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The Best Curling Wands

🕚 Updated March 2022

Thanks to their easy-to-use design, curling wands have become quite popular hair tools, giving you those sought-after beachy waves without leaving any crimps or lines that original curling irons are somewhat infamous for.

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  Best Value Best for Thick Hair Best for Thick Hair Best for Thin Hair Best for Beachy Hair
Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron
Bed Head
Curlipops Curling Wand
6-IN-1 Curling Iron
Professional 24K Gold Curling Wand
Bed Head
Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Hair Waver
Our SummaryA cool tip, recessed buttons, and damage protection make this wand easy to use and safe for your hair.Designed to make sure you don't have any frizz, your hair will have beautiful curls without added products.With five easily interchangeable pieces to choose from, you can ease hair loss from styling damage.This skinny ceramic barrel wand will give you shiny and tight ringlet curls with multiple heat settings, a fast heat-up time, and an automatic shutoff.Feel like a mermaid with this tool's waved design that quickly adds texture.
ProsBuilt-in hand protection, instant heat-up, attractive appearance.Reduces frizz, clamp free, bonus glove.Different barrel shapes, high-heat capabilities, includes styling clips.Adds shine, includes pulse heating technology, fast heat up time.Easy to use, wide temperature range, versatile electrical wiring.
ConsOdd button placement, shorter cord.No temperature adjustment.Cord is prone to tangling, barrel temperature too high.Fragile design, small barrel not for everyone.Difficult for short hair, large size, lack temperature indicators.
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The Best Curling Wands

A redheaded woman uses a curling wand to curl her hair in front of a mirror.

You can use a basic curling iron or even a straightener to create a wavy hair look, but curling wands can achieve it more seamlessly and effortlessly! Here are some of our favorites.

Buying Guide for Curling Wands

A hairstylist uses a tapered curling wand to curl a woman's hair.
Veres Production/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a curling wand?

Curling wands are a modern invention well worth investing in. If you like to curl your hair but sometimes struggle with the clamps of traditional curling irons, try a curling wand. They’re extremely straightforward to use, and they won’t leave lines or pull hairs out as the clamps on curling irons tend to do. All you have to do is wrap a section of your hair at a time around the barrel, hold it there for around 10 seconds, slide it off, and you’ll have a lovely curl. Depending on the barrel size or style, you can achieve different-looking yet always attractive curls. And curling wands are usually quite reasonably priced. With their convenience, beautiful results, and affordability, curling wands should appeal to nearly anyone with hair long enough to curl.

What should you look for in a curling wand?

  • Adjustable Heat Settings: Not all hair types require the same heat. Some hair is more susceptible to damage from high heat, while others won’t effectively curl at low heats. Choosing a wand with adjustable heat settings will ensure you have the right temperature for your own hair.
  • Barrel Shape &Size: A thicker wand will give you looser curls but is also better for thicker, longer hair as the larger size can make contact with more hair strands. On the other hand, a skinny wand will give you smaller waves or curls and is easier to use on short or thin hair. Some curling wands even have tapered barrels or bubbled shapes to provide unique and dynamic curls.
  • Cord Length: If where you style your hair is a little distanced from an outlet or if you often do other people’s hair, it’s a good idea to purchase a wand with a longer cord length for a better range of movement and easier use.
  • Heating Time: Some wands come with faster heating times than others. If a speedy heat-up time is important to you to get out the door faster, check for that feature.

Are there special features or additions that you should consider when purchasing a curling wand?

Note that the main difference between a curling iron and a curling wand is that a wand does not have the clamp that a curling iron does. This simplicity of the curling wand allows for extra features to flourish. You can find tapered barrels for winding curls or a bubble wand that guides your hair. If you enjoy exploring a plethora of different hairdos, an interchangeable barrel is ideal for trying out different curl styles. It’s also helpful to find a curling wand with a protective rubber end and swiveling cord so that you can keep your neck and hands safe from accidental burns as you hold your hair in place to curl.

Best Value: Conair Double Ceramic Curling Wand

A white and pink Conair curling wand.

Available in a couple of sizes to meet your needs, this wand has 30 different heat settings with a high heat of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It offers instant heat-up as well as heat and damage protection and anti-frizz control. There is also a cool tip for added styling ease, and the buttons are recessed to prevent any accidental shutoff in the middle of your hair routine.

Best Value

Conair Double Ceramic 1-inch Curling Wand, Straight wand produces flawless waves

A cool tip, recessed buttons, instant heat-up, damage protection, and frizz control make this wand easy to use and safe for your hair.

Best for Thick Hair: Bed Head Curlipops Ceramic Curling Wand Iron

an orange and silver curling wand and a black heat glove.

The specially designed tourmaline ceramic 1-inch barrel on this wand reduces frizz while giving you massive shine with more curls and outrageous body. This wand heats all the way up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with a bonus heat-protective glove so that you can worry less while styling. The cord is dual-voltage, 6-feet long, and swivels to ensure there are no annoying tangles while moving and styling.

Best for Thick Hair

Bed Head Curlipops Clamp-Free Curling Wand Iron | For Loose Curls and outragious body (1 in)

Designed to make sure you don't have any frizz, this wand heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and has a long swivel cord.

Best Set: KIPOZI Professional Five-in-One Curling Wand Set

A hair tool with five interchangeable heads, hair clips, and a glove.

This wand set includes a 1.49-inch curling iron brush, a 1.25-inch curling wand, a 0.5-to-1-inch conical/tapered wand, a 0.35-to-0.7-inch conical/tapered barrel, and a 1-inch spiral bubble curling wand. Each brush is designed to heat up within 30 seconds, and the ceramic tourmaline coating creates a smooth barrel to not pull on hair during styling and reduce hair loss.

Each wand or brush style is easy to install and quickly interchangeable to fit any style you’re looking to achieve, from small bouncy curls to flowy large ones. Included with the wands and base is a heat-resistant glove for added styling comfort and two heat-resistant clips. The base has a safety stand and an 8-foot, 360-degree swivel cord.

Best Set

KIPOZI Thin Curling Wand, 3/10 Inch Small Curling Wand for Short & Long Hair, Ceramic Barrel Curling Wand Dual Voltage Hair Curler with Adjustable Temperature, Include Heat Resistant Glove

This set comes with five easily interchangeable pieces to choose from and is designed to help ease hair loss from styling damage.

Best for Thin Hair: KIPOZI Thin Curling Wand 3/10 Inch

A skinny pink and black curling wand.

This skinny curling wand can help you achieve long-lasting tight ringlet curls. The ceramic coating on this wand gives smaller, kinkier curls without frizz but with massive shine. There is an adjustable heat setting from 260 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and a 30-second heat-up time. The temperature maintains a consistent heat during styling. This wand also has a 60-minute automatic shutoff for added peace of mind.

Best for Thin Hair

KIPOZI Thin Curling Wand, 3/10 Inch Small Curling Wand for Short & Long Hair, Ceramic Barrel Curling Wand Dual Voltage Hair Curler with Adjustable Temperature, Include Heat Resistant Glove

This skinny ceramic barrel wand will give you shiny and tight ringlet curls with multiple heat settings, a fast heat-up time, and an automatic shutoff.

Final Thoughts

Curling wands are wonderful tools for creating a wide variety of lovely hairstyles. Whether you’re headed to school, work, or the store, quickly adding a bit of movement to your hair with one of these curling wands can easily become part of your go-to morning routine.

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