The Best Covers for Your Toilet Seat

There are a few things we do around our living space that truly remind us we are home, and we love those moments. Like when we’ve set the table for a big dinner feast with family or when we’ve pulled a fresh load of laundry out of the dryer. Not to be overly crass, but yes, we also enjoy sitting on our own toilets when time deems it necessary. However, you can always build on that already positive experience in your home or when you’re on the go with a toilet seat cover. If you’re in the market to add a bit more cushion or a way to keep things germ-free, then here are a few toilet seat covers that we recommend.

Your Rear Will Thank You

The ideal toilet seat cover for your home commode is one that balances an assortment of factors. You should be on the lookout for something that understands the very real possibility that you may be here for some time, so think cushioned, plush, soft materials. This often lends itself to the possibility of a warm toilet seat, one that also knows how to handle the winter chill that will inevitably plague most toilet seats. And everyone under the sun would prefer their trips to the restroom to always be made in the comfort of their home. Of course, that’s just not going to happen every single time nature calls, which is why it’s also important that you have a set of disposable and to-go seat covers that are easy on the rear while protecting it from the unknown dangers of a public restroom toilet seat.

Softest Cushion: Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

It doesn’t get any simpler than this kind of comfort. The Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion is the typical kind of toilet seat cover, both visually and physically. 2 inches of tear-resistant, high-quality vinyl-foam provides extra comfort at exact pressure points to help relieve pain, a big consideration when you remember just how uncomfortably firm traditional plastic or porcelain toilet seats can be. It employs a hook and loop system to securely strap onto your seat and is size appropriate for most standard commodes.

Warmest Seating: Warm-n-Comfy Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover

Everyone knows how discomforting it is to be jolted awake in the early morning by an icy cold toilet seat. You despise that feeling, yet you haven’t found a way to stop it either. Thankfully, the good folks over at Warm-n-Comfy are looking out for your buns. Their Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover is even softer than it looks, containing 200% more plush fabric than competing brands. That’s 14-by-18 inches of cozy material on your rear that’s machine washable and capable of providing a snug fit on most standard toilet seats. Each cover seat is also packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable polypropylene material.

Warmest Seating

Warm-n-Comfy Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover

This extra-plush toilet seat trounces the competition with 200% more material than similar models.

Best for Kids: Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Providing a means of protection from the unknown in strange toilet seats, these disposable toilet seat covers from Mighty Clean Baby offer your little one a safe way to sit on the commode. To best serve as a barrier against the common germs found in public restrooms, these seat covers come oversized so a child can hold onto the latrine. They can stick to toilet seats via an optional adhesive strip that keeps the super soft and absorbent cover in place. Additionally, these covers are packaged in a resealable bag that parents can easily carry with them in a diaper bag, vehicle, or purse.

Best for Kids

24 Large Disposable Toilet Seat Covers - Portable Potty Seat Covers for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults by Mighty Clean Baby - 2 Packs of 12 Covers

This cover seat option for kids grants protection from germs while adding a bit of visual flair to the restroom trip.

Best Disposable: Reylo Toilet Seat Covers Paper Flushable

Of course, if children have their own line of disposable toilet seat covers, then you can be absolutely certain that the adults have theirs, too. Sold to consumers in five packs with ten disposable covers each, you’re getting 50 paper toilet seat covers from Reylo products. After use, all anyone needs to do is flush the toilet, and the seat cover will be sucked away without needing to be nudged. These paper covers were created from thick wood pulp, meaning they are 100% biodegradable, super hygienic, and capable of providing just enough space between your seat and the toilet seat.

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