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The Best Curtain Tiebacks

🕚 Updated April 2022

Are your curtains feeling too bulky, making your home feel dark and heavy? Let the light in! These stylish curtain tiebacks will hold your curtains out of the way while looking good, whatever the style of your home.

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  Top Choice Most Color Options Best Metal Design Bohemian Design Casual and Rustic
(2 pcs ) Modern Magnetic Drape Tie Backs
Curtain Ropes Tiebacks
Valea Home
2 Pieces Curtain Tiebacks
2 Pieces Wood Bead Curtain Tieback
4 Pcs Natural Cotton Curtain Tiebacks
Our SummaryTie your curtains back without wall-damaging hardware with these simple yet chic magnetic rope curtain tiebacks.Simple, elegant, and strong, these satin ropes use a discreet hook to keep your curtains back.These decorative, flexible tiebacks come in many colors and make a nod to nature.These cute beaded boho curtain tiebacks come in a range of neutral colors to add texture to your room.These easy-to-use rope tiebacks keep your curtains in place without the damaging hardware.
ProsWorks well on light and heavy drapes, strong magnets, luxe look, no holes in walls.Use indoors or outdoors, thick, easy to use, looks very sophisticated.Fun, create your own designs, expensive looking, great customer service, vine-like.Versatile, strong and durable, adhesive hooks, 3D option, adds texture.Four-piece set, thick and sturdy, soft, easy to use, cotton, indoor or outdoor.
ConsMaterial may fade over time.Flimsy hooks.Can't hold curtains to the side.Adhesive hooks don't work on textured walls.Must be treated for use in outdoor spaces.
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The Best Curtain Tiebacks

a hand pulls a curtain and curtain tie back to reveal a window.

Buying Guide for Curtain Tiebacks

White lace curtains are pulled back with metal floral teardrop shaped tiebacks.
Valea Home

Why buy curtain tiebacks?

Curtain tiebacks hold your curtains aside during the day so that you can allow bright, beautiful sunshine into your home. Yet they’re not just functional. Whatever the aesthetic, there’s a pair of curtain tiebacks for your space. Many are simple, made of rope or fabric to tie your curtains back with minimal adornments. Others are made of metal, fashioned into cool designs such as flowers or geometric forms. Others still are fancy, made of faux pearls, wooden beads, or colorful tassels.

What should you consider in curtain tiebacks?

  • Materials: Do you love the look of a classic rope tieback, or do you prefer a touch of whimsy? Different materials add different feelings to the room. Tassels add a classic, sophisticated touch. Artistic floral patterns add a touch of whimsy. Whatever your taste, there’s a great set of curtain tiebacks that will match your desired aesthetic.
  • Curtain Length: The length of your curtains will come into play when it comes to tiebacks. For one thing, you should always place your tiebacks about 1/3 the length of the curtains up from the floor. Will your choice of tiebacks look good there? And if you want them anchored to the wall, will they fit in that exact spot? Measure your space before you decide on the style of tiebacks that will work best for you.
  • Assembly: Most curtain tiebacks are pretty basic: you tie them around your curtains. Others can anchor to the wall and make a loop around the curtain to pull them away from the window. Anchored tiebacks generally have a simple assembly, including one hook or screw that fastens into a small hole you drill into the wall.

Is a curtain holdback different than a curtain tieback?

Yes. A curtain holdback is a metal or wood piece that anchors to the wall holding back your curtains. It’s generally u-shaped, sometimes s-shaped. They are static, immovable, and may not be a great choice for homes with young children. Curtain tiebacks are generally made of soft material. They’re generally easier to remove. Since they’re either anchored by small hooks or not at all, they’re a safer choice for homes with small children.

Our Picks for the Best Curtain Tiebacks

Top Choice

SBROS (2 pcs ) Modern Magnetic Drape Tie Backs

Tie your curtains back without wall-damaging hardware with these simple yet chic magnetic rope curtain tiebacks.

Pros: This set of curtain tiebacks works well on both lighter drapes and heavy drapes due to the strong magnets inside the pom poms on the ends. You can knot, double-wrap, or single-wrap them around the curtains to keep them in place. They also have a luxurious twisted rope look to them, appearing far more expensive than they actually are. But the best part is that you don’t have to drill holes into your wall to use them.

Cons: The material may fade or unravel over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a great set of magnetic curtain tiebacks with a lovely silken look, these may be exactly what you need. You can fasten them in several ways, and they work with just about any kind of curtain material.


Most Color Options

BEL AVENIR Curtain Rope Tiebacks

Simple, elegant, and strong, these satin ropes use a discreet hook to keep your curtains back, allowing bright daytime light into your home.


Pros: These lovely curtain tiebacks work well indoors or outdoors. They’re nice and thick, so they can handle a bulkier set of curtains. Plus, they’re easy to use, so there’s no confusion or guesswork for the novice decorator. Simply loop them around the curtains and onto the small hook you install to the wall. They look super elegant, and they’re available in a two-pack or four-pack for your convenience.

Cons: The hooks are a little flimsy, so you may want to consider spending a couple of dollars for nicer ones from the hardware store.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for long, elegant satin rope tiebacks that won’t disappoint, check these out. There are lots of color choices, each with a luxurious sheen.


Best Metal Design

Valea Home 2 Pieces Curtain Tiebacks

These decorative, flexible tiebacks come in many colors and make a nod to nature.

Pros: If you loved bendy straws as a kid, these fun tiebacks are going to be a good fit for you. They’re fun to manipulate and create your own designs on your curtains. They look expensive and stay in place, and they have a vine-like design that adds a nice touch.

Cons: Although they can be manipulated in many ways, they cannot hold your curtains off to the side unless you install a hook.

Bottom Line: If you want to create a look all your own with a pair of bendable curtain tiebacks, you might just love these. The unique design will work with many design styles. Plus, they don’t require any holes in your walls.


Bohemian Design

OCIOLI 2 Pieces Wood Bead Curtain Tieback

These cute beaded boho curtain tiebacks come in a range of neutral colors to add texture to your room.

Pros: These wooden bead tiebacks are extremely versatile. They come in white, gray, black, and a  natural wood color. They’re strong and durable. Plus, they come with command-style hooks, so you don’t have to create holes in the walls.

Cons: The adhesive on the hooks won’t work on every type of wall. If you have textured walls, you may want to consider getting your own hooks and drilling them into the wall instead.

Bottom Line: These curtain tiebacks might be just what you need to amp up your decor. They’re beautifully made from real wood, and considering the quality, they’re a great value.


Casual and Rustic

Apipi 4 Pcs Natural Cotton Curtain Tiebacks

These easy-to-use rope tiebacks keep your curtains in place without the damaging hardware.

Pros: This four-pack of tiebacks is a fantastic value. They’re a half-inch thick, nice and sturdy, and more than capable of holding onto thick curtains. Plus, they’re soft and easy to use. They work great inside or outside, and they’re a nice neutral option that still provides some texture and visual interest.

Cons: If you use these for outdoor purposes, you may want to treat them first so that they don’t become damaged from precipitation or humidity.

Bottom Line: If you have a farmhouse or nautical style in your home, these curtain tiebacks can be a great decorative touch to add. They’re affordable for most, so you can buy a lot for larger rooms or patios without breaking the budget, and they’re made from natural materials.

Final Thoughts

Curtain tiebacks are functional and decorative items to add to your home to help you enjoy the sunshine. These options should all make lovely additions to a home.

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