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The Best Craft Organizers

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🕚 Updated January 2022

If you're into arts and crafts, you likely know how quickly supplies can accumulate and turn into disorganized chaos. Make your creative process flow smoother by organizing your setup with these craft organizers.

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  Best Drawers on Wheels Best for Tiny Pieces Best Shelves on Wheels Best for Pens and Markers Best Travel Case
Rolling Storage Cart
Plastic Organizer
3-Tier Metal Cart
Wooden Pen Organizer
3-Tier Stackable Storage Container
Our SummaryKeep your crafts well organized with this rolling cart that has 12 drawers.This six box set has 168 slots, which is perfect for small piecesSave plenty of space with this rolling cart that has three tiers for storage.Keep your drawing materials organized in this convenient wooden organizer.This plastic storage container is great for small crafting items.
ProsCart with locking wheels, semi-transparent drawers, multi-sized drawers.Six packs of 28-grid plastic storage containers, removable rows, transparent, comes with labels.Stainless steel, three tiers, easy to assemble, wheels that lock into place.Wooden pen organizer with 12 compartments and drawer, easy to assemble.Three tiers and 30 storage slots, adjustable compartments, lightweight plastic, handle on top.
ConsAssembly is required.Lids may not stay closed.Not heavy-duty.Material is a bit flimsy.Not the sturdiest plastic.
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The Best Craft Organizers

A wooden box with different sewing items in each box.
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Depending on the type of crafting you’re into, there are different storage methods and organizers that’ll make life easier. From boxes to plastic bins to rolling storage carts to drawer organizers, there’s a convenient method for storing and adding order your craft supplies out there. We’ve gathered some reliable options we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for the Best Craft Organizers

A storage cart with 12 drawers full of crayons, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies.

Why buy a craft organizer?

Keeping your craft supplies stored and organized makes it a lot easier to find your items when you’re in the zone. Whether you’re crafty by trade or by passion (or by both), having an organization system for your tools and supplies will make the experience more productive and enjoyable. It will also make cleanup much more manageable.

What should you look for in a craft organizer?

  • Method: Think about the space you have available and the items you need to store. Big bins without dividers won’t be ideal for tiny beads of various colors, just as tiny containers won’t be ideal for a pile of thick skeins of yarn. Switching the containers for these items would be much more logical and convenient.
  • Visibility: Clear containers are helpful if you want to see what’s inside for quicker reference. However, label makers can be a crafter’s best friend when organizing their supplies into opaque containers.

Is a storage cart a good option for a craft organizer?

Opting for a storage cart is a great way to organize craft supplies, especially if you’re a versatile crafter and have different categories to divide your supplies into. Its shelves or drawers act as natural dividers. Craft carts typically come on wheels, which makes them portable within your own home, so you can wheel them out when you’re ready to craft and tuck them away when you’re done. This also makes them a solid option for homes with kids—a craft cart can help keep art supplies more contained and not mixed in with toys. Overall, the recent popularity of storage carts for craft supplies makes sense and could work very well for you and your home.

Our Picks for the Best Craft Organizers

Best Drawers on Wheels

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

Keep your crafts well organized with this rolling cart that has 12 drawers.

Pros: If you’re looking for a craft storage cart on wheels, this one is a great choice. It’s an ideal option for homes, classrooms, or even art studios. The drawers are semi-transparent for easy viewing, and they come in varying small and large sizes. The wheels of this cart lock for extra stability when not being moved.

Cons: It requires assembly, and that assembly can take a while.

Bottom Line: With its 12 drawers, this cart is an excellent option for those who have several different supplies to sort. It has a workspace on the top and wheels for portability, yet it won’t be an eyesore in a classroom or a home.


Best for Tiny Pieces

SGHUO Plastic Organizer

This set of six plastic boxes comes with a total of 168 mini containers to fit inside them.

Pros: Get six durable plastic craft storage boxes, each with 28 mini lidded storage containers. You can fit seven rows of the four small connected containers in the box, and each row can easily be removed to access the container you want. They’re clear so that you can see your items from the outside, and you get 400 sticky labels to keep things even more organized.

Cons: The lids on the mini containers don’t always stay closed, which can be annoying.

Bottom Line: If you make jewelry, sew, or embroider, these plastic storage containers could be ideal for you. They’re fantastic for storing beads, crystals, buttons, earring posts, pins, rings, gems, and other small items.


Best Shelves on Wheels

SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Cart

Save plenty of space with this rolling cart that has three tiers for storage.

Pros: This multifunctional stainless steel storage cart has three tiers that provide ample storage space to keep your craft supplies organized and your home clean. It’s simple and easy to assemble, and its wheels make it convenient for moving from room to room. It’s a sweet option for storing kids’ as well as adults’ art supplies.

Cons: This cart won’t support large and heavy items well.

Bottom Line: This storage can help you transform your office into an active, adaptable workspace. It’s great for storing various crafts supplies and even books. Plus, it looks nice and comes in multiple colors.


Best for Pens and Markers

Marbrasse Wooden Pen Organizer

Keep your drawing materials organized in this convenient wooden organizer.

Pros: This wooden organizer is great for desks. It has 12 compartments and a drawer, so it’s a large-capacity storage option for those who want to have their pens, pencils, markers, or even scissors and highlighters within reach. It’s easy to assemble, and it looks nice.

Cons: The material is not very sturdy.

Bottom Line: This desktop pen organizer is a strong and sturdy organizer that saves space on a desktop. It can contain your drawing supplies as well as other desk essentials between the drawer and the compartments.


Best Travel Case

SGHUO 3-Tier Stackable Storage Container

This plastic storage container is great for small crafting items.

Pros: This multi-level storage container has 30 adjustable compartments—10 grids in each of its three layers. The plastic is lightweight and sturdy, with removable and detachable dividers to make larger compartments and adapt to the craft supplies you need to store. The lid snaps closed to keep items secure, and there is a handle on top for portability.

Cons: The plastic is not very sturdy, so it’s not wise to store heavy items like coins inside.

Bottom Line: This stackable storage option is convenient and easy to carry. Keep smaller items like beads, ribbons, thread, buttons, and more contained and organized inside this transparent case.

Final Thoughts

Neatly storing away your art supplies and crafting essentials is a great way to keep your hobby organized. The whole process is made more enjoyable when your products are easy to find and taken care of inside craft organizers like these ones.

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