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The Best Cribbage Boards

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🕚 Updated August 2022

Though not as popular as the game bridge in most states, cribbage remains a much-loved card game. Players must fine-tune their strategic tactics, patience, and social skills to compete. Here are some great cribbage boards to get you playing.

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  Top Choice Best for Group Play Unique Design Most Portable Also Great
Cribbage 3-Track Layout
WE Games
Classic Wooden Cribbage Board
GLD Products
Mainstreet Classics Wooden Cribbage Board
WE Games
Cribbage and More Travel Game Pack
Wood Cribbage Board Game Set
Our SummaryThis cribbage board is portable and comes with a deck of cards.This solid Malaysian oak wood features a handy compartment and metal panel to store all 28 pegs.A novelty wooden board that comes with wooden pegs.A mini foldable cribbage board to take on the road or to the pub.A handsome board with a hinged storage unit and metal clasp.
ProsThree-track wood board, hinge and peg storage compartments, folds in half for compact storage, comes with card deck.Malaysian oak wood board, four-lane continuous track, laser-engraved alphanumeric symbols, 28 plastic pegs (blue, white, red, and green), hidden storage.Shaped like the number 29 to symbolize the best hand in cribbage, three-player track, nine pegs with slotted storage compartment.Collapses for portability, up to six players, linen cloth bag stores board and accessories, comes with poker cards, metal pegs, and five wooden dice.Sophisticated, three finishes, hinged construction, metal hardware, interior storage for card deck and nine metal pegs, up to three players.
ConsNo clasp to prevent it from opening when it's folded.The pegs are plastic.It doesn't include the card deck needed to play.The wooden dice roll differently than plastic dice.Holes for the pegs could be too small for some to see.
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The Best Cribbage Boards

A wooden cribbage board and cards resting next to it.
Pam Walker/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Cribbage Boards

A closeup of a cribbage board with a green peg at the finish.
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Why buy a cribbage board?

Consider buying a cribbage board if you enjoy board games, want to try something new, or need to replace your beat-up board. Most versions are inexpensive, making a great addition to your family game collection. And c’mon, there’s fun to be had for all! It requires just enough strategy to catch people’s interest and is accessible enough for kids to join in.

What should you look for in a cribbage board?

  • Design: Factors to consider are aesthetics, track layout, built-in storage for the pegs, and board material. If you want to encourage your kids to play, you may want to look for a brightly colored board, of which there are many. A broader landscape and longer track make for longer games. If storage space is an issue, you may want to consider a foldable, compact board or even a mini-board for travel.
  • Accessories: You just need a board, deck of cards, and pegs to play cribbage. However, some sets do not include a card deck or have only a few pegs. If it’s important to you that you get an all-inclusive cribbage board package, look for those items. Some versions involve dice. Another key accessory to have on hand is an instruction booklet. The game is a bit complicated, and some competitors can get hot-headed if they lose; it’s nice to turn to a rulebook to sort things out.
  • Material: Most cribbage boards are wood-based. Do you care about the quality and type of wood? If so, pay attention to the product descriptions. Many cribbage boards also feature built-in storage compartments for pegs and cards. They’re not created equally, though. Look for boards with sturdy hardware to keep the pegs secure. Finally, can you make peace with plastic pegs, or do you need something more substantial like metal?

How can you get your kids interested in playing cribbage?

You know your kids best. If they have little focus or patience because of their age or temperament, you might want to try a different game, like checkers. However, cribbage engages curious minds because it requires some brain work. Colorful boards and pegs can help, as well as friendly company. If you’re having fun, they’ll be more interested in joining. Also, their interest in the game will grow as they improve.

Our Picks for the Best Cribbage Boards

Top Choice

Brybelly Cribbage 3-Track Layout

This cribbage board is portable and comes with a deck of cards.

Pros: This three-track wooden cribbage board includes three red, blue, and green pegs each to match the colors of the lanes. If you’ve ever played, you know those pegs are small and can get lost in the shuffle when you put the game away. The Brybelly board features a durable hinge and a peg storage compartment. Just fold the board in half when you’re done for compact storage. To top it off, it includes a deck of playing cards and instructions.

Cons: Unfortunately, the board has no clasp to prevent it from opening when folded.

Bottom Line: This affordable cribbage board makes a fine addition to your family’s game collection. It’s portable, compact, and colorful. However, if you want a super durable board, you may want to continue your search.


Best for Group Play

WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board

This is a four-lane cribbage board that has a hidden compartment for peg storage.

Pros: Why, hello, classy cribbage board! This is a top-notch solid Malaysian oak wood four-lane continuous track board. It features laser engraved alphanumeric symbols for games, skunks, points, and corners, all of which are easy to read. Stored inside the cribbage board are instructions and a history of cribbage. The 28 plastic pegs (blue, white, red, and green) fit in a hidden storage area beneath the board, and they’ll stay put when you slide the metal panel closed.

Cons: For such a luxurious solid wood cribbage board, it’s unfortunate that the pegs are plastic.

Bottom Line: It’s beautiful, brilliantly crafted, and showcases laser-engraved details—what’s not to like? Also, if brand history and ethics matter to you, WE Games has been around since 1977 and supports the Toy Foundation.


Unique Design

GLD Products Mainstreet Classics Wooden Cribbage Board

This board is designed in the shape of a 29 and allows for three players.

Pros: This wooden game board is designed in the shape of the number 29 to motivate players to strive for the best hand in cribbage. The three-player track features a red alphanumeric script, including an S and SS to mark when opponents are skunked or double-skunked. Included are nine pegs—three each of red, blue, and green, plus a slotted storage compartment on the bottom side for the board to store them.

Cons: It doesn’t include the deck of cards needed to play.

Bottom Line: It’s a conversation piece and functional cribbage board, an ideal game for light-hearted competition. It measures 9.4 x 7 x 0.625 inches to give you some perspective on its shape.


Most Portable

WE Games Cribbage and More Travel Game Pack

A mini foldable cribbage board to take on the road or to the pub

Pros: It measures 7.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches when assembled and only 3.8 x 2 x1 inches when collapsed. Yet, somehow this mini solid wood cribbage set accommodates up to six players (hint: play on teams). The board is free of alpha numeration symbols, which saves surface space. The set includes a linen cloth bag just the right size to hold the entire game and a durable set of poker cards. Our favorite features are the unique metal pegs and five wood dice.

Cons: The wooden dice are surprisingly a drawback to the game. They’re light and roll differently than your average plastic dice.

Bottom Line: Let’s say you want a quirky little board game for a family trip or to engage people at a party. If that’s the case, this mini cribbage board and accoutrements make a winning option.


Also Great

Juegoal Wood Cribbage Board Game Set

A handsome board with a hinged storage unit and metal clasp.

Pros: Color is the only thing lacking in this wooden cribbage board game set. The 15- x 3.9- x 1.3-inch board has a hinged construction with metal hardware. Open it to store the included deck of cards and nine metal pegs (gold, silver, and black). Up to three people can play, using strategy and luck to work around the three-lane course to the finish line. The wood board is available in brown, black, and a lighter brown. It has a traditional look that appeals to adults.

Cons: Several users say the holes are small, too small for some older adults to see. They also don’t have color-coded tracks.

Bottom Line: There’s nothing to lose with the Juegoal cribbage board. If you’re after a sophisticated option, this is the one for you.

Final Thoughts

Like other games, cribbage exercises essential areas of our selves: cognitive, social, communication, and emotional capabilities. No matter our age, we want to stretch our minds, make connections, improve our teamwork skills, and have fun whether we win or lose. Cribbage is a gateway to all of that and more.

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