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The Best Crib Tents for Added Peace of Mind

happy baby standing to look out of crib tent

As your little one grows, they start to learn all sorts of things, including climbing out of their crib. Crib tents can be a great way to keep your little growing bundle safely inside their crib so that there are no dangerous falls, bumps, or bruises. Plus, they keep pesky insects out of the crib, an additional safety feature that makes crib tents so popular. Here are some of our favorites.

What to Consider When Purchasing Crib Tents

How can you make sure you’re getting the best crib tent? They are generally made the same, but there are a few key points that can set a few apart from the others:

  • Size: Make sure your crib tent is going to properly fit inside the crib without any gaps. This is so that your little one cannot move the tent or roll into an awkward position and get stuck.
  • Style: There are multiple styles, from pop-ups to foldovers to portable. Choose one that works well for you and your little one.
  • Security: Whichever crib tent you choose, make sure it has a tie or clasp that holds it in place inside the crib. Crib tents become the most dangerous if they can be moved by your kiddo and get themselves tangled in it.
  • Features: Make sure your little one can be somewhat easily removed from the crib tent in the event they wake up needing you, some tents will offer a convenient place to leave the crib monitor, and others will even offer a black-out feature that will help your little one sleep.
  • Washable: Babies like to make messes, so having a machine-washable crib tent is probably going to save you some time.

Best Overall: Pro Baby Safety Crib Pop-Up Tent

white mesh crib tent displayed on dark gray crib

Made of durable transparent white mesh, this baby crib tent is easy to install in any standard-sized crib. Offering an auto-lock zipper and double ties to ensure the tent (and baby) stay in place. This cover is BPA-free as well as hypoallergenic. This tent also keeps babies from being bitten by insects (such as mosquitoes or spiders) and from getting stuck in the rails. Plus, it will keep your little one from trying to climb out and hurt themselves. The unisex styling makes it compatible with any room design and will add a cute additional feature.

Best Blackout: Dofilachy Pack ‘N Play Crib Canopy Cover

black out crib tent covering play yard with sleeping baby

This pack ‘n play cover is made of 100% breathable polyester mesh and is ideal for traveling or even just sleeping at home. Designed to keep light out with light-shielding fabric, this cover will help keep your little one asleep even away from home. Simply stretch the cover over the pack ‘n play and tie the bottom straps. There is an optional additional zipper cover to fully enclose the crib and even a cute window to check in on the baby. This cover will also keep babies from climbing out and can protect them from bug bites.

Best Organic Cotton: Green Frog Baby Safety Pop-Up Crib Tent

fully assembled white mesh crib tent displayed on white background

See-through organic cotton mesh and a self-locking zipper make this canopy a safe addition to most cribs. Designed to be extra-tall to prevent your little one from climbing or pulling it down, there are also tie ribbons to ensure a safe and secure fit inside the crib. Keep your little one safe by preventing any falls or climbs while keeping pesky bugs and nosy pets out. The fabric is breathable and washable, with a snug fit to add protection and style to your nursery.

Best for Pack ‘n Plays: Minne Baby Pack N’ Play Pop Up Tent

a crib tent in a pack 'n play

This soft baby tent is designed to fit almost any pack ‘n play. It is made without BPA and with 360-degree mesh that allows you to see your little one anytime from anywhere. It’s perfect for keeping your baby safely inside their tent and for keeping any pesky bugs or nosy pets out of the crib for peaceful sleep. This tent also features double doors to easily access your little one from either side of the play yard, and it assembles in seconds.

Best Hanging: HanYun Baby Bed Canopy

hanging white mesh tent canopy closed over crib

Available in two sizes, this hanging crib tent has 225 holes per square inch. It keeps mosquitoes and other bugs out as well as insulates against pollen and dust. This hanging tent is also designed to block out glaring light and help your little one sleep by creating a cozy environment. It is quick and easy to assemble with a clip-on holder that securely fastens it onto the crib without any damage. It is machine washable, dry-cleanable, and can even be hand-washed, so you know this tent is always ready and clean for your little one.

Best Hanging

Baby Bed Canopy with Adjustable Clip-on Stand Baby Crib Cot Net Tent Hanging Dome Curtain Netting See Through Mesh Bed Cover Net Stand Rod

This canopy will keep out bugs, pollen, dust, and even some glaring light for a calm and relaxing baby environment.

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