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The Best Desk Pads

Mirstan/K KNODEL/Aothia
🕚 Updated September 2022

If you just bought a new desk, don't ruin the surface by sliding electronics and coffee mugs across it. That's what a desk pad is for! Here are some we recommend.

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  Best Overall Most Stylish Pick Best for Gaming Best Double-Sided Option Best for Multitasking
Waterproof Desk Mat
Leather Desk Pad Protector
XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad
Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad
Anti-Slip Waterproof Calendar Desk Mat
Our SummaryA well-sized waterproof desk mat that comes in 12 colors.This non-slip desk pad offers a touch of sophistication to a work environment.An all-rubber XXL gaming mouse pad thoughtfully made to give you the competitive edge.This multifunctional desk pad protects your desk and has a cute storage band.This stylish desk pad features a large calendar protected by a waterproof covering.
ProsPU waterproof faux leather cover, dual-sided, good for professional and casual settings.Comes in three sizes and 16 colors, durable and protective PU leather, thin and firm surface, 70% better friction resistance than genuine leather.Eye-catching detailed HD printed patterns and colors, XXL computer and ample space to maneuver the mouse, smooth and level surface boosts performance.Dual-side, two-for-one intriguing colors options, PU leather desk pad is easy to clean and water- and oil-proof.Extensive features like detachable phone stand, large 2022 calendar beneath transparent PVC surface.
ConsCan be a little slippery.Mat may feel too thin.The world map version is inaccurate.Mice can lag on the surface.For some, the desk pad may be too much extravagance and not as useful.
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The Best Desk Pads

Three different desk pads at desks--one pink with a built-in calendar, one blue, and one black.
Mirstan/K KNODEL/Aothia

Desk pads are the ideal form of protection for your workstation and are available in all shapes and styles. Of course, one preference matters most in your search, and it’s how badly you want to preserve the integrity of your desk. If you are in the market to keep your desk looking fresh out of the factory for as long as possible, here are a few options we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Desk Pads

A long desk pad on a desktop next to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Why buy a desk pad?

Whether you want to keep your desk’s surface looking new or optimize your computer’s mouse movement, it makes sense to buy a desktop pad. So, they’re practical. Yet, one of the more attractive features of a new desktop pad is an instant decorative splash. Just pick from lots of colors or patterns to get a nice visual change.

What should you look for in a desk pad?

  • Size: It’s important to consider the size of the pad for the desk you are working on. A desk pad is typically used to keep items such as keyboards, mousepads, personal electronics, or even a laptop in place. That could be a lot to handle, but it doesn’t mean it has to take over the entirety of your desk unless you want it to.
  • Traction: While these pads are intended to act as a safeguard that maintains the integrity of your desk’s surface, they shouldn’t get in the way of your work. You should look into desk pad options that employ an anti-slip design (i.e., under-pad cork, leather, or rubber) to prevent unnecessary shifting while you type.
  • Overall Fit: Finally, you should invest in a pad that is in theme with your overall aesthetic. There’s no right way to shop according to your style, so just have fun with it. Are you looking to add a touch of modernity to your workspace? Maybe you are more interested in a bold color pattern or even something you can’t notice until you set your hands down.

Is there a cheaper way to protect your desk?

All the desk pads we review are affordable, durable, and attractive. Every desk pad we review only costs around $15. A tablecloth or plastic cover might work if you simply want to cover your desk, but a desk pad will likely look better and be more convenient for working there, moving a mouse around, and sipping on a cup of coffee.

Our Picks for the Best Desk Pads

Best Overall

K KNODEL Waterproof Desk Mat

A well-sized waterproof desk mat that comes in 12 colors.

Pros: This medium-size attractive faux leather desk mat protects your desk and adds color to your study or workspace. Both sides are waterproof, thanks to polyurethane leather (PU). PU doesn’t absorb water, so it’s easier to clean. Each side is a different color. When you tire of one side, flip it over for a new look. Note: the colors are elegant, not garish, so the mat works well for professional and casual settings. Measure the surface area of your desk or the space your laptop, mouse, and keyboard take up. The rectangular 31.5 x 15.7 inches should be big enough; if it’s not, try the 35.4- x 17-inch size.

Cons: Some found it to be a bit slippery.

Bottom Line: This affordable, dual-sided waterproof desk mat will protect your desk and provide better traction for your mouse. The soft but firm surface and pleasant color make for an excellent space to hang out and write, play Wordle, or chat with your mom.


Most Stylish

Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

This non-slip desk pad offers a touch of sophistication to a work environment.

Pros: This desk pad protector by Aothia comes in three accommodating sizes and 16 classic colors, serving as a classy safeguard. It’s crafted from durable polyurethane leather that gives your office a modern touch while preventing scratches, scuffs, and spills. And it’s not pillow-soft, but thin and firm and makes a fantastic blotter. Underneath the pad is a special cork suede material designed to increase friction resistance by 70%.

Cons: Some users report that the mat feels too thin. Unfortunately, the specification on thickness is not provided.

Bottom Line: This innovative desk pad won’t fly off when you rush into work and hurriedly place your belongings on top. It’s made to stay put.


Best for Gaming

Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad

An all-rubber XXL gaming mouse pad thoughtfully made to give you the competitive edge.

Pros: The stunning HD printed world map and 35- x 15-inch surface is reason enough to consider this gaming mouse pad for your next match. Thanks to the high-density, super-fine woven fabric, it’s a responsive playing field, a surface that remains smooth and level game after game. The non-slip mesh bottom adds stability so that the pad won’t move when you do. You can trust that this pad will hold up well over time, given its careful edge stitching. Get ready to boost your game performance.

Cons: The world map version has frequent misspellings and country name errors.

Bottom Line: If you’re a gamer, you know a good mouse pad when you see it. If you like the specifications but want a different look, there’s an array of mind-blowing designs to consider.


Best Double-Sided

YSAGI Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad

This multifunctional desk pad protects your desk and has a cute storage band.

Pros: First, they feature different colors on each side, and they’re interesting colors like dark Tyrian blue, yellow, grayish lavender, cinnamon buff, not to mention traditional black and cork. There’s a look for everyone. The 31.5- x 15.7-inch PU leather pad is easy to clean and waterproof and oil-proof, too, a desirable quality if you have a nice desk. It comes with a band that keeps it rolled for storage and transport.

Cons: Some found that their mouse lagged on the pad.

Bottom Line: Our research findings indicate that the YSAGI multifunctional desk pad makes a sound purchase. It delivers on all fronts. Flip it over when you want to change up the look.


Best for Multitasking

Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat

This stylish desk pad features a large calendar protected by a waterproof covering.

Pros: This Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Mouse Mat takes multipurpose design to a new level with its extensive features. The entire mid-region of the pad is designed for setting down your laptop and other materials. Under the transparent surface, however, is a large calendar that you can pull to note upcoming meetings or deadlines. Additionally, this PVC pad includes a detachable phone stand and pocket on its left side and monthly schedule cards on its right side.

Cons: The desk calendar features numerous unique attributes like the phone stand and monthly schedule cards, pen groove, and more. You may find the desk pad too busy and the special features not equally useful.

Bottom Line: The bottom line here is that if you like what you see, chances are good that you’ll be happy with your purchase. Mirstan made a cute, functional, and hugely helpful desk mat for those looking to improve organization.

Final Thoughts

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. These desk pads provide protection and the many surfaces needed to accommodate you.

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