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The Best Crossbody Purses

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🕚 Updated April 2022

Crossbody purses are a classic bag style heavily favored for travel, errands, and anything else where you need to have your hands free but keep your essentials close. Check out our roundup of crossbody bags.

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  Stylish and Small A Little More Space Casual Design For the Essentials A Formal Design
Women's RFID Blocking Crossbody Bag
Anti-Theft Slash-Resistant Crossbody Bag
Diver Nylon Crossbody Bag
Crossbody PU Leather Mini Satchel
Crossbody Envelope Evening Purse
Our SummaryA great nautical-style purse in darling stripes with RFID blocking technology.A great travel day bag to keep your stuff safe and secure.A sleek, flat, and petite purse offered in fun color choices.A chic, classic leather satchel just for the necessities.A blinged-out evening bag with a metal crossbody chain.
ProsRFID blocking, chic horizontal stripes, petite rectangle design.Slash-resistant, locking zippers, great for travel, great security.Chic square bag, good color options, non-bulky, accommodating.Beautiful faux leather, can be used as a wallet or purse, classy colors.Velvety fabric, sparkling rhinestones, dainty metal chain.
ConsSmall storage space.Not a messenger bag, uncomfortable as a shoulder bag.Very tight pockets and storage space.No give, very small.Subpar construction quality, chain breaks easily.
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The Best Crossbody Purses

A young woman with a stylish green jacket and a white crossbody bag stands outside in a town square.
Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Crossbody Purses

A young woman wearing a skirt, sweater, jacket, and crossbody bag.
Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a crossbody bag?

While you may love your oversized tote or your clutch purse, sometimes you need a bag that both looks great and can be carried and accessed easily. Crossbody bags are up to the task. They’re ultra-secure and easy to wear, so you won’t accidentally leave them on the street or have them snatched off your shoulder by a pickpocket. You also won’t need to adjust it all the time and can easily access the pockets without taking the bag off.

What should you consider when buying a crossbody purse? 

  • Size: Consider what you carry in your usual day-to-day bag. Would it all transfer over to your new bag? You want a bag that can hold your must-haves but don’t want the bag to get bulky and ruin your silhouette. If you’re looking for a larger purse, pay attention to the actual measurements listed, not how the bag looks in photos.
  • Style: Crossbody bags aren’t just for daytime gallivanting! You can also rock one as part of your evening wear and dressier outfits. Think about what kind of events and activities you need a crossbody bag for.
  • Straps: Not all crossbody straps are made equal. We love an adjustable strap so that you can accommodate your height and weight distribution on your shoulders, but sometimes you may want a more elegant chain for more fashionable ensembles.

Are crossbody purses “mom bags?” 

This is a tired understanding of one of the most versatile and functional bag types. They’ve long evolved from their Velcro and vinyl origins and are now a chic must-have that won’t add bulk to your silhouette. Yet, they’re extremely convenient and accommodating for carrying the important things you need on the go.

Our Picks for the Best Crossbody Purses

Stylish and Small

Nautica Women's RFID Blocking Crossbody Bag

A great nautical-style purse in darling stripes with RFID blocking technology.

Pros: This Nautica bag has fashion and function and is a great buy for everyday use and travel. RFID blocking helps protect your credit card information from being taken, which is a common practice in crowded areas such as town squares, busy high streets, and even airports. It can provide a lot of comfort, especially to travelers abroad, to have this protective blocking technology. Plus, the striped style is chic and always in fashion, so it will pair beautifully with your outfits.

Cons: Some reviewers were shocked at how petite this crossbody purse is. While it can hold your cell phone, lipstick, and a credit card, you won’t be able to take the “extras” like your sunglasses. Think of this purse as an oversized pocket rather than a roomy day bag.

Bottom Line: We love this crossbody bag for women because it’s utilitarian, easy to match with outfits, and has horizontal stripes that won’t go out of style.


A Little More Space

Travelon Anti-Theft Slash-Resistant Crossbody Bag

A great travel day bag to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Pros: When you’re traveling to a new area, it’s important to have the right accessories that will help you feel safe and secure. This functional crossbody bag has a number of anti-theft features that make it great if you’re traveling to an area known for pickpocketing and purse theft, such as the slash-resistant pockets and strap, locking hardware and zippers, and more. Plus, it has plenty of room for travel essentials like brochures, hotel keys, maps, an e-reader, and more.

Cons: While this bag offers some room, it can’t replace a traditional satchel or messenger bag for its roominess. This is meant to work as a purse or small day bag rather than a piece of luggage. Some customers also noted that the strap could slip when worn just on the shoulder and holds up much more comfortably when worn across the body.

Bottom Line: If you’re feeling anxious about travel due to theft and pickpocketing concerns, buy yourself some peace of mind with this theft-resistant crossbody purse.


Casual Design

Nautica Diver Nylon Crossbody Bag

A sleek, flat, and petite purse offered in fun color choices.

Pros: Crossbody bags don’t have to be all function, and Nautica proves it with this adorable square crossbody bag. Its feminine, petite design won’t add bulk to your silhouette, and it comes in an array of beautiful colors with a tasteful leather strip along the bottom. Given its size, this is a great bonus pocket if your trousers or skirt can’t accommodate your keys and phone.

Cons: This is less of a con and more of a buyer beware: this bag is smallIf you need it to hold more than your phone and a small wallet, this bag will not suit your needs.

Bottom Line: This is a great buy for women who just want a little purse to take on their errands or day of travel but not for the over-packers or folks packing for themselves and children.


For the Essentials

myfriday Crossbody PU Leather Mini Satchel

A chic, classic leather satchel for the necessities.

Pros: This polyurethane (PU) leather crossbody bag has all of the class and elegance of a much more high-end bag. You can choose from natural leather tones or fun poppy colors such as teal, orange, and olive green. If you don’t want to sacrifice style but still need an accessory to hold your phone and wallet, this purse is the perfect, chic, classic bag. The strap is adjustable and removable, so you can use it as a wallet in a larger bag.

Cons: Because it’s made of PU leather, this bag has little to no give, so you’ll want to keep the accessories and bulk to a minimum when you wear this bag out. Some reviewers also had issues with sticky zippers and broken hardware.

Bottom Line: A great alternative to nylon and polyester bags, this pleather crossbody purse is classy and timeless.


Formal Design

Nodykka Crossbody Envelope Evening Purse

A blinged-out evening bag with a metal crossbody chain.

Pros: Don’t worry; we didn’t forget to bring the glam on this crossbody purse roundup. That’s right; crossbody bags aren’t just for travel. You can rock this elegant envelope-style evening bag to galas, weddings, work events, and date nights. It comes in beautiful, classic colors, and the velvet texture makes it extra lush. The silver metal chain and clear rhinestones bring some much-needed sparkle and drama. It can also hold a surprising amount, from car keys to lipstick and cell phones.

Cons: While this bag looks great with high-end items, this ultra-affordable bag can’t compete with the finishes or construction of designer bags, and the hard interior is susceptible to damage, as is the delicate metal chain.

Bottom Line: If you need an evening bag that can fit under your overcoat or need a purse you can keep close to you with ease on a night out, look no further than this sparkling crossbody bag.

Final Thoughts  

While handbags can be overlooked, they’re a fantastic opportunity for accessorizing and practical on-the-go storage. Crossbody bags are a good combination of function and fashion and can quickly become your go-to handbag.

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