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The Best Corner Shelves

🕚 Updated November 2021

When you're running out of storage space in your home, decorations, dishes, clothing, sports equipment, and family memories can start to create a mountain of clutter. Avoid the mess with the help of corner shelves.

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  Best Freestanding Most Versatile Most Unique Best Floating Best Countertop
Turn-N-Tube Corner Display Rack
Corner Wall Shelf
Corner Shelf
Floating Corner Shelves
3-Tier Corner Shelf
Our SummaryA quick and easy construction process makes this corner shelf a great decor option.The unique design allows you to create a custom shelving unit with ease.Show off your style with the five shelves and vibrant color options of this shelf.Create shelving space around your whole home with this pack of different sized corner shelves.Create a beautiful display without drilling holes in the wall with this stylish shelf option.
ProsLightweight, easy to assemble, no mounting required.Versatile, features natural wood grain, floating look.Neutral and bold color options, tall shelf height.Three different sizes, can be placed separately, anchors are included.Unique look, adjustable angles, rubber feet for stability.
ConsTilts easily, PVC legs don't look high-end.Limiting height, wood can break during installation.Needs extra support for stability, flimsy hardware.Not real grain, can't hold heavy items.Not height-adjustable, best for light items.
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The Best Corner Shelves

Three different shelving units in corners of rooms.

Corners are largely underutilized, yet the standard home comes with plenty. Take advantage of those forgotten spaces by using corner shelves. Reclaim the wasted vertical space in your home. Whether you need more shelving for your cookbook collection or craft supplies, a spot to keep your houseplants, or a better way to display framed photos, corner shelves are a great option to keep your items both accessible and out of the way.

Buying Guide for Corner Shelves

A set of two white corner shelves with documents and decor on them.
Brett Taylor Photography/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy corner shelves?

Added storage or display space is rarely a bad thing, and corner shelves give you that functionality. On top of creating a whole new area to place your beloved photos and books, corner shelves can reduce the clutter of furniture that a standard shelf might add to your wall space. These shelves also allow you to showcase more of your decor style, with different wooden finishes, shapes, and colors available.

What should you consider when purchasing corner shelves?

  • Height: The standard freestanding shelving unit ranges around 5 feet tall. However, corner shelves have a little more flexibility. Mounted products that feature solid construction will require more wall support, while a freestanding option is less labor-intensive. Mounted shelves allow you to adjust the height to your preference.
  • Weight Capacity: For those looking to display heavy items, such as a stack of books or vases, wall-mounted options will be less likely to support the weight. A freestanding corner shelf can provide more stability and support. However, light display items, such as candles, photo frames, or desk supplies are more compatible with the strength of a mounted shelf.
  • Materials: Almost every corner shelf will be made of lightweight or composite wood (especially if it’s a mounted model). Added stability can be achieved with the use of metal poles or heavy-duty anchors. The composite wood’s lightweight construction is beneficial for the price but doesn’t always create a high-end look.

Are corner shelves sturdy enough to hold your heavy items?

The shelf’s weight capacity depends on whether the product is mounted or freestanding. Mounted shelves will require more support, including support anchors that might have to be drilled into a stud. Shelves that are simply nailed into the wall might not safely support a stack of books or large display items. Freestanding corner shelves have support from each point of the triangle-shaped shelves. This support allows it to often have a higher weight capacity compared to the mountable options.

Our Picks for the Best Corner Shelves

Best Freestanding

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Display Rack

A quick and easy construction process make this corner shelf unit a great decor option.

Pros: Clunky shelves don’t have to take over your space, and this corner shelf can help you avoid clutter. Each side of the shelf is around 11.5 inches long and holds 15 pounds, giving you plenty of room to store books, decor, candles, and more. Construction of this item requires no tools and takes only minutes to assemble. It’s made of engineered wood and PVC tubes, making it ultra-lightweight and easy to move around your living space. Plus, with five tiers, it will fit a good amount of items you want to display or store.

Cons: The PVC tubes are also decorated in a dark walnut color, but the material might look unappealing to some. The lightweight design makes this shelf easy to tip, so it won’t be ideal for those with kids or pets.

Bottom Line: This shelf is suitable for people looking for something quick and easy to set up and use. The lightweight build is helpful for decorators that like to move furniture often but won’t work as well for busy households.


Most Versatile

Miratino Corner Wall Shelf

The unique design allows you to create a custom shelving unit with ease.

Pros: If you’re looking for a shelf design that has a modern touch, this customizable corner shelf might be the solution. You get three L-shaped shelves that give you the freedom to stack them above or beside each other. The hidden screws create a floating shelf appearance that is sleek and decorative. It’s made from 100% solid wood, which allows the shelves to hold up to 20 pounds. While they can be placed almost anywhere on your wall, the staggered look in the corner lets you display items over 7.8 inches in height.

Cons: The height of these shelves are limiting if you stack them above each other, which is not ideal for those looking to store tall books. You’ll want to be careful when installing the screws, as the wood can sometimes split.

Bottom Line: The unique design of these shelves make them adaptable to your style, while their slim look allows you to get creative with display items. They won’t hold super heavy items, but their versatile construction still gives you plenty of room to explore the design and function.


Most Unique

Greenco Corner Shelf

Show off your style with the five shelves and vibrant color options of this shelf.

Pros: Those with more eccentric decor styles can appreciate the semi-circle design of this mounted shelf. The side panels reduce the weight of the structure without sacrificing space. The shelves give you around 11 inches of space to place your photo frames, plants, books, and more. It’s available in eight different colors, ranging from natural wood tones to rustic turquoise. With five shelves available for your decor, this shelf gives an excellent opportunity to take advantage of your corner.

Cons: This shelf does require mounting and is best supported when attached to a stud or supported by wall anchors. The hardware isn’t the most reliable, which might also affect the stability of this shelf.

Bottom Line: With this option, you can get the floating shelf look with more shelving space. Almost anyone can enjoy this shelf with its budget-friendly price and multiple colors.


Best Floating

HORLIMER Floating Corner Shelves

Create shelving space around your whole home with this pack of different sized corner shelves.

Pros: This set of six wooden shelves gives you ultimate control of the height and spacing of your corner shelves. Each one can be placed independently, allowing you to create a stacked look or spread them throughout your home. There are three shelf sizes in the pack: 25, 27, and 29 centimeters. They come with support anchors that make them easy to install. For those with environmental concerns, these shelves are made from recycled materials.

Cons: Since these are made from a wood composite, the wood grain is not natural and might not be aesthetically pleasing to those searching for a more high-end look. The floating aspect of these shelves also means that they can’t support heavy items.

Bottom Line: The adjustability of these shelves make them great for those focused on aesthetics. However, they might not be worth the money if you prioritize function.


Best Countertop

Ollieroo 3-Tier Corner Shelf

Create a beautiful display without drilling holes in the wall with this stylish shelf option.

Pros: If you’re a cook or crafter, this countertop corner shelf can help you maintain your supplies and keep them accessible as you work. The shelves are anchored at a center pole, allowing you to adjust the angle of each shelf to fit the area. If you need to hang items, the second shelf features four hooks for convenient storage. Constructed out of natural bamboo and stainless steel, this shelf can adapt to most home decor aesthetics. It reaches up to 15 inches, giving you plenty of wiggle room to store items of different heights and shapes.

Cons: Unlike the other shelves, this option doesn’t feature an adjustable height. Additionally, this shelf isn’t meant for heavy items, so it works best for storing supply items, such as spices, plates, or craft supplies.

Bottom Line: You can upgrade your kitchen or desk space with this tall shelving unit. The staggered shelves and solid support poles allow you to organize your items in a way that meets your needs. It’s not great for heavy items but can support most small items.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, corner shelves have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. Not only do they give you added storage, but they help you utilize your corner and avoid the bulk of a traditional shelf. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a mounted corner shelf or like the sturdiness of a freestanding unit, corner shelves offer you the opportunity to display and store your favorite items while reducing the clutter in your home.

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