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The Best Denim Jackets for Women

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🕚 Updated September 2023

 Denim jackets are a classic piece of outerwear and great for almost any season! They're cute, casual, affordable, and incredibly versatile. If you need a new go-to denim jacket, we've gathered some fabulous options.

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  Top Choice Stretchy Option Best Lined Best Boyfriend Style Best Distressed
  Riders by Lee
Indigo Women's Denim Jacket
Wrangler Authentics
Women's Authentics Denim Jacket
Women's Original Sherpa Trucker Jackets
Loose Women's Denim Jean Jacket
Women's Jean Jacket
Our SummaryThis classic jacket looks great on most body types and is a comfortable choice for all-day wear.This timeless jacket merges style with functionality.This cozy, Sherpa-lined option is sure to keep you warm during the colder months.This oversized jacket has an effortless, relaxed fit that's great for layering.This distressed denim jacket is edgy and lightweight.
Pros✓ Affordable
✓ Classic fit
✓ Bold colors
✓ Cotton-polyester blend with rayon and spandex
✓ Light stretch
✓ Durable and machine washable
✓ Four functional pockets
✓ Affordable
✓ Part spandex for extra stretch and comfort
✓ Breathable and comfortable
✓ Five colors
✓ Good for all-day wear
✓ Durable
✓ Machine washable
✓ Four pockets
✓ Fur-lined
✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Plus and standard sizes available
✓ Unique colors and prints
✓ Good for layering
✓ Durable and machine washable
✓ Functional pockets
✓ Trendy boyfriend fit
✓ Perfect for layering
✓ Gender-neutral
✓ Multiple colors
✓ Soft and breathable
✓ Has pockets
✓ Faded denim look
✓ Affordable
✓ Trendy distressed look
✓ Multiple styles, washes, and colors
✓ Soft polyester
✓ Long, relaxed fit
✓ Breathable and lightweight
Cons✗ Tend to shrink after washing✗ May need to size up
✗ Limited size range
✗ Runs small
✗ May be too warm for spring or summer.
✗ Runs big✗ Thin
✗ Hand wash only
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The Best Denim Jackets for Women

a young brunette woman in a denim jacket standing by the sea.
Evgeny Hmur/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Denim Jackets

Happy African young woman wearing denim jacket laughing looking at camera standing on street.

Why buy a denim jacket?

Denim jackets provide the perfect amount of warmth for chilly mornings or evenings. You can dress a denim jacket up or down, transition it from day to night, or even customize it with cute pins and buttons for a bold fashion statement. Denim jackets are a staple in most women’s closets because they don’t go out of style, add a rustic touch to any outfit, and pair with almost anything. You can wear them with feminine pieces like dresses or skirts or go more casual by wearing them with a timeless white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Honestly, they can be worn with almost anything during practically any season, so a denim jacket is an essential piece to have in your closet.

What should you look for in a denim jacket?

  • Wash: Denim jackets are available in almost any wash, and there are even denim jackets available in bolder colors and patterns if you prefer a statement piece. Picking a denim jacket with the right wash is essential for styling. A timeless light wash tends to be more casual and is perfect for warmer weather. On the other hand, a darker wash is great for nights out since it gives off a little more formal vibe.
  • Material: All denim isn’t created equal. Choosing a jacket made of high-quality, durable denim is essential for longevity. Lower-quality denim tends to lose its integrity over time and won’t keep you warm during the colder months. Since denim jackets are such a staple piece, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality denim jacket that won’t fray or stretch out.
  • Style: From trendy, distressed denim jackets to Sherpa-lined denim jackets, there are plenty of classic and unique styles to choose from. Cropped options pair well with dresses, and oversized options give a trendy, modern look. Enjoy perusing the options; you’re bound to find something that speaks to you.

How do you wash a denim jacket?

One of the many great things about denim jackets is that they’re almost always machine washable. To preserve the longevity of your jacket, simply wash your jacket in a cool water setting and hang it to dry. If your denim jacket is acid-washed, hand-painted, or if it has heavy, distressed detailing, you may need to opt for hand washing to avoid ruining the embellishments on your jacket.

Our Picks for the Best Denim Jackets

Top Choice

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Denim Jacket

This classic jacket looks great on most body types and is a comfortable choice for all-day wear.

Pros: This timeless and affordable denim jacket is a classic pick. It comes in a variety of bold colors and is made from a cotton-polyester blend that’s sure to keep you warm without being too hot. It’s also made with rayon and spandex, so the jacket is designed to stretch and hug your curves without being too tight or constricting. It’s machine washable and has four functional pockets.

Cons: This jacket has a tendency to shrink after washing, so you may need to order a size up for an ideal fit.

Bottom Line: This cute and casual jacket is sure to give you all-day comfort. The fit isn’t too boxy or figure-hugging, and the length hits just above the hip, so it adds soft definition to your body without being too tight. It’s also lightweight, making it a must-have jacket for warmer weather.


Stretchy Option

Wrangler Authentics Women's Denim Jacket

This timeless jacket merges style with functionality.

Pros: Made of 99% cotton and 1% spandex, this timeless choice is breathable and comfortable. It comes in five colors and has a classic fit that suits most body types. Its soft cotton blend also gives comfort and mobility for all-day wear. It’s durable and machine washable. It has two flap pockets and two vertical front pockets, so you can carry your necessities in style.

Cons: You may need to size up if you have a large bust or if you prefer looser sleeves. It also has a limited size range.

Bottom Line: This jacket is a great choice for those who love a touch of casual minimalism. It streamlines your silhouette without being too constricting, and you can even cuff the sleeves for a casual, effortless look.


Best Lined Jacket

Levi's Women's Original Sherpa Trucker Jackets

This cozy, fur-lined option is sure to keep you warm during the colder months.

Pros: This Sherpa-lined denim jacket is ideal for those who value comfort most. Its Sherpa lining makes it perfect for cold weather, and it has a diverse size range that’s available in both plus and standard sizes. It comes in a variety of unique colors and prints, and the boxy cut makes it great for layering. It’s made with a comfortable blend of 51% cotton, 47% polyester, and 2% spandex. The non-stretch denim fabric is durable and machine washable, and it has two chest pockets and two side pockets. 

Cons: This jacket tends to run small, so it’s recommended to size up. It might be too warm to wear in the warmer months.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a heavier denim jacket option, this pick is the one for you. The soft fur lining is sure to keep you nice and warm. It‘s also made with less water, so it’s a guilt-free, environmentally-conscious option.


Best Boyfriend Style

Cantonwalker Loose Women's Denim Jean Jacket

This oversized jacket has an effortless, relaxed fit that's great for layering.

Pros: This oversized jacket has a trendy boyfriend fit that is perfect for layering. It comes in a variety of colors and washes and is made of 100% cotton, so it’s soft and breathable. Its four functional pockets make storing your phone, keys, and wallet a breeze. Its faded denim wash is great for someone who prefers a more rugged, worn-in aesthetic. This jacket isn’t available in plus sizes, but the oversized fit makes it a great choice for most.

Cons: The jacket runs big, so you may need to size down if you’re short or petite.

Bottom Line: This jacket is ideal for the cool girl on the go. It’s comfortable, casual, and oversized, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t like cropped or tight-fitting jackets.


Best Distressed

SeNight Women's Jean Jacket

This distressed denim jacket is edgy and lightweight.

Pros: This distressed denim jacket comes in a wide variety of washes, styles, and colors and is made of soft polyester. It has a cool, relaxed fit and is nice and long. The faded denim gives it a trendy, worn-in look. It’s also breathable and lightweight, so it’s great for warmer months.

Cons: This jacket is hand wash only. It’s also not as heavy or durable as a traditional denim jacket, so the material is on the thinner side.

Bottom Line: This jacket is perfect for anyone who loves making a bold fashion statement. The distressed cut-outs add a subtle hint of sexiness to your look, and it’s great for a girls’ night out or a casual date night.

Final Thoughts

Denim jackets are a timeless staple since they can be worn with almost anything. Invest in one of these top picks to make your wardrobe more complete!

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