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The Best Cowhide Rugs

🕚 Updated June 2022

Rugs are lovely ways to add warmth, comfort, and decoration to your home. For those with rustic decor, cowhide rugs are ideal home additions. Here are some amazing options that we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Medium Brown Most Spotted Best Dark Brown Best Black and White
Tricolor Cowhide Leather Rug
Premium Faux Cowhide Rug
Faux Cowhide Rug
Tomtom Cowhides
Brindle Dark Cowhide Rug
Cute Cow Print Rug
Our SummaryThis large, classic cowhide rug is made from 100% authentic cowhide that is lightweight and easy to clean.A sophisticated and subtler faux cowhide rug great for bedrooms or living rooms.This faux cowhide rug is nonslip, so you can place it on hard floors, even in front of a sink or bathtub.This large, genuine cowhide rug features a unique, understated brindle print if you want something a little different than the usual spotted look.This faux rug features a soft but firm feel, traditional black and white spots, and a rubber grip to hold it firmly in place.
ProsReal cowhide, durable, luxurious, several size options, recycled, each rug is unique.Several size and color options, affordable, larger spots, nonslip backing, faux cowhide, easy to clean, shred-free.Extra-large size, nonslip even on tile, durable, warm, soft, classic look, faux cowhide.Real cowhide, unique brindle pattern, recycled, relatively low priced, soft and supple.Soft but firm, good weight, rubber grip, ideal accent piece, machine washable, faux cowhide.
ConsExpensive, may smell at first.Prone to wrinkles and creases.No alternate sizes, hand wash only.Color and size may vary, potential smell.One size, not dryer-friendly.
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The Best Cowhide Rugs

A living room with a cowhide rug under the coffee table.

Buying Guide for Cowhide Rugs

A living room with a cowhide rug in the center of the room.

Why buy a cowhide rug?

Cowhide rugs function much like any other rug, warming up cold floors, softening hard ones, and enhancing the room’s overall style and design. But they come with some extra benefits that not all ordinary rugs can supply. Unlike most fur or hide rugs, cowhide rugs are actually hypoallergenic, and they don’t hold debris, allergens, and particles the way that synthetic rugs do. This means that cowhide rugs are easier to keep clean, especially since they have some natural stain-repellent properties.

They add a rustic touch to a room but are stylish and trendy enough to match other styles too. Despite the fact that they’re on the thinner side as opposed to thick and plush shag rugs, cowhide rugs are quite durable and long-lasting. They can be placed in areas with high foot traffic and still hold up for a decade or more without becoming ruined or losing their aesthetic appeal. And no two cowhide rugs are exactly alike since no two cows have the exact same patterns on their hides.

What should you look for in a cowhide rug?

  • Size: Cowhide rugs range in size. Usually, when buying a rug for your home, bigger is better. However, larger cowhide rugs will come with a larger price tag. It’s best to measure the exact area you want to put your cowhide rug on and then pick the size from there.
  • Material: Some rugs are placed in high-traffic areas to protect hardwood floors. If this is the case, you should pay special attention to what your cowhide rug is made of, especially if it is faux rather than the real thing. Natural cowhide and hair fibers tend to be more durable, less wrinkly, and easier to clean than synthetic ones. That said, you may prefer a faux cowhide rug for moral reasons or want the look of a cowhide rug without the price tag that comes with a real one.
  • Pattern: Different types of cows have different colored and patterned hides, so think about which may look best in your living space. Traditional spotted, tri-colored cowhide rugs are a popular, common option, but there are also patchy or striped brindle rugs, speckled ones with smaller, more random blots, and acid-washed models that add unique, non-natural colors to a cowhide rug. There are also stenciled ones with artificial designs or patterns, more commonly found in faux cowhide rugs than real ones.

How do you properly care for a cowhide rug?

When buying a cowhide rug, consider the work it will take to maintain it. They’re more low maintenance and easy to care for than most types of rugs, but they will still need some cleaning and attention from time to time.

Light steam cleaning is a reliable way to wash them, but you won’t ever want to submerge or soak them in water, as this may lead to some damage. Smaller spills can be wiped or scraped away, but be sure to do so right away to prevent staining. If the rug ever gets significantly wet or soaked, you’ll want to hang it out to dry immediately.

And while cowhide rugs don’t collect or hang onto dust and debris the way thicker rugs do, regular vacuuming will keep them looking spick and span. Just be sure not to use a spinning vacuum setting and to vacuum in the direction of the hairs to better keep them intact. Shaking out your cowhide rug regularly is an equally effective yet simple way to maintain its cleanliness without any risk of damage. Regular or occasional brushing of a cowhide rug isn’t a requirement, but doing so will help to maintain its shine and appearance.

Our Picks for the Best Cowhide Rugs

Top Choice

RODEO Tricolor Cowhide Leather Rug

This large, classic cowhide rug is made from 100% authentic cowhide that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Pros: This rug is made from real cowhide rather than synthetic material. As such, it comes with all the benefits associated with it. The cowhide is durable and long-lasting yet soft and luxurious to the touch. No two rug patterns are the same, giving you a one-of-a-kind rug, even though they’re all brown and white. There may be some unique branding, scars, or other marks, adding to its authenticity. The hide comes from cows used in the meat industry, so these rugs ensure that no part of the animal goes to waste. And as a bonus, you can order this rug in three possible sizes to better fit different areas.

Cons: As is the norm with genuine cowhide rugs, this model is much more expensive than a faux cowhide rug will be. There may also be a tanning odor attached to this rug at first; if yours comes with this smell, airing it out in your yard or out of doors will help.

Bottom Line: This sturdy cowhide rug is made from 100% authentic cowhide leather. This lightweight, easy-to-clean, and highly durable rug will last a lifetime with proper maintenance. If you’re after the real deal, you can’t go wrong with this cowhide rug.


Best Medium Brown

AROGAN Premium Faux Cowhide Rug

A sophisticated and subtler faux cowhide rug great for bedrooms or living rooms.

Pros: If you’re after a faux cowhide rug, this model is well worth a look. The soft, fake fur construction mimics genuine cow hair, doesn’t shed, and is extremely easy to wipe clean, as it won’t absorb liquids and spills. It’s also much more affordable than a rug made out of real cowhide. The spots that make up the printed pattern are larger than traditional models, providing a more subtle and unique look that nonetheless looks quite natural. A nonslip backing helps hold it in place against your floors, and there are two other color choices.

Cons: The main drawback to this faux cowhide rug is that it’ll likely come with lots of wrinkles and creases, unlike real cow leather models. And they may prove to be hard to smooth out.

Bottom Line: This faux cowhide rug is made of waterproof synthetic material, ensuring it’s easy to keep clean and maintain. Thanks to the combination of faux leather and faux fur that makes up this rug, it’ll feel as nearly as soft and warm as the real thing.


Most Spotted

Yincimar Faux Cowhide Rug

This faux cowhide rug is nonslip, so you can place it on hard floors, even in front of a sink or bathtub.

Pros: Made from durable microfiber with a slip-resistant latex backing, this faux cowhide rug will stay in place against any type of floor surface and hold up well in even high-traffic areas. The warm, soft texture will keep your feet toasty after a shower or when getting out of bed on a cold morning. The classic black and white spotted pattern looks highly realistic, yet you’ll know it’s cruelty-free due to the faux fur material. And at 6.6 feet by 5.2 feet (79 inches by 63 inches), it’s big enough to serve as the centerpiece of even the largest rooms as well as an accent piece.

Cons: Since this faux cowhide rug is made out of microfiber, you may think that it’s machine washable, but you should only wash it by hand; washing or tumbling it in the washer and dryer will cause the rug to lose its shape. And there aren’t any alternate size options.

Bottom Line: Another great faux cowhide option, this extra-large rug is an ideal accent piece on a sofa, underneath a dining room table, or beside a bed. The extra-strong, nonslip latex backing also makes it a perfect choice to place in front of a sink or bathtub.


Best Dark Brown

Tomtom Cowhides Brindle Dark Cowhide Rug

This large, genuine cowhide rug features a unique, understated brindle print if you want something different than the usual spotted look.

Pros: Here’s another soft yet durable and easy-to-clean rug made of 100% natural cowhide leather. Unlike the classic brown and white or black and white splotches, this rug has a dark brindle pattern with a lot less white than most. It’ll stand out in stunning contrast to lighter-colored floors or blend in perfectly with rustic, cabin-style decor. Every rug is recycled from the meat industry to ensure the cow’s hides don’t go to waste and that no cow’s life was taken just for its pelt. And while real cowhide rugs are always more expensive than faux ones, this model is relatively low priced.

Cons: Though this cowhide rug is listed as 7 by 6 feet in size, the actual sizing and hue may vary slightly. And since it’s real leather, there may be some lingering tanning or leather smells that take a little while to fade away.

Bottom Line: This is another great option for those after a genuine cowhide rug, especially if they want something that looks a little different from the typical spotted print. The dark brindle pattern is undeniably identifiable as a cowhide rug but has a more understated look.


Best Black and White

MustMat Cute Cow Print Rug

This faux rug features a soft but firm feel, traditional black and white spots, and a rubber grip to hold it firmly in place.

Pros: Bring a cute cow print rug into your home in a cruelty-free manner. Fluffy and comfortable against your feet, it’s the perfect balance of softness and stiffness; soft enough to feel warm and cozy but firm enough to hold its shape. The nonslip, rubber grip on the bottom side also prevents it from moving around, making it great for even the hard, uneven tile of bathrooms or kitchens. Thanks to its polyester make, it’s easy to keep clean and maintain. Unlike most cowhide rugs, even faux ones, this model can be machine washed as well as hand washed. (Just be sure to wash it on a cold cycle and don’t bleach it.) The smaller size, 5.2 by 4.6 feet, makes it an ideal accent piece tossed over a sofa or traditional floor rug.

Cons: If the smaller size of this faux cowhide rug isn’t large enough for your liking, you’ll have to opt for a different model, as it’s only available in one size. And while you can wash this rug in the washing machine, you’ll have to air-dry it rather than throw it in the dryer. It also can’t be dry cleaned and shouldn’t be exposed to the sun or ironed.

Bottom Line: This small faux cowhide rug is 100% cruelty-free. Made from top-quality polyester fibers, it features a classic black and white dairy cow coloring that will look great in most homes, apartments, dorms, and even nurseries.

Final Thoughts

If you want a rug that adds natural warmth and style to your home or office space, cowhide rugs are an excellent option. They’re long-lasting and easy to keep clean, so they’ll bring that warmth and rustic decoration to your living space for years and years.

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