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The Best Covers for Headphones and Headsets

Want to protect your noise-canceling wireless headphones from the dust, sweat, grime, and wear-and-tear that can speed up the need to replace your earpads? Need a quick and easy way to maintain headphone/headset hygiene in the workplace or at home?

Whether reusable or disposable, good covers can extend the life of your earpads while making the experience of wearing headphones and headsets more comfortable, especially in high humidity or cold weather. They can also protect your headphones and headsets from hair products or makeup, and they lessen the need for using cleaning products with chemicals that may damage your gear.

Here are some headphone covers we recommend.

What to Consider in Headset Covers

There are a couple key things you’ll want to think about before buying headphone covers:

  • Disposable or Reusable: Disposable headphone covers are a must-have in any place where headphones or headsets are shared or where your personal headphones may come in contact with viruses or bacteria that cause things like the common cold, the flu, or coronavirus. These are places like gyms, net labs, worksites, healthcare facilities, business centers, libraries, and educational settings—and in any place where head lice might be a problem. On the other hand, If you’re the only one using your personal pair of earphones and you only really use them at home, reusable headset covers will work just fine.
  • Size: You’ll want to make sure you purchase covers that will fit the type and size of the earpieces on your headphones.

Best Large Reusable: Jarmor Sweater Covers 

Jarmor’s headphone covers are made of a durable, stretchable knit fabric that’s soft to the touch and gives a more stylish look. With a 3.74-inch diameter, they fit most headphones with 3-inch to 4-inch earpads. They are hand-washable, and this set comes in a two-pack.

Best Large Disposable: Orione Disposable Earpad Covers

These latex-free non-woven stretchable covers with a diameter of 4.33 inches fit most large earmuff-style headphones or headsets that rest against the ear. This material allows sound to pass through easily while providing a moisture barrier that shields from germs. These also come in small (2.5 inches), medium (3.5 inches), and extra-large (5 inches).

Best Medium Reusable: Aleicx Stretchable Fabric Headphone Covers


These small reusable covers fit most headphones and headsets with earpieces of 2 to 3 inches. They specifically will fit several Sony, Bose, and Beats models. They are made of a durable, washable, and fast-drying fabric that protects wearers from moisture. This set of three pairs will last you for years.

Best Small Disposable: Encore Data Products Sanitary Earpiece Covers


If your earpiece size is 1 to 2.5 inches in diameter, a size that’s typical for call center headsets and stereo headphones, these covers are for you. These disposable sanitary earpiece covers for small headphones are a convenient way to ensure headset hygiene without an expensive and time-consuming cleaning process for each use. The covers can also be used for headset microphones and come with 50 pairs.

Best Small Disposable

Encore Data Products Disposable Sanitary Earpiece Covers for Small Headphones 100 Bag

Look no further for small sanitary disposable earpiece covers to use in public places.

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