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The Best Desk Pads for Your Work or In-Home Office

A large computer monitor and its accessories sit on a wooden desk with a black desk pad.

You have just bought a new desk, but you don’t want to start carelessly sliding electronics and coffee mugs across its surface yet. To protect its appearance from excess moisture, stains, and scratches, you should invest in a desk pad.

Desk pads are the ideal form of protection for your new workstation and are available in all shapes and styles. Of course, there’s one preference that matters most in your search, and it’s how badly you want to preserve the integrity of your desk. If you are in the market to keep your desk looking fresh out of the factory for as long as possible, then here are a few options we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Desktop Pad

When you are ready to seek a bit more stability for your workstation, let these factors guide your way:

  • Size: When narrowing your selection, it’s important to consider the size of a pad in relation to the desk you are working on. A desk pad is typically used to keep items such as keyboards, mousepads, personal electronics, or even a laptop in place. That could be a lot to handle, but it doesn’t mean it has to take over the entirety of your desk. Look to options that take up no more than a quarter of your desk space, depending on its measurements.
  • Traction: While these pads are intended to act as a safeguard that maintains the integrity of your desk’s surface, they shouldn’t get in the way of your work. You should look into desk pad options that employ an anti-slip design (i.e., under-pad cork, leather, or rubber) to prevent unnecessary shifting while you type.
  • Overall Fit: Finally, you should always invest in a pad that is in theme with your overall aesthetic. There’s no right way to shop according to your style, so just have fun with it. Are you looking to add a touch of modernity to your workspace? Maybe you are more interested in a bold color pattern or even something that you can’t even notice until you set your hands down.

Best Overall: Awnour Clear Desk Pad

On the left, a bird's eye view of a clear desk pad beneath a keyboard, mousepad, and work accessories. On the right, the pad is illuminated by a nearby window.

Designed to keep your desktop materials in place in an inconspicuous manner, this Awnour Clear Desk Pad works in plain sight. It’s made out of lightweight PVC material that’s nearly invisible to the naked eye. However, it does feature a frosted design that can be seen at certain angles while promoting convenient anti-slip properties. Additionally, its rounded edges protect a user’s forearms and elbows from the uncomfortable poke a pointed pad can give.

Best Overall

Awnour Clear Desk Pad

A 34 by 17-inch pad that's designed to blend in with your desk's surroundings.

Most Stylish Pick: Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

A black desk pad sits in front of two computer moniters.

This Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector is available in three accommodating sizes and 16 classic colors, serving as a classy safeguard that ties a desktop together. It’s crafted from durable polyurethane leather that gives your office a modern touch while still preventing scratches, scuffs, and spills. Underneath the pad is a special cork suede material designed to increase friction resistance by 70%, so the looks stay up top while the business is really handled just below.

Most Stylish Pick

Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

Designed to increase friction resistance significantly, this desk pad offers a touch of sophistication to every work environment.

Most Secure Fit: LOHOME Desk Pad Artificial Leather

On the left, a black desk pad sits on a counter top. On the right, a close up view of the pad's hangover lip design, which wraps around the edge of the desk for a tighter hold.

If you are looking for a secure fit that not only protects your desktop but your finely ironed clothing, this artificial leather desk pad understands what you need. Traditional pads just lay flat on the desk surface, but this option offers a 19.5-inch long buffer between your body and the pointed edge of the desk. Moreover, the unique over-the-edge lip is designed to prevent mat shift, so you get a firm hold onto the desk while gliding your work materials over its synthetic leather surface.

Most Secure Fit

LOHOME Desk Pad Artificial Leather

A faux-leather pad that's designed with a buffer between your body and the pointed edge of a desk.

Most Unique Designs: JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad

A desk pad constructed from smooth cloth and sturdy rubber that features a detailed world map on its surface.

Covering a whopping 35 by 15-inches of desk surface, this JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad provides you with plenty of space for full-sized keyboards and other computer accessories. From edge to edge, this pad’s surface is adorned with a detailed map of the world. The entirety of its body is made from a highly elastic natural rubber that’s soft to the touch and safe to use. You can trust that this pad will hold up well over time, given its durable stitchwork that resists fraying.

Most Unique Designs

JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad

This desk pad features a smooth cloth surface that's kind to your skin and your work ethic.

Best for Multitasking: Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat

On the left, a top view of a light blue desk pad that features a large year calendar underneath a PVS cover. On the right, four close up images of the pad's accessory features, like its 12 small calendars and 12 monthly plan cards.

The traditional desk pad keeps your work organized, but what about your daily outlook? This Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat takes multipurpose design to a whole new level with its extensive features. The entire mid-region of the pad is designed for setting down your laptop and other materials. Just under the transparent surface, however, is a large 2021 calendar that you can pull out at any time to mark dates as you need. Additionally, this PVC pad includes a detachable phone stand and pocket on its left side, as well as monthly schedule cards on its right side.

Best for Multitasking

Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat

This stylish desk pad features a large calendar protected by a waterproof covering.

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