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The Best Decorative Bookends

🕚 Updated February 2022

If you're a reader, you'll need to keep your collection of books organized. A fun way to keep your books upright while allowing you to show off your style is to use decorative bookends. Here are some of our favorites!

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  Top Choice Best Figurine Forms Best Geometric Style Best for Superhero Fans Best Detailed Design
  JIC Gems
Blue Agate Bookends
Decorative Bookends
Metal Bookends
Metal Decorative Bookends
Our SummaryNatural and uniquely designed agate bookends.Silver men bookends that keep your books organized and in place.Two unique heavy-duty metal bookends.Spice up your space with these Superwoman bookends.Simplify your shelf with these durable, hollow flower-patterned bookends.
ProsNo-slip grip, four size options, multiple colors.Padded microfiber base to protect furniture.Powder-coated, anti-rust, anti-slip mat on bottom.Invisible optical illusion display.Modern design, nonslip base.
ConsStone appearance may vary.Fingerprints may show.May topple over when books are removed.Can only hold a few books.Better for thin, lightweight books.
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The Best Decorative Bookends

Vintage books enclosed by old fashioned bookends with a moody dark background

Buying Guide for Decorative Bookends

Blue book ends and books on a table.
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Why buy decorative bookends?

Decorative bookends are an organizational tool to keep your books from slipping and in their place on a shelf or table. They can be a functional yet unique piece of decor that showcases your personality.

What should you look for in decorative bookends? 

  • Size: Keep in mind the height and width of the bookends as well as your bookshelves. You want to be sure there is enough room for the bookends in the area you plan to set them on.
  • Decor: If you want your bookends to fit in the aesthetic of your space, you should consider if the style will match your existing decor. However, if you want to mix and match, there are plenty of options to do that with too.
  • Slippage: Determine if the bookends have any gripping or texture on the bottom to keep them in place and prevent from slipping.

How heavy should decorative bookends be?

Consider the weight behind your bookends, as they’ll need some heft to keep your larger, thicker books in place. Lighter bookends, on the other hand, are great for your smaller and thinner books.

Our Picks for the Best Decorative Bookends

Top Choice

JIC Gem Blue Agate Bookends

Natural and uniquely designed agate bookends.

Pros: These gorgeous blue agate bookends are heavy-duty and will keep your books firmly in place with no slippage thanks to their rubber bumpers. They also come in four different weight categories and five other dyed colors to give you a more customizable experience.

Cons: Each stone is natural so the appearance may be different in actuality.

Bottom Line: The simple yet beautiful appearance of each stone’s unique texture make these bookends sure to stand out in your home or office. The options of four weight categories and other dyed colors give you even more variety to find exactly what you want.


Best Figurine Forms

MROCO Decorative Bookends

Silver men bookends that keep your books organized and in place.

Pros: These large, metal man bookends will help you save storage space. The shiny, mirrored look is an eye-catching feature that would complement most rooms. The bottom has a padded microfiber base to keep them in place and keep from scratching your furniture.

Cons: Because of their shiny make, fingerprints will be more noticeable on these bookends.

Bottom Line: These sleek and fun bookends are a great conversation piece that can be put in your home or office. Their rounded edges and padded base will keep your bookshelf or table safe from scratches while keeping your favorite books in place.


Best Geometric Style

SRIWATANA Metal Bookends

Two unique heavy-duty metal bookends.

Pros: These metal bookends allow you to maximize your extra space and can be easily decorated. They are heavy-duty and powder-coated, so the surface is smooth and will not rust. The bottom of the bookends has a nonscratching mat that is also anti-slip.

Cons: These may topple over when a book is removed, so be sure to move the edges over when taking a book out.

Bottom Line: These bookends are functional yet striking in design. Their all-metal construction makes them durable and strong enough to hold both larger and small books, and the nonscratching mat bottom keeps your furniture from safe from damage.


Best for Superhero Fans

Artori Metal Bookends

Spice up your space with these Superwoman bookends.

Pros: If you’re a fan of Superwoman, these bookends will be right up your alley. The invisible bookend display makes it look like Superwoman is holding up the books, creating a floating optical illusion. The modern-designed bookends are powder-painted and require no installation.

Cons: These bookends are lightweight and can only hold about six or seven books in order to properly balance.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with these bookends if you love Superwoman. These are a fun option to keep your books in line, and with their polished metal build, they are just as strong as they are cute.


Best Detailed Design

EasyPAG Decorative Bookends

Simplify your shelf with these durable, hollow flower-patterned bookends.

Pros: These durable metal bookends are made with industrial stamped-steel construction and feature a modern, carved hollow flower-pattern design. They are designed with strong enough support to keep all your books in place, and the bottom features a soft, nonslip base that is safe to use on most surfaces.

Cons: Due to their weight, these bookends are better for thinner and lightweight books.

Bottom Line: This classic, L-shaped bookend set is ideal for most spaces and can add a nice touch to organizing your favorite books. The metal support will keep them in place without scratching your furniture because of its rounded edges and nonslip bottom.

Final Thoughts

Adding decorative bookends will help keep your area tidy, keep your favorite reads organized, and show your unique style. With many options that are sleek, fun, or designed with a classy taste, you’re bound to find one that works for you and your space.

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