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The Best Croquet Sets You Can Buy

Croquet is a traditional backyard game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Gameplay involves using wooden mallets to hit croquet balls through metal wickets embedded in the grass. It is an excellent game for picnics, family gatherings, and basically any other warm outdoor event you could think of. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played croquet for years or if the game only piqued your interest yesterday; the right croquet set will make a fun, unique addition to your game collection. Here are some fantastic croquet sets that we recommend.

Buying a Croquet Set

There are several things you should check for before buying a croquet set. Make sure that the set you are considering is crafted from high-quality, sturdy materials. For example, you’ll want your mallets to be made of hardwood (like eucalyptus) and your croquet balls to be made of durable wood or plastic that resists cracking since you’ll be hitting them with your mallets. Make sure to choose a set that includes everything you need to play a game of croquet: wooden mallets, croquet balls, metal wickets, and wooden stakes. You’ll want to look for a croquet set that comes with a carrying case, as all of these pieces can be difficult to transport.

Best Value: GoSports Six Player Croquet Set

This set comes with everything you need to play a successful game of croquet. The set includes six colored mallets, six coordinating balls, nine wickets, and two end posts. It also comes with a handy carrying case that makes storing and transporting the set a piece of cake. The mallets are crafted from premium hardwood to ensure that they are durable enough to survive every game, while the color-coordinating balls give the game a modern feel. This croquet set is simple yet highly effective.

Best Value


This set features hardwood mallets and color-coordinating balls to give you a high-quality game of croquet every single time.

Best for Professionals: Franklin Sports Expert Croquet Set

If you are serious about the game of croquet, this set is ideal for you. This set is engineered for durable and dependable use throughout every game. The set is designed for all-weather use and features six colored croquet balls, six cherry-finished wooden mallets, two 24-inch painted wooden stakes, and nine coated wire wickets. The set comes with a wheeled case that allows you to take it anywhere you’d like. This no-nonsense set ensures that you’ll be able to play quality games of croquet for years to come.

Best for Professionals

Best for Families: DealKits Premium Croquet Set for Families

Professional players aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good game of croquet. This croquet set is designed for family fun! It comes with six colored eucalyptus mallets, six coordinating balls, nine wire-wrapped plastic wickets, and two stake posts. The mallets are 35 inches tall, making them the perfect size for kids and a comfortable height for adults. The croquet balls are made of high-density polyethylene to ensure they resist cracking on impact and are weather-resistant. The set comes with a large carrying case that allows you to pack up your croquet game without having to disassemble the mallets. Whether you are looking to encourage your kid to be the next croquet champion or are just wanting some unique family fun, this croquet set is an awesome choice.

Best Non-Traditional Set: 4 Fun Wicket Kick

When describing this croquet set, one particular saying comes to mind: “the bigger, the better.” This family-sized set combines croquet rules with soccer skills: players guide giant croquet balls through a course of wickets by running and kicking the balls. The set includes two inflatable croquet balls, seven metal wickets, two wooden stakes, and a hand pump. It comes with everything you need for easy setup: just inflate the balls with the provided hand pump, set the game wickets and wooden stakes to your preferred course, and then have fun! The set is durable enough for even the most intense players. This is a great set for those looking to spice up the traditional game of croquet.

Best Non-Traditional Set

4 FUN WICKET KICK - Giant Kick Ball Croquet Outdoor Games - Great Family Games For Kids, Teens And Adults - Perfect Life Size Fun For Your Lawn, Camping Or Trips To The Beach

This set combines croquet rules with soccer skills by having players kick giant croquet balls through a family-sized course.

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