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The Best Shower Curtain Rods

🕚 Updated December 2021

Shower curtains are a must-have for the shower, but there's no use in a shower curtain if you don't have a reliable shower curtain rod to hold it up! Here are some shower curtain rods we recommend to upgrade your bathroom setup.

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Shower Curtain Rod
Zenna Home
Double Curved Shower Rod
Shower Curtain Rod
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Add-a-Shower System
Zenna Home
NeverRust Double Shower Rod
Our SummaryThis shower curtain rod comes in multiple adjustable sizes and several stylish shadesThis shower rod was made through a line of materials that ensures zero rust after repeated showers.Here's a sturdy shower rod that's available in multiple sizes.This 60-inch rod and shower fixture combo is designed to allow for more practical use out of your old bathtub.This attractive, rust-resistant shower curtain rod is something special with a dual-rod design.
ProsNo fuss, installs quickly and easily without a drill or screw, four different lengths, five colors.Dual-rod design, rod is "NeverRust aluminum," long-lasting.Anti-corrosive stainless steel, three adjustable sizes, supports 22 pounds, suction cups hold their place even when wet.Designed for clawfoot tubs, ball-valve technology that diverts water from the tub, includes 12 shower rings.Rustproof, lightweight aluminum construction, dual rod, tension-mount or permanent mount installation.
ConsNot the sturdiest option.More difficult to install than might be expected.Not as thick and sturdy as others.Installation is more extensive, overpriced for some.Tension-mount installation may not be as effective.
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The Best Shower Curtain Rods

The top of a shower curtain hanging on the rod. with rings.

A high-quality shower curtain rod should keep the curtain and liner up safe and secure. Drawing back the shower curtain only to have the rod fall on your head is not a pleasant experience, and repositioning the rod is annoying. Get one of these shower curtain rods that will stay put.

Buying Guide for the Best Shower Curtain Rods

A black shower curtain rod with bronze hooks and a brown and white shower curtain hanging from it in a bathroom.
Thanatos Media/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a shower curtain rod?

If you’re familiar with the damage mildew and mold can cause to bathtub and shower drains, then you can imagine its impact on tile grout and even walls or wallpaper. This unhygienic development could happen if you don’t have a shower curtain. Again, if you don’t have a rod, you can’t have a shower curtain! In short, you need both to effectively protect every angle and surface of your bathroom.

What should you look for in a shower curtain rod?

  • Stability: As expected, the biggest factor you should seek in your new shower rod is its stability in your shower. Will it stay put? And on what kind of materials? Tile, wood, brick, plaster? How will you install it? The best shower rods utilize constant tension to stay up alongside suction-cup ends or sticky foam. Find a shower rod that knows how to remain stable when propped up, even when wet.
  • Durability: Additionally, you should consider a shower rod that’s built to withstand the repeated showers and steams you’ll eventually put it through. Rods made from rustproof and hardened materials are designed to outlast their competition. Moreover, a rod that’s double railed will also provide a worthwhile way to not only hang your curtains but your towels and clothing, too.
  • Design Style: It’s also important to consider the layout of your bathing arrangements before purchasing. We’re not referring to design style in the sense of what colors and materials flow best with your room. Rather, you should consider what kind of rod structure will accommodate your shower. Traditional and straight? Double-railed, curved, corner-cut? It’s imperative to understand your shower’s needs before purchasing.

How much should you expect to spend?

Costs vary according to design complexity and materials used. Many of the products we reviewed run around $25-$30. You’ll find some that average about $50. Again, the more features, the more expensive. When you get into solid brass or specialized rods, expect to spend over $100.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Curtain Rods

Top Choice

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable

This shower curtain rod comes in multiple adjustable sizes and several stylish shades.

Pros: A standard shower rod that will hang the curtain with little fuss, this Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod installs quickly and easily without requiring a drill or a single screw. It’s available in four adjustable lengths: 24 to 36 inches, 36 to 54 inches, 54 to 90 inches, and 78 to 108 inches. Similarly, this option also provides various color options, like chrome, nickel, black, white, or bronze. Whatever the shade, you’ll get a slick curtain rod that’s lightweight yet capable of producing continuous tension to keep your shower curtain up and tight.

Cons: It isn’t the sturdiest option out there and might shift with particularly heavy curtains on it.

Bottom Line: This affordable, adjustable, and reliable shower curtain rod is a classic choice. The simple design looks sharp in almost any bathroom, especially if you take advantage of the color options.


Best Curved Rod

Zenna Home Double Curved Shower Rod

This shower rod was developed through a line of materials that ensures zero rust after repeated showers.

Pros: Looking for a shower rod that’s tough and accommodating? This Zenna Home Double Curved Shower Rod will hang your curtain and your towel. You don’t have to worry about dampening your towel either, as its dual-rod design is intended to separate the shower liner and curtain from a towel or hanging clothing. It also curves outward to make you feel like you have more room in the shower. It’s made from a line of NeverRust Aluminum, which—as you can infer—is designed to last for a lifetime without developing a speck of rust on its surface.

Cons: Some people found the shower curtain rod more difficult to install than they expected.

Bottom Line: The curved and dual-rod design of this shower curtain rod is beautiful and convenient. If you want an upgrade, this is a fantastic choice.


Best Nonslip Rod

TEECK Shower Curtain Rod

Here's a shower rod that's available in four different sizes, each capable of supporting 22 pounds.

Pros: Of course, a shower curtain rod still needs to hold itself up when a hefty curtain is attached to its hooks. This TEECK Shower Curtain Rod is made from anti-corrosive 304 stainless steel that’s available in three adjustable sizes (26 to 39 inches, 40 to 73 inches, and 50 to 91 inches). The real treat here isn’t the sizing or color variations, though. From one end to the other, this shower rod can support up to 22 pounds of weight without bending or slipping. This is due largely to the rod’s tight spring pull and rubber suction cup ends, which hold their place even when wet.

Cons: Some people found it thinner and less sturdy than desired.

Bottom Line: This tension spring anti-corrosive shower curtain rod is a top performer. The quality design and stainless steel material make it hard to say no to its reasonable price.


Best for Clawfoot Tubs

My PlumbingStuff Add-a-Shower System

This 60-inch rod and shower fixture combo is designed to allow for more practical use out of your old bathtub.

Pros: If you’re looking to upgrade to a showering option without the hassle of remodeling your entire bathroom, this My PlumbingStuff Add-a-Shower System is a great makeshift addition. Designed for clawfoot tubs, this shower system maintains the appeal of owning a bathtub while allowing for more practical use daily. A purchase here gets you a shower fixture powered by My PlumbingStuff’s patented B3100, which utilizes a ball-valve technology that diverts water from the tub through a piping system and out of a jumbo chrome-bell shower head. Additionally, it includes 12 shower rings for the curtain of your choice.

Cons: It’s pretty expensive, and some people might find it overpriced. It also requires a more complicated installation process than other rods.

Bottom Line: If you have a clawfoot tub, one of the most unique bathroom fixtures of all, then why not top it off with an equally distinctive shower curtain rod? The My PlumbingStuff might be the next addition to really pull off a cool look. Plus, it works well.


Best Double Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Double Shower Rod

This attractive, rust-free shower curtain rod is something special. It features a dual-rod design, so both your shower curtain and towel have a sturdy place to hang!

Pros: The Zenna Home shower rod deserves consideration for its rustproof, lightweight aluminum construction and its dual rod. With this design, both your shower curtain and towel have secure places to hang. Or, you can hang your liner on the inner rod and a curtain on the outer for easy use. Plus, you can choose between two installation modes. The tension-mount installation requires no tools. Alternatively, you can opt for the permanent mount installation with screws to hold the rod securely in the walls.

Cons: The permanent mount installation tends to work better than the tension for some.

Bottom Line: This nickel-coated aluminum curtain shower rod gets an A+ for the dual rod feature. It’s a convenient and high-quality option that should serve you well.

Final Thoughts

If you have a doorless shower, you’ll need a shower curtain rod and a curtain to keep your floors dry and free from mildew. If you want to upgrade your shower curtain rod, we’ve compiled some great options.

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