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The Best D Batteries for Your Electronics

closeup of two D orange Amazonbasics batteries beside a black flashlight atop a wooden table

D batteries are used in children’s toys, portable stereos, flashlights, and many other high-drain devices that need serious power to function. If you are looking for a reliable long-lasting D battery that provides consistent power, here are some we recommend.

What to Look for in D Batteries

First, you will want to find batteries that feature a long battery life and are dependable. Luckily, all of the batteries featured in this guide are both dependable and long-lasting!

The type of batteries you purchase will also come into play. For instance, alkaline batteries cannot be recharged but are more easily disposed of since they are environmentally safer than lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries are also known for providing a consistent and high level of energy.

Finally, be sure to check the shelf life of the batteries you plan on purchasing. This can save your batteries from going bad in storage and help you decide how many batteries to purchase at a time.

Best Overall: Energizer Max D Batteries

pack of silvery and black Energizer D batteries

The Energizer Max D Batteries last exceptionally long, especially when compared to budget brands. Thus, these batteries are ideal for powering everyday devices or for keeping around in the event of an emergency. These alkaline batteries hold power for up to 10 years in storage and are especially adept at powering low-to-medium-drain electronics.

Best Overall

Energizer Max D Batteries, Premium Alkaline D Cell Batteries (8 Battery Count)

These D batteries feature a very long battery life and can be stored for up to 10 years while holding their power. They are especially useful for low-to-medium-drain electronic devices.

Best Value: Amazon Basics 4 Pack D Cell Alkaline Batteries

four orange and gray Amazonbasics D batteries

The Amazon Basics D Cell Alkaline Batteries have surprising longevity that belies their discount price tag. These 1.5-volt D batteries feature a 5-year leak-free shelf life, meaning they are great for keeping in storage or using right away. They also feature great power output to prevent your electronics from flickering or failing and longevity that rivals some of the top name-brand D batteries.

Best Value

Amazon Basics 4-Pack D Cell Alkaline All-Purpose Batteries, 1.5 Volt, 5-Year Shelf Life

These budget-priced D batteries have a much more impressive battery life than other discount D battery options. They are also very dependable if used within a few years.

Best Rechargeable: Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries

two pack of silvery Energizer D batteries

The Energizer 1.2-Volt Rechargeable D Batteries are compatible with a wide array of battery chargers, offer long-lasting power, and can be recharged hundreds of times. These batteries deal with heat better than cold. They can operate at temperatures between 32 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a great option to power flashlights during your next camping trip. Additionally, with a 3-year shelf life, you should be able to get plenty of use out of these batteries before having to replace them.

Best Rechargeable

Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries, NiMH, 2500 mAh, 2 Count (NH50BP-2) Green and Silver

These D batteries can be recharged hundreds of times for great savings. They also provide steady, reliable power.

Best in Bulk: Duracell 1.5V Procell Batteries

orange and black Procell D battery on a orange background

The Duracell 1.5-Volt Procell Batteries sport an impressive 10-year shelf life and are individually date-coded to ensure freshness. These batteries are great for use in a wide range of temperatures (-4 degrees to 129 degrees Fahrenheit) and contain no mercury for easy disposal. They also feature a very impressive battery life and provide steady, reliable power output, making them a great option for those looking to stock up on high-quality D batteries.

Best in Bulk

Duracell PC1300 1.5V D12 Procell Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide Battery, 12 Count (Pack of 1) - Packaging May Vary

This 12-pack of D batteries offers impressive battery life and a10-year shelf life. They also work in extreme temperatures.

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