-core workout, but they can be kind of boring. Take your planking up a notch with this platform that is mounted on a ball that can swivel 360 degrees to work your core muscles at any angle. The platform includes pads for better comfort for your arms and a phone holder. By downloading the Stealth app, you can play games or watch videos while in a plank on the platform. The platform can support up to 300 pounds.

Cons: This platform can add extra pressure on the shoulders, which may make this equipment harder for anyone with shoulder issues to use.

Bottom Line: This planking platform is a challenging way to add variety to your core workouts. The accompanying app includes four free videos that help make the planking experience fun, and if you want to pay extra, there are more videos to choose from. Those with previous shoulder injuries or nagging shoulder pain may find that this piece of workout equipment might not be the right option for them.


Best for Beginners

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Work your core with this equipment that features dual-action resistance and progressive levels.

Pros: This piece of equipment is compact, and you can get to use it right away since it requires no assembly. While this is great for beginners, it also has three levels of resistance, so you can continue to get stronger. The Core Max features dual-action resistance, which provides resistance and support in both directions. Included in this purchase are an exercise guide and digital workout downloads, so you can feel confident in your journey to a stronger core.

Cons: This is recommended for people who weigh less than 220 pounds.

Bottom Line: One of the biggest hurdles for those who are just beginning their fitness journeys is getting a full range of motion on sit-ups. This core machine provides assistance for a complete range of motion for a better workout. Adversely, it can also add resistance for other exercises that can target your core as well. Whether you want assistance or resistance, it has three levels, so as your fitness progresses, so can your workouts. Complete with a guide and available downloads, beginners can feel like they have a solid plan to follow. Unfortunately, this machine only supports 220 pounds.


Most Intense

DMoose Hanging Ab Straps for Pull Up Bar

Raise the bar on your core workouts with these ab straps.

Pros: If you have a pull-up bar, consider adding these ab straps to intensify your core workouts. Made of nylon and alloy steel, a steel carabiner fastens to durable, double-stitched nylon straps, confidently supporting 400 pounds. In addition to working your core, these straps also work upper back muscles and other supporting groups for an increase in overall strength. Thick arm padding makes it comfortable on your arms while you actively hang and rep out. These straps are available in six colors to add extra personality to your setup.

Cons: You must have a pull-up bar to be able to use these straps.

Bottom Line: Once you have a reliable pull-up bar installed, adding these to your routine is a great way to give your core extra attention. The high-quality materials are durable and support 400 pounds. While these are an easy addition to a home gym setup, they are geared toward more advanced users than other options.


Best Sliders

Elite Sportz Core Sliders

Easy to use on any floor and easy to take with you for travel, these sliders let you get a core workout just about anywhere.

Pros: These sliders are a great way to target your core with a low-impact workout. The dual-sided disc design allows you to glide on most surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and the gym floor. These portable sliders are not only easy to take with you anywhere but they can be used for several types of exercises, allowing you to take any movement up a notch. It’s recommended that the weight capacity not exceed 330 pounds. These sliders are available in three color options.

Cons: Some people may find these can be a bit small for their hands or feet.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a simple way to add extra intensity to your core workouts (and other exercises), these sliders are an easy and affordable option. The dual-sides let you use these on several surfaces effectively, so you’ll have a hard time coming up with an excuse to skip a core workout.

Final Thoughts

You can work your core while doing other movements and workouts, but if you want to add some specific ab exercises, give one or more of these products a try. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can find a way to give your core more attention.

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