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The Best Decorative Lanterns

Vela Lanterns/ROSHWEY/Kate Aspen
🕚 Updated December 2021

Decorative lanterns aren't always the focal point in a decorative display, but maybe they should be! If you want beautiful statement-piece lanterns to spruce up your space, check these out.

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  Most Color Options Best for Candles Best Solar Best Set Best Electric
  Vela Lanterns
Decorative Candle Lanterns
Kate Aspen
White Lantern
Outdoor Hanging Solar Lantern
2 Pack Outdoor Lanterns with 30 LED Waterproof Solar Lights
Yinuo Candle
Vintage Outdoor Hanging Camping Lanterns
Our SummaryVersatility adds to the enchanting beauty of these lanterns.Add extra beauty to your decor with these rustic lanterns.Add extra flair to your outdoor areas with this decorative solar lantern.Add charm to your yard year-round or for a special decorative display.Light up your space with this decorative vintage lantern.
ProsVivid color, 29 color options, can hang or stand, candles, LED lights, fairy lights, real metal and glass.Comes in four sizes, suitable for candles or decorative elements.Solar power, can hang or sit, hollowed design adds extra beauty, corrosion-resistant.Sturdy glass, can hang or stand, solar power.Two light modes, remote control, lightweight, indoor/outdoor use, can hang or sit.
ConsNot durable, metal conducts some heat, glass design is not etched.Thin iron, breakable glass, lightweight.Lightweight.Short battery life, cap can come loose.Battery-operated.
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The Best Decorative Lanterns

Three different decorative lanterns; one is blue, one is hanging from a tree branch, one is white.
Vela Lanterns/ROSHWEY/Kate Aspen

Buying Guide for Decorative Lanterns

A sidewalk lined with decorative lanterns lit up and displaying a pretty pattern on the ground.

Why do you want to buy a decorative lantern?

Decorative lanterns are a great way to add something special to an indoor decorative display or your outdoor living space. Whether you use them for lighting the sidewalk or adding a gentle glow for ambiance, decorative lanterns can change a space from plain to enchanting.

What should you consider when purchasing a decorative lantern?

  • Placement: Your first decision needs to be where you want your decorative lanterns to be. Indoor or outdoor? Hanging or standing? These are simple questions, but they will narrow down the search significantly and help you determine the best lanterns for your purpose.
  • Utility or Embellishment: You also need to decide whether you want your decorative lanterns to meet utilitarian needs or just be there to look pretty. If you want your lanterns to light a sidewalk or to give off enough light to see the surrounding area in the dark, you should look for a model that has bright, long-lasting light and can withstand the elements if it’s going to be outside. If you care more about your lantern being decorative, you’ll still need to make sure you find the right kind of look and durability to carry out your vision.
  • Extra Supplies: Depending on how you plan to use your lanterns and where you want to put them, you may need hooks to secure them. If it’s battery-powered, make sure you have enough batteries on hand.

Where can you use decorative lanterns?

  • Centerpieces: One of the most beautiful ways a decorative lantern can be used is as part of a centerpiece. From a sprawling table centerpiece for a family dinner or for wedding reception decorations, there are many options for using lanterns to decorate. Pairing them with flowers or other decorative elements makes for a tasteful and gorgeous display. Plus, with such a variety of lantern styles, they can go with almost any theme.
  • Garden: Add an enchanting decorative element to your garden with a lantern. Solar lanterns make it easy to light up your garden space in the evening.
  • Patio or Porch: If you want to enjoy your evenings outdoors with decorative, but also useful, lighting, lanterns are a beautiful option. The lanterns add a special spin to chatting with friends or family, or even relaxing with a book.
  • Light the Way: Decorative lanterns can be quite practical, especially for lighting the way and the steps up to your doorway. You’ll no longer have to carry a flashlight or fumble to find your phone’s flashlight if your lanterns are ready to turn on in the evening in the places you need visibility.

Our Picks for the Best Decorative Lanterns

Most Color Options

Vela Lanterns Decorative Candle Lanterns

Versatility adds to the enchanting beauty of these lanterns.

Pros: This colorful lantern can use candles, tea lights (use matching colors for the best results), or even a string of fairy lights to create an enchanting glow in your indoor or outdoor space. It can be strung on a chain or set on a solid surface. It comes in 29 colors to fit your space perfectly. In addition to the colorful glow, the patterned glass and metal add an extra touch of wonder.

Cons: The metal can get hot to the touch, so be careful. The pattern is not etched into the glass.

Bottom Line: These elegant yet colorful lanterns are wonderful to use as delicate decorations in a home or for an event. They come in a wide variety of colors and can be lit in multiple ways.


Best for Candles

Kate Aspen White Lantern

Add extra beauty to your decor with these rustic lanterns.

Pros: These rustic lanterns come in four sizes to help you make a decorative display that’s completely your own. Rustic distressed details add character to each lantern. They can hold a real candle, decorative elements, or tea lights.

Cons: The iron and glass are thin and could bend or break easily. The handle doesn’t move, and they’re not as functional.

Bottom Line: These lanterns can create a beautiful tablescape or display. They’re meant solely for decoration rather than for lighting up a space.


Best Solar

Esgarden Outdoor Hanging Solar Lantern

Add extra flair to your outdoor areas with this decorative solar lantern.

Pros: This solar-powered lantern is a fantastic way to add an extra decorative element to your garden or patio. They can also be used to light up a pathway in a dramatically enchanting way. The sides have a beautiful design that’s not only pretty to look at in the daylight but also lights up your yard in a lovely pattern at night. Because this lantern is created for outdoor use, it is corrosion-resistant and made to withstand the weather. It can be hung or placed on a level surface.

Cons: They are lightweight, so while they’re made to withstand the weather, it’s safer to bring them indoors during a storm.

Bottom Line: These lanterns add a special touch to a garden, patio, or walkway with their warm glow and unique pattern.


Best Set

ROSHWEY 2 Pack Outdoor Lanterns with 30 LED Waterproof Solar Lights

Add charm to your yard year-round or for a special decorative display.

Pros: These versatile outdoor lanterns add a charming look to seasonal decorations, or you can keep them up all year long. Solar power and a quality, weather-resistant design mean these lanterns can last all year, even with daily use. They can rest on steps or hang on fence posts, trees, hooks, or pergolas to add charm or light the way to your door.

Cons: Some users had issues with hanging them. While they give a beautiful glow, the lights don’t stay on very long, leaving some people in the dark when they’re still ready to enjoy the evening outdoors.

Bottom Line: These bright solar-powered lanterns are a simple, unique, and decorative way to light your path or steps to your door.


Best Electric

Yinuo Candle Vintage Outdoor Hanging Camping Lanterns

Light up your space with this decorative vintage lantern.

Pros: If you like the vintage look of camping lanterns, these are the lanterns for you. The lights have two modes, flickering or continuous light, to create the ambiance of your choice. With the handy remote control, you can turn them on and switch between modes. Use the hooks to hang them on a hook or branch or place them on a stable surface. They can be used indoors and outdoors in several applications. However, they are lightweight and would most likely blow over if not secured during strong winds.

Cons: These lanterns operate using batteries, and if you plan to use them for a few hours each use, you will be replacing the batteries frequently. The remote control doesn’t work well when the batteries are losing their power, but there is a knob to turn on/off and switch between light modes.

Bottom Line: These vintage lanterns can set a lovely mood and are conveniently battery-powered.

Final Thoughts

Decorative lanterns are a fun and whimsical way to add extra personality or charm to your indoor decorations or outdoor living space. Whatever your style, one of these lanterns should spark your interest.

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