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The Best Decals to Customize Your Car

bright yellow sports car with gray decals around the headlightsCar decals are a widely popular accessory among those who own a vehicle. It seems as if you can’t drive a mile on the highway without seeing several different cars with a sticker or two, or sometimes more than two. It’s no surprise that they’re so beloved and widespread. Many people like to add a custom or personalized touch to their cars. Whether you’re declaring your allegiance to your favorite sports team, showing appreciation for a certain state or national park or country, or affirming your love of your favorite TV show or your family, a car decal can be a small but effective way of displaying a snapshot of your personality or conveying a certain message. Maybe you want to add some decoration and flair to your vehicle in a much more affordable fashion than a new paint job or vanity license plate. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to make your car easier to identify in a crowded parking lot. Decals have the distinct advantage of being easy to remove, so if you ever get tired of one or want to mix things up, you can easily take them off or swap them out for a new one. Whatever your reasons for displaying a car decal, there are almost unlimited options from which to choose.

What to Consider in Car Decals

Here’s what you should look to when buying a decal for your car:

  • Placement: Do you want to place your decal or decals on your bumper, windshield, or somewhere else? Many decals are versatile and allow you to place them anywhere you want. However, some types are meant for one specific spot on your car and might not adhere properly or look quite right if placed in an unintended spot.
  • Type: There are thousands of different designs of car decals out there. There are colorful ones, subtle ones, large ones, small ones, lettering, fantastic shapes, flags, stick families, sports teams; the list is nearly endless. While this means you should have no trouble finding the exact sort of decal you want, it can also be a daunting prospect since there are so many to wade through at once. Knowing what you want can help narrow down your search a lot.
  • Quantity: Decals often come in packs or sets. It’s possible to find singular decals, of course, but there are also plenty that come in a handful, dozens, or even hundreds. Consider ahead of time how many decals you’ll want or need to buy. This may save you money if the decals you want are cheaper as a set than buying several individual editions of the same sticker.

Best Custom Text: Printing Jay Custom Vinyl Sticker Lettering

customizable decals showing the numerous color and font options

Sometimes you’re looking for a text car decal but can’t find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for. Or maybe you have found it, but not in a font that you like or in a shade that compliments your car’s color. That’s where these custom vinyl letters decals come in handy. Find the “Customize Now” button on the listing page to type in whatever message you want. You get to pick the size, font, and color of your text, with 20 sizes from 6 to 64 inches, 18 fonts, and 16 colors from which to choose. You will get to see a preview of your decal before you buy it, so you know that you’re getting the precise look you want before you spend your money. The stickers are made of high-quality die-cut vinyl, which means they’re much more durable than their paper cousins. They’re also weatherproofed with staying power to last up to seven years and no background to distract from your text. The decals stick equally well to hard and smooth surfaces, so you can stick them on the window, bumper, or any other part of your car that you want.

Best Custom Text

Custom Decal (50 Colors + 20 Fonts + 30 Sizes) - Custom Vinyl Sticker, Custom Car Decal - Custom Sticker Car, Custom Vinyl Decal - Vinyl Lettering, Custom Decal Car (30 Characters)

Customize whatever message you want for your car with this decal that has a wide variety of sizes, fonts, and colors from which to choose.

Best Variety: OtRainbow Colorful Stickers Pack

large pile of assorted car decals in various shapes and bright colors

If you’re someone who likes to decorate their car with multiple decals, or you like to switch out your car decals for fresh ones every now and then, this set of 200 cute, graffiti-style decals are an ideal choice. These stickers are large and vibrant and made with high definition printing, ranging in size from 2.5 to 3.5 inches, and each is unique, with no duplicates in the entire pack despite the high count. The adhesive on these decals was specially designed for repeated use, to be applied and re-applied multiple times. You won’t have to worry about them leaving residue after being peeled off or about the decals curling and falling off despite repeated removal. They’re made of vinyl and ink that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, as well as water-resistant and sun-proofed. They’re well able to withstand the elements without losing their vibrant colors or viscosity from moisture or lengthy sun exposure, so you can drive your car to the beach or through the rain without worry.

Best for Nature Lovers: GlibertVillageGoods Adventure Nature Stickers

assorted nature and hiking themed car decals

Nature is a popular theme for car decals, and this pack of 50 stickers is a great option if you want to display your love for the great outdoors on your car. They’re made of pure, quality vinyl and will stick equally well to your car’s bumper or windows, depending on where you want to display them. They’re also waterproofed against rain, storms, and other precipitation. These decals are a nice small size so you can fit multiple stickers on your car, but not so small that the picture is hard to see or make out. You get to pick between 21 different editions of nature-themed stickers. There are some more general outdoorsy stickers, as well as some geared toward specific activities like diving, fishing, or skiing. If you’re a lover of U.S. national parks and want to track which ones you’ve visited, there is a national park themed set as well. With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be a set that pleases and suits any nature lover.

Best for Headlights: ViaVinyl Claw Marks Headlight Decal

lime green sports car with black scar shaped decals on the right headlight

When it comes to placing car decals, bumpers and windows get all the glory. The vast majority of car decals are advertised for placement in one of those two spots. It can be harder to find a decal designed for a less usual spot on your vehicle if that’s what you’re in the market for. Luckily, that’s where this claw-like design comes in, as it was made to rest around your headlights. It will also look great around door seams as well if that’s more your style. It’s designed with muscle and sports cars in mind, but it will add personality to any vehicle you own. The decal is made of premium quality die-cut vinyl with a strong adhesive that won’t fade, crack, or peel, nor will it scratch or hurt your paint job if you ever decide to remove it. It’s rated to last six years or more out of doors and is available in 12 different colors, so whatever color your car is, you should have no trouble finding a shade that stands out or suits it. The claw mark comes split down the middle, making it easy to apply without any guesswork on your end. Prep materials and detailed instructions come included for even easier installation. Clean the intended surface with a rubbing alcohol prep pad before application for best results.

Best for Headlights

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