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The Best Cup Stacking Sets You Can Buy

A game centered on stacking plastic cups and tearing them down as fast as you can—sounds silly, right? Well, here we are nearly 20 years after the sport’s introduction into the mainstream, and it’s now enjoyed in over 27,000 schools throughout the United States, as well 56 countries in total. Cup stacking games are so beloved that we even have a World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for the best of the best cup stacking players. So, if you’re looking for a new way to game, then here are a few cup stacking sets that we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Cup Stacking Set

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • The Single Set: As far as basics go, it all starts with the cup set. You want your set to have the standard amount of cups to alternate between the most popular cup stacking structures: sets of three, sets of six, and the behemoth 12-cup sets. Buying from a notable brand ensures you get your money’s worth, between providing the appropriate amount of cups to build with and cups that are built to withstand a bit of beating after all of that speedy stacking.
  • The Kit: Beyond a single set, there are also bundle packages you can consider when buying a cup stacking game for the first time. Bundles typically include the appropriate amount of cups in addition to game-changing accessories that take your cup stacking excitement to new heights (e.g., professional building mats, timers, challenge cards).
  • The Educational Game: Cup stacking has always been centered on keen hand-eye coordination. While the game has largely been played by crowds of older kids who have the knack for speed, there are also plenty of cup stacking games designed specifically to develop young children’s motor skills. If you have a younger child, then consider an option that provides them with daily learning moments in addition to ample fun.

Top Choice: Speed Stacks Sport Stacking Set

A titan among cup stacking games, this Sport Stacking Set from the one and only Speed Stacks brand should be your go-to when making a selection. It features 12 Speed Stacks Cups that are specially designed for efficient building under the duress of screaming friends and other competitors. Additionally, this set includes a Quick-Release Stem that allows for easy portability and cleanup.

Top Choice

Speed Stacks | Official Sport Stacking Set, Blue - 12 Cups and Holding stem | Top Grade Materials, Low Friction | WSSA Approved

These Speed Stacks have the backing of a trusted brand name and a cup design that allows for efficient building.

Best for Toddlers: KIDSTHRILL Rainbow Nesting & Stacking Cups Set

For a much younger kind of player who would rather play than follow any boring rules, this Stacking Set from KIDSTHRILL is an ideal choice for kids anywhere between 6 through 18 months old. This set offers children a way to improve multiple facets of their hand-eye coordination and teach them how to sort sizes, count to 10, and differentiate between colors. Moreover, parents can take comfort knowing the plastic materials used here are BPA, phosphate, and lead-free, meaning it’s a set appropriate for users of any age group.

Best Mat & Timer Set: Speed Stacks Competitor Sport Stacking Set

This Competitor Sport Stacking Set from Speed Stacks is for the user who enjoys keeping track of their personal best and a bit of head-to-head dueling. In this bundle, not only are you getting a 12-cup set of blue, red, or green cups, but you’re also getting a chance to race against the clock with the WSSA official StackMat Pro Timer. This mat includes a competition timer that’s accurate to 0.001 seconds, thanks to its ultra-sensitive touchpads. However, the mat itself is also an ideal building space over regular tile floors and plastic tables.

Best Mat & Timer Set

Speed Stacks | Sport Stacking Competitor, Neon Green - 12 Cups, Holding Stem, With GX Timer And Mat | WSSA Approved

This bundle includes the 12-cup set, a WSSA official timer, and a durable mat to build on.

Best Set With Challenges: Gamie Stacking Cups Game

Another worthwhile option geared toward teaching your kids while they play, this Gamie Stacking Cups Set features a handful of exciting challenges for a player to beat. In total, this cup stacking set includes 54 cup stacking challenges that kids can take on with two to four players. While some challenges are fairly straightforward and beatable for most, others are designed to make users break a sweat and be quick with their stacking ability. Additionally, this set includes 20 durable and multicolored cups to disperse between players, as well as one bell.

Best Set With Challenges
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