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The Best Countdown Timers

🕚 Updated February 2023

Our daily lives are packed with tasks that require accurate and precise timing, like cooking, cleaning, working out, taking tests, and workouts. Take charge of your schedule and time with one of our select countdown timers. 

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  Best Overall Best for Kids Best with Outlet Best Set Best with Remote
Digital Timer for Kitchen & Classroom
Visual Timer for Kids with Audio Alarm
Indoor Countdown Timer
Six-Pack Small Digital Kitchen Timer
LED Interval Timer
Our SummaryAn easy-to-read digital timer for every age and activity.A stoplight-inspired timer that shifts from green to yellow, then red as time elapses.This plug-in timer with an outlet gives you the opportunity to control when and for how long appliances will activate.A great deal pack with multiple colorful timers around your home.A wall-mountable bright red LED fitness countdown timer that's customizable for almost any workout.
Pros✓ Popular timer
✓ Easy-to-read digital screen
✓ Big buttons
✓ Magnet and kickstand
✓ Multiple adjustable settings
✓ Colorful stoplight design
✓ LCD screen
✓ Easy to operate
✓ Six volume levels
✓ Plug-in timer
✓ Built-in outlet
✓ Accommodates most home appliances
✓ Save energy
✓ Six countdown times
✓ Repeat setting for daily use
✓ Inexpensive
✓ High-quality
✓ Bright display
✓ Power-saving modes
✓ Color Variety
✓ Wall-mountable
✓ Visible from any angle
✓ Customizable intervals
✓ Red LED display
Cons✗ Max duration shy of two hours
✗ No adjusting within Loud volume setting
✗ Doesn't keep track of seconds
✗ No memory
✗ Unclear if time duration of each color is adjustable
✗ Only one plug-in
✗ One device at a time
✗ Not ideal for corner room outlets
✗ Flimsy
✗ Hard to read
✗ Magnets are not strong
✗ Learning curve
✗ Quality issues
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The Best Countdown Timers

A black and white countdown timer.

Buying Guide for Countdown Timers

Boy writing next to countdown timer.
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Why buy a countdown timer?

If you lead a busy life, you understand how crucial it is to manage your time properly. Distraction can become a significant issue, hamper your productivity and set you behind. Countdown timers may be a great solution if you better manage your daily schedule at home and work, keeping you on task without missing a beat. Countdown timers are designed explicitly for workouts, cooking, and classroom test-taking. If you need a way to plan for a big event a bit far off, there are countdown timers you can set up to 999 days.  

What should you look for in countdown timers?

  • LED and LCD Displays: Bright digital displays will come in varying sizes according to your preference. They make reading the time from farther away much easier, which is why you’ll usually find countdown timers in large conference rooms. Digital displays also give your timer a more professional appearance. If you plan to leave your timer in low-light areas, an LED screen will help enhance visibility so you can see the numbers at all hours.
  • Sounds and Alerts: You want to hear the timer even if you’re in a different room. The digital display should also reflect when time runs out. For homes with multiple people, selecting a timer with an adjustable volume is best to avoid adding noise to busy households.
  • Multifunctional Features: Some premium timers allow you to do much more than watch your day fly by. They offer different countdown modes, and you can adjust the display’s brightness. Some even come with a remote to adjust the timing from anywhere in the room.

Is it better to buy a timer with an LED display?

It all comes down to how you plan on using your countdown timers. How aware do you need to be of the time when you’re completing an important task? The LED display will allow you to stay locked in while limiting distractions. It helps you remain motivated while focusing on the task at hand. LEDs also use less energy than incandescent lighting.

Our Picks for the Best Countdown Timers

Best Overall

Antonki Digital Timer for Kitchen & Classroom

An easy-to-read digital timer for every age and activity.

Pros: This popular timer has a large, easy-to-read digital screen, big buttons, and an all-around accessible construction and design. Stick it to the fridge with the magnet back or position it on a desk or counter with the kickstand. Choose between Loud/Silent, On/Off, and count upward and down modes to meet your needs. The Loud setting helps if you’re multitasking around the house. You may be a writer who works according to time or a teacher of students with sensory sensitivities. If so, choose the Silent mode. When time’s up, a red light will flash. There’s also a Memory setting and Fast Forward function and clear instructions on how to set them up.

Cons: Its maximum timer range is 99 minutes and 59 seconds, just under two hours. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for a timer to set for longer. Unfortunately, according to buyers, there’s no way to adjust the volume within the Loud setting, as it’s very loud.

Bottom Line: You have very little to lose if you invest in this two-pack timer set and lots to gain. It also comes with AAA batteries, enough for both timers, and eight colors to choose from to make learning time management fun.


Best for Kids

Kadams Visual Timer for Kids with Audio Alarm

A stoplight-inspired timer that shifts from green to yellow, then red as time elapses.

Pros: The Kadams stoplight alarm uses color and sound to teach kids time management. Let’s say they have playtime for 20 minutes. Set the time on a column-shaped timer using the buttons and LCD screen. As time passes, the illuminated green alarm turns yellow, then red when time is up, inadvertently preparing kids for the real world. Adjust the alarm between six levels of volume or turn the sound off.

Cons: The Kadams timer doesn’t keep track of seconds and has no memory setting. It must be clarified if users can change the duration for any colors.

Bottom Line: Of course, adults can use this amusing countdown timer, too. The Kadams timer may alleviate some of the stress you feel when meeting a deadline using the Pomodoro Technique, for example.


Best with Outlet

BN-LINK Indoor Countdown Timer

This plug-in timer with an outlet allows you to control when and for how long appliances will activate.

Pros: We got excited about this appliance timer as a sensible solution to saving energy used to power electronic appliances. The BN-LINK countdown timer plugs into standard three-prong outlets with a 15-amp, 125-volt outlet, and a third prong for grounding. It can handle a load of 1875 watts (about 15 amps at 120 volts), typical of most household appliances like slow cookers and coffee makers. You have six countdown times to choose from (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours) plus a Repeat button that will program the appliance to turn on at the same time daily that you first set the time for.

Cons: The BN-Link services only one appliance at a time, so you’ll need to buy additional timers if you want to add devices. If your outlet happens to be next to a wall, it won’t be easy to use the BN-LINK as its outlet is left-facing.

Bottom Line: With up to six countdown times, you’re set for any task. And if you always forget to turn off an appliance, the BN-LINK has you covered.


Best Set

LinkDm Six-Pack Small Digital Kitchen Timer

A great deal pack with multiple colorful timers around your home.

Pros: This value set saves money without compromising overall quality and performance. The LinkDM timers have a bright display and an alarm that you can hear clearly but aren’t too loud. There are also feature power-saving modes and large hour numbers to create easy-to-read displays. You also get two white, two blue, and two orange timers. 

Cons: They can be flimsy and hard to read over time. Also, the magnets are not very strong.

Bottom Line: These magnetic timers are viable no matter how you decide to use them, and the entire set is incredibly affordable. They will undoubtedly come in handy for different professional purposes, and you can place them virtually anywhere you work.


Best with Remote

BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer

A wall-mountable bright red LED fitness countdown timer that's customizable for almost any workout.

Pros: Mount this 10.6 by 3.5 by 1.37-inch fitness countdown timer to the wall and never get lost in your workout again. The bright red LED display will keep your attention even as you begin to tire. Run the show with the included remote control. Select four-timer modes, including regular clock time, count down and up, and stopwatch. Use the remote control to customize intervals for a great aerobic workout or Tabata intervals for a killer session.

Cons: With the energy-conserving value LEDs, it’s unfortunate the timer is A/C outlet powered only. Rechargeable batteries would be more fitting. Users report that programming intervals are more complicated than they should be and that the remote control seems cheap.

Bottom Line: While this countdown timer is tailored for use at the gym or home gym, you can use it as a kitchen timer or as an ordinary digital in any large room. Whatever activity you’re up to, you won’t lose track of time.

Final Thoughts

A countdown timer can help you improve your ability to manage your schedule and accomplish your goals. It’s the perfect device for self-encouragement and motivation. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind in life by missing out on this practical device. Get a countdown timer that’s an excellent match for your needs, and you’re on your way to improved productivity and self-reliance.

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