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The Best Dancing Water Speakers

Water dancing speaker on black background
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Dancing water speakers are a lot of fun, and they can transform your music to make it feel like a concert from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking to liven up your next party, enhance your video-gaming experience, or you’re simply looking for a cool new decoration for your bedroom, investing in a dancing water speaker will be a purchase you won’t regret.

Check out the speakers we’ve listed below to find the best dancing water speaker for you.

Best Overall: Aolyty Colorful LED Dancing Water Speaker

two dancing water speakers with white bases and blue-purple lights

This dancing water speaker comes as a duo, so you get two synchronized speakers for one price. The LED lights combine with the water inside the speakers’ walls to create a beautiful, hypnotizing effect. The water and colorful lights are programmed to “dance” to the bass of your music, so watch as your favorite songs come to life before your eyes. These speakers come in different color options to let you pick the color that best matches your space and preference. The speakers are compatible with desktop/laptop computers, Androids, and Apple products, so grab your phone, press play on your favorite playlist, and prepare for a real sensory celebration.

Best Overall

Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing Fountain Light Show Sound for PC, MP3 Player, Laptops(White)

This set of dancing water speakers uses LED lights to create an eye-catching effect. The speakers are compatible with desktop and laptop computers, Androids, and iPhones/iPads.

Budget Option: I-kool Changing Colors Water Dancing Speaker

four glittery dancing water speakers in different colors

Looking to add some eye-catching effects to your next party? This Bluetooth speaker from I-kool can help you do that, thanks to its defining features. The speaker is capable of changing to four different colors that will bring a sense of fun to the room, offering appealing shades of blue, red, green, and purple. Also, the water inside the speaker’s globe contains shimmering sparkles to help liven up your event and enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

Connect multiple devices to the speaker’s Bluetooth, or use the 3.5mm audio port to connect other devices that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities. The spherical shape of the speaker’s globe creates a “water cyclone” in the center that caters to its size and speed according to each song’s unique beat. The speaker itself is high in quality and has a non-crack feature that will prevent sound glitches, making way for the ultimate listening experience.

Budget Option

I-kool 4 Changing Colors Water Dancing Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless (Globe White)

This Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a sphere and has a sparkly water cyclone that changes colors and frequency according to each song.

Most Unique Design: NEMO Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker 

black dancing light speaker with fake pink jellyfish
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If you’re opting for a dancing water speaker with character and a sense of distinction, this is the product for you. Perfect for beach-themed bedrooms, all-things neon, or simply to use as a stimulating visual at the center of your space, this speaker will surely make a statement. The speaker uses a color-changing RGB LED light paired with two jellyfish and two “Nemo fish” to create its hypnotic effect.

It has a stand-alone battery life of six hours, and it provides a continuous loop of entertainment when the accompanying USB cable is plugged in and connected to a power source. Setup is made easy by filling the speaker’s tank with water, a drop of dish soap, then adding the Nemo fish and jellyfish. The product doubles as a peaceful sleep-aid, so those with trouble sleeping can take advantage of the speaker’s dual purpose.

Most Unique Design

NEMO Jelly Bluetooth Speaker Table Light - Great Gift Unique Lava Lamp Color Changing LED Jellyfish Aquarium - Portable Wireless Speaker Relaxing Night/Mood Light

This Bluetooth speaker has a unique and mesmerizing design, containing two fish and two jellyfish that change colors and dance in the water of the speaker's tank.

Also Consider: MoreBuyBuy Night Lights Water Dancing Speaker

two dancing water speakers with silvery bases and dark blue and purple and black lights

Another great option, this water dancing speaker uses green and purple LED lights to create a perfect ambiance for nighttime and daytime listening alike. The product comes as a set of two, so it offers two full-range stereo speakers that work together to create an exhilarating surround-sound effect. The speakers are compatible with most Apple and Android products, so you can connect your device using the Bluetooth feature or use the speakers in auxiliary mode. Excellent for listening to your favorite songs on your own, or as extra entertainment when gaming with your friends, these speakers will enhance your listening experience with a surreal touch of techno.

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